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37 Great Containers for Gardening: Ideas for Your Landscape

No matter the size of your yard, container gardening can bring an element of interest and attention to detail to your landscape that might surprise you. Perfect for a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers, pots, and other containers can be placed in just about any area you desire. They add depth, height, texture, and color to small spaces, and provide interest to garden beds, decks, patios, and other gathering spaces.

These 37 great containers for gardening ideas provide you food for thought to inspire your own outdoor spaces. Whether you have been wanting to try your hand at a small vegetable garden or simply want to provide interest to your landscape, these tips and DIY tricks will have you making a beeline for the nearest garden center for supplies.

Container for Vegetables

Many vegetables grow surprisingly well in containers and allow you to take advantage of even the smallest of spaces for an abundance of fresh produce. Even apartment city dwellers can easily incorporate a vegetable garden in a sunny window or on a terrace. Containers also allow you to keep your harvest manageable!

Garden Tower

Young girl holding on garden tower with plants outside.

Strawberries, herbs, and some vegetables grow quite well in limited spaces. Vertical pots such as these allow you to plant an entire crop, or mix and match, exactly what you want without taking up a lot of room.

Breathable Pots

TQQFUN 2 Pack 7 Gallon Smart Potato Bags Velcro Window Vegetable Bags

These breathable pots are made specifically for root vegetables so you can watch and harvest potatoes, carrots, beets, etc easily and effectively. The fabric allows roots to spread out more easily as well due to the increased air circulation.


EarthBox self-watering container planted with tomatoe plant.

These EarthBOX garden kits include everything you need to get started with growing your own plants. These systems control the soil conditions and help double the yield of your production plants.

Portable Garden Tower

Garden Tower 2 with Wheels planted with flowers outside the house

Pots on wheels make them easy to move for cleaning, planting, or even care. Use these to avoid the strain of lifting or pulling pots, especially if you have species of plants that need to be brought indoors during the colder seasons.

Grow Cabinets

Grow cabinet with plastic pots inside.

Grow cabinets are the perfect choice for when you want to get started with a vegetable garden early to take advantage of the growing season. They are protective, provide lighting, and insulate against cold weather.

Vertical Vegetable Garden

Hanging shoe organizer use for planting vegetables.
Learn More at instructables.com

Make your own vertical garden with a simple hanging shoe organizer. This basic tutorial shows you how to take advantage of small spaces to produce a plentitude of veggies, herbs, and flowers for you to enjoy.

Tiered Garden Pots

Pots of various sizes and heights planted with onion bulb.
Via flickr.com

Pots of various sizes and heights are well worth placing together to showcase the depth and interest they bring to a landscape. Choose similarly designed containers, or mix and match to suit your needs.

Upcycling Boxes

An old futon base is upcycled into a raised planter bed.
Image Source: instructables.com

Never bypass materials that could be used for a gardening solution. In this case an old futon base is upcycled into a raised planter bed. You can easily do this with a wide variety of other objects.

Recycling Boxes

Cardboard box cut and form into planter and plants inside of it.
Learn More at instructables.com

Cardboard boxes make surprisingly supportive planters. Although temporary in nature, they work well for starting seedlings or holding a new plant for a few weeks until you have a better place for it. And what is even better, you can plant the cardboard along with the vegetation as it will breakdown and decompose.

Cedar Planting Boxes

Cedar makes an ideal wood for planting as it provides an aromatic that repel bugs and protects your plants. If you have cedar to use for making your own planters, or old cedar to upcycle, take advantage of it.

Recycled Fencing

Old wooden fence form into planters planted with vegetables.
Image Source: instructables.com

Wood fencing eventually begins to rot and break down. Instead of tossing it, use the old weathered boards as decorative fronts to planters, create planter boxes, or use along garden borders.

Containers for Herbs

Herbs are incredibly easy to grow year round for fresh greenery and flavor. They also grow best in containers such as small pots, window planters, or other similar options. The examples provided below allow for some ingenious ways to take advantage of your favorite herbs at any time of year.

Container Gardening

Fresh herbs grown in compact containers suitable for backyard or patio gardening

Stacking pots, or simply placing them throughout your outdoor space allows you to easily incorporate any type of vegetation you want. Plus, they are easy to move indoors for protection when the weather begins to turn to ensure you can still harvest what you need.

Portable Can

Large plastic cans or containers created as portable greenhouses.
Via instructables.com

Large plastic cans or containers are easy to work with and are the perfect choice to create portable greenhouses with. A few well placed windows that can be covered with plexiglass or even clear plastics allow in sun and heat, and can be removed for air flow to help foster tender plants, start a seedlings, or simply keep herbs or veggies fresh year round.

Vertical Gardening DIY

When you are pressed for space consider going up, rather than spreading out. There are many containers you can turn into a vertical garden for all sorts of vegetational growth.


Heavy duty cat litter containers turn into self watering plant containers.
Learn More at instructables.com

Reuse those heavy duty cat litter containers and turn them into self-watering garden pots with this simple to follow DIY. Aren’t keen on the colors and bright logos? Simply spray paint them to change up the effect!

Containers for Annual and Perennial Flowers

Flower gardening is a favorite for many people who love a bit of greenery and pop of color around them. Containers make it easier than ever to add your favorites to just about any area, and the wide variety of shapes and sizes pot and other containers come in provides the opportunity to personalize your preferences.

Vintage Baskets

Old basket on top of a wooden table.

Baskets are an awesome addition to your container garden. You can easily line baskets with coconut fibers and plastic to help hold water. Plus, they are an unexpected vision and work well for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Window Pots

This photograph represent a beautiful flowers (in a jardiniere or flower box) decorating modern city window. Great file for your environmental, mortgage and love brochure.

