Garden Sunlight Guide
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Garden Sunlight Guide

You know who you are: those of you who obsess over your spring veggie planting layout trays of starter pots, and mist your soils daily- waiting for greener to burst forth…

And then you transplant your little seedlings into your prepared, sunny garden beds and watch over them, thin them, feed them… and as they mature you begin to notice some look really, really great- but others aren’t thriving quite so well.

Young plants grow rather quickly and utilize the sunlight into both root and vegetative growth until you have a matured plant that is ready to begin production- which is when the first problems generally begin to appear. This often causes gardeners to test pH, fertilize, water more: all to no avail.

The problem you may be experiencing is light related, and if you have planted in a sunny, open area, some plants may not be especially fond of the piercing light and heat, and both growth and production will generally be affected no matter how often you water.

But no fear, you don’t have to have separate garden beds for specific plants. With a little more advanced planning and an eye towards using sun-loving and broad-leafed plants as shade canopies, you can still utilize your garden space and keep every plant alive and thriving. Use the following guide as a kick-off point for which popular vegetable plants prefer something other than full sunlight and how to plan for that:


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