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Garden Storage Ideas: 19 Clever Designs for Organizing Your Backyard

Thanks to clever garden storage ideas, organizing your outside space isn’t as daunting as it might first appear. Everything from tools, lanterns, pots, and planters to larger items such as bikes and BBQs can quickly leave your beautiful backyard looking more like a mess. But, there are plenty of stylish solutions to restore order.

You don’t just have to rely on shed ideas, either. They’re handy to have but if space is limited, you may need more streamlined options. From stylish wall shelves that take up no floor space at all to clever furniture with hidden storage compartments, there are lots of designs that are both functional and chic.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite outdoor storage ideas below. If you need a good garden sort out, you’ll be sure to find something to inspire.

1. Utilizing multi-functional furniture

Some ideas can include an outdoor sofa or a seating area with a back that holds flower pots so that you can sit adorned with flowers. A patio set table could also come with a flower pot holder in the middle, or can hang smaller decorative pots from the umbrella. Likewise, you can equip an outdoor closet with outside hooks to hank more variety, and even hide or decorate said storage space.

The garden can be made more esthetic with minimal furniture, so it helps to opt-out for easily collapsible pieces for easy hide-away, or invest in a piece with multi-use, such as an outdoor couch with space for tidying away cushions, blankets, and even garden accessories.

2. Buy a potting bench

A potting bench with compartments to pack away everything from packets of seeds, twine and labels, compost bags, and digging tools to bulkier items like a watering can. A great modern addition to any garden allows you to sit comfortably with everything within your hand’s reach when sowing or potting up seedlings.

3. Using vertical surfaces

Using the surrounding walls to maximize every bit of available space is a great solution for a smaller garden. You can install a series of shelves, hooks, and hanging rails on the walls, fences, and storage. A storage base unit with a tall trellis or san attached slatted panel can be used as space for the favorite herbs, plants too, or even tools, including chopping boards for the outdoor kitchen.

4. Stylish storage boxes

A stylish storage box gives your garden a luxurious look. Choose a material that won’t rust or fade with a zip-up inner liner to keep things tidy, as well as dry and protected on rainy days.

5. Choosing storage and furniture on wheels.

Side tables or occasional seating that you can wheel around from the fire pit to the dining area, a secluded spot for privacy, or a scenic one for sunset watching from the garden. Opting for sturdy, watertight chests comprising storage benches on wheels helps double up on the seating area as well, if calling more guests over.

6. Hanging storage

For an open garden style and to free-up floor and work surfaces, you can utilize wall hung crates or boxes, canvas pockets, and neat multi-sectioned grids. These give the garden a homey look while storing everything from secateurs, garden twine, gardening gloves, pots, labels, and more.

7. Keep it slick

You can easily attain a stylish garden by investing in sleek-lined and simply-shaped units with doors for a smart and streamlined look. It also helps when the design can be easily re-configured, from a variety of heights and moving shelves to open and closed designs.

8. Stash essentials in one place

If you’re fed up with the endless hunt for gloves, secateurs, and string, then create a garden caddy to keep everything you need in one place. It doesn’t have to be particularly smart, but it needs to be easy to carry.

A simple canvas bag, basket, or lined fruit crate will also do the job. Divide the interior into two or three sections to help keep some order and try and store similar items together: hand tools on one side and plant ties, labels, and twine on the other.

9. Blend in large storage

Larger storage spaces, such as sheds and bike stores, can dominate a small backyard or look out of place if added as an afterthought. Thankfully, there are some clever and very effective outdoor storage ideas that you can try.

No one wants to look out onto an ugly ash-felted roof, so why not swap it for a green roof instead? There are plenty of planting options to choose from, including pre-sown matting and pocket systems, which make installation a simple project.

Painting or cladding the garden store to match the surrounding stone, metal, or wooden fence ideas and walls is a simple way to create continuity. In this stunning garden scheme, a lack of front-facing windows and a flush profile merges the store into the planting, so it becomes a blank canvas to show off the stately olive tree. Our feature on the best trees for small gardens has more options to help you find the right pick for your outdoor space.