Window planters are a great way to showcase your windows and allow for some color to show in areas that are unexpected. Window boxes can be more permanently installed, or you can choose from those that you can easily move indoors when it starts to get colder.

Milk Jugs

Used milk jugs recycled and turned into plant planters.
Image Source: instructables.com

By cutting the plastic of used milk jugs you can easily create a supportive place for your favorite flowers to rest. This practice provides many opportunities to hang, place, or mount flowers throughout your yard.

Clay Pots

Many clay pots with tropical plants and flowers in a shady garden against palm trees and the house with pink walls

Clay pots are classic. They come in a wide variety of sizes, are long lasting, and allow a cool, moist environment for your flowers to flourish within. They also are easy to paint to add a personal touch.

Stacking Pots

Stacking pots one upon another is easy to do. Watch this video for some quick tips for how to make a fast stacking flower garden that you can add to your landscape. Don’t be afraid to get creative and substitute other fun containers for pots!

Metal Buckets

Different kinds of flowers. Wooden shelf with a great variety of plants in pots in a florist store.

Metal buckets are a great way to showcase your flowers. They can hang, be mounted, or simply make an appearance amongst your other pots to provide interest to your space. As they age they also provide cool rusting effects and texture.

Beach Rock Creations

Beach rock with toy dinasour holding it and a little plant planted.
Learn More: instructables.com

Put to use all those great beach rocks and shells you have collected over the years by choosing those that can hold a little soil to allow a plant to take root. You can also use them to decorate, or even bind together to make your own containers.

Perennial Gardens

Two large containers of perennial garden flowers.

Although many perennials have deeper roots and require a bit more space than pots allow, look for pots that are tall and deep to provide the space for your favorites. Even some small trees will flourish in pots with proper care!

Hanging TerraCotta

Want a new idea for your terracotta containers? Check out these ideas that put to good use terracotta pots as a hanging solution, which makes them perfect for porches, gazebos, and pergolas.

Rustic Jars

fancy country backyard with many planters with flowers , Tuscany,Italy, Europe

Love to ‘junk’ through old thrift stores? Start making a collection of old rustic jars, containers, or anything else that could easily hold a plant and start creating a vision of your own plant lineup.

Food Containers

Old cans turned into mini planters for flowers.
Via instructables.com

Old jars, cans, and other durable food containers are an awesome way to add pops of color and interest to your container gardening. These are fun to stack and add to existing garden features as well.

Large Pottery

Orange flowers in terracotta pot next to benches

If you have an area in need of garden interest, consider investing in some large terracotta pots. Although once in place they will be difficult to move, you can plant a wide assortment of vegetation in them, and also use them as holiday decor as the seasons change!

Water Tanks

Old stock tanks created as raised garden bed.
Learn More at: Flickr.com

Old stock tanks are the perfect choice for creating raised garden beds. Many times you can find them being cast off due to damage or rust on the bottom, which makes them a great addition to a garden.

Recycling for Vertical Gardens

Plastic bottles cut in half and used into planters.

Plastic bottles are a great choice for hydroponics, seedling starters, or simply artistic ways to hang your favorite cascading plants. Cut in half, attach to watering systems, and make space for soil to get the effect you desire.

Potting Up

Paint cans turned into planters and used it for vertical gardening.

It doesn’t take much to create your own stacking pottery board for both indoors and out. Wire racks, small shelves, and even baskets can all be mounted to a vertical surface to provide a fun and whimsical touch to your space.

Reusing Home Trash

Robot planters from recycled materials.
Via instructables.com

Instead of tossing your plastics, consider how you can use them to create your own fun garden planter creatures. A little adhesive is all you need to start imagining the interesting stories each of your own critters has to tell.

Garden Baskets

Hyacinths Spring flower seedlings in white wicker basket isolated background. Top down view.

Baskets are a fabulous way to show off bright blooms year round. Popular for forcing bulbs, you can reuse them over and over in various ways to provide textual interest and a fun way to showcase colorful flowers.

Bulb Pots

Decorative containers recycled into planters.

You can order many bulbs in decorative containers in order to provide them with the environment they need to bloom out of season. They also are reusable and are a great addition to your gardens.

Concrete Decorations

DIY decorative concrete containers for placement anywhere you feel you need a bit of greenery.

Make your own decorative concrete containers for placement anywhere you feel you need a bit of greenery. This is also a great way to use up all those shell and rock collection your children may have laying around.

Wheelbarrow Gardens

Wooden wheelbarrow containing trailing surfina petunia plants.

Wheelbarrows make amazing containers for garden spaces. You can leave them flat or even tip them up and use rocks to help terrace it to help hold soil and water.

Containers for Seedlings

Seedlings need a protected place to grow and thrive before you place them in a more permanent location. Greenhouses and cold frames are the ideal place to get them started in, but there are many products, and ways, you can DIY your own nursery.

Plant Germinator

Seed germinators plastic container with avocado seed and seedling.

Seed germinators such as this avocado bowl provides the perfect environment to grow your own tree. A little water and patience is all it takes to watch how a seed will burst forth to new life. This is a great science experiment for your kids as well!

Milk Carton

Cardboard milk carton cut and turned into a planter.
Learn More at instructables.com

Use cardboard milk cartons, juice cartons, or similar containers are excellent for starting your plants without having to spend money for a start-up nursery. Plus, you can compost the materials when done!


This is a great article to help stimulate your brain for improving the use of your space, both big and small. These container options are a great way to add all sorts of detail to your outdoor and indoor spaces. Texture, color, height, and interest are all a part of what pots, and other planter ideas provide.

We would love to see what unique ways you have included in your garden spaces, and also would love to hear about what favorite you have from above! As always, please share!

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