10. Utilize wasted space

Garden structures often eat up space but look carefully as, with a little tweaking, they can provide storage opportunities too. Clever garden steps ideas, raised decking ideas, built-in bench seating, and retaining walls can all incorporate handy nooks perfect for stashing away items such as BBQs, folding chairs, tables, and parasols.

Yes, these spaces may be unconventional shapes, but they are often large and roomy, offering the perfect spot to stash your garden essentials.

11. Squeeze in a shed

Sheds come in all shapes and sizes, offering endless amounts of storage. But sometimes, even the smallest off-the-peg design can be too imposing for a tiny outdoor space. The solution is to adapt a bought or existing model to suit your needs and garden layout. Or, if you are feeling handy, create one from scratch.

Think about how you want to use your outdoor storage ideas – is it for housing bikes, long, thin garden tools, or bulky toys – as this will help you decide on the dimensions and best location. 

Reduce the structure by cutting down the panels and securing any loose boards with timber battens. Upgrade features such as doors and windows with reclaimed materials and paints to blend in with surrounding walls and planting, you’ll find the best exterior wood paint for your project in our buying guide.

13. Go simple with a pegboard

Whether you are super neat or long to be, the secret for keeping sheds and garden rooms organized is a humble pegboard. Loved by shopfitters, DIY enthusiasts, and crafty types alike, it’s easy to keep everything in its place and spot what’s been borrowed too.

Pick one up online since there are numerous specialist companies out there. They also sell extras such as shelves, hanging pots, and slot-in racks compatible with their systems. Alternatively, make one yourself using timber board, wood pegs, a tape measure, and a drill. They’re an ideal addition to shed storage ideas.

14. Opt for a more elevated look

Of course, if a pegboard like the one above feels a little low-key for your backyard’s style, you can opt for a more elevated look. This monochrome design is simple yet definitely chic and can be customized with shelves to mix up the look whenever you fancy.

Use it to pep up blank garden wall ideas. It’ll add instant character whilst being practical, too.

15. Assemble your own outdoor kitchen

Love the idea of learning how to design an outdoor kitchen? Then get organized with some practical units and create the perfect spot for an outdoor cook-up.

There are plenty of budget-friendly outdoor kitchen ideas, so you don’t have to bust the bank balance either. Look for affordable modular units that sit neatly together to make a spacious work surface with oodles of shelving space below. Handy built-in rails provide a place for clothes and a spot for hanging utensils and pans.

16. Introduce some display shelves

Gather up pots, lanterns, and any other outdoor favorites that are cluttering up your patio and pop them, pride of place, on a stunning set of shelves. Not only will it free up floor space, but open shelves can also act as a handy garden divider idea.

Group similar items for a cohesive look – one shelf could be lined with small potted plants while a group of larger lanterns sits proudly on another. Try not to cram the unit full, though, the aim is for a smart but calm, interesting display.

17. Make a feature of  your log storage

A sprawling log pile can take up a huge amount of space and look cluttered, so use garden storage ideas to turn it into a striking feature. There’s a huge range of different shaped metal stores out there that not only look amazing but keep the timber secure, ventilated, and dry.

18. Introduce boot and shoe storage

Fed up with trailing dirty boots through the house or falling over the pile left by the door? Then adding some suitable shoe storage to your front yard ideas is the answer.

There are plenty of roomy weatherproof chests available that would do a brilliant job, but we love this stylish design – simple and effective.

19. Add a living roof to your bin

They are less-than-lovely to look at, but wheelie bins are the perfect excuse to get creative with your front garden. Bin stores are great for hiding these plastic hulks from view, but they are practical too, as they also stop bins from being raided by foxes and blown over in the wind.

A simple lick of paint is a good way to blend them in with the surroundings, but go one step further and crown them with a living roof. Plant it with alpines and low-growing succulents for year-round color. Our guide on how to grow succulents has plenty of top tips for growing them indoors and out.

To Sum Up

Sometimes you want to keep your backyard organized, but a storage shade isn’t enough. In that case, walk around your yard and look for inspiration. There are endless ways to arrange the space by using what you already have or adding simple solutions. We are confident that you will be able to find something suitable on this list that will help your backyard be neat and clean!

Let us know which idea you like the most, and as always, please share!