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39 Garden Trellis Ideas: Fabulous Support for All Your Climbing Needs

39 Garden Trellis Ideas: Fabulous Support for All Your Climbing Needs
When I look upon a wall of my house or yard fence that borders my garden beds, all I see is a blank canvas that provides an opportunity to bring my vegetation and garden features to new heights. Sometimes a simple planter, ornament, or unique lighting is all the space needs to provide the touch you are looking for, but when you have a large area to fill, you may want to consider adding a trellis.

A trellis is is an upright structure that can serve as a stand alone support, or be placed against fences and wall to provide a framework for your climbing plants to grow upon. Whether homemade or prefabricated, there are plenty of ideas below to get you thinking about the perfect place to display one!

Wooden Garden Trellis Ideas

Wood supports of various materials, such as cedar and pine, are a traditional material used within gardens and yards for a variety plants. Everything from seasonal vegetables to woody vines can benefit from the many designs and textures you can create using wooden trellis ideas. What’s even better, is it is an awesome medium to take advantage of for your own DIY projects.

1. Traditional Arches


This traditional arching trellis is the perfect addition over your walkways, to welcome people to your home, or simply to create a small place to sit surrounded by blooming vegetation. If you train two different types plants on either side to arch up and over- you can create even more visual depth and interest.

2. Surface Texture


This is the perfect solution to hang on a blank canvas of a wall both indoor and out. Create depth, interest, and texture to any surface and allow your vines to wrap up and into the angles of this adjustable wooden lattice.

3. Built in Support


Plants of all sorts can benefit from a living background. This garden bed can be placed in any location, and has a built in trellis to provide a sturdy support for both annual and perennial plants. Looking for a micro-garden for your veggies? This may be the perfect solution.

4. All Angles


The awesome thing about wooden trellis ideas is that they look great in just about any type of garden, no matter whether it is modern or contemporary in nature. This pyramidal shaped support is all angles, and can work in both garden beds for added height interest, or even within your larger potted plants.

5. Outside the Lines


A garden trellis is defined as a support for vegetation, and although this design may be more structural in nature, it definitely supports the climbing roses working their way up and over the shape it provides. With all the typical, boring designs out there, why not allow your plants to reach outside the lines?

6. Garden Support


Companion planting your garden is a great way to help keep insects at bay, and provide a healthy way to avoid pesticide and other chemical use. Pyramidal trellises can support various small vines, such as peas or beans, provide shade to other plants, and also create an interesting feature.

7. Perfect Backdrop


Utilize a trellis as a living privacy screen on your property to divide quiet sitting areas from the rest of the yard. Not only do they provide the opportunity to grow your favorite plants as a living wall, but provides interesting textures and serves as a landscape feature through the seasons.

8. Building Bridges


Extend your raised garden beds and save space with leaning trellises that allow your vining veggies to grow up and over rather than down and out. This essentially keeps your walking paths open and doesn’t waste space within the beds themselves so you have more room for other goodies.

9. Arbored View


Arching arbored trellises allow for a variety of placements throughout your landscape to provide uninterrupted windows into your garden design. This trellis allows for an open walkway to a larger green, and helps separate large blooming hydrangea for a more enjoyable view.

10. New Heights


These types of structures have multiple purposes and add needed height, color, texture, and depth to your yard in every season. They can also serve as ways to provide cover to grounded water spigots, or even help hold gardening tools at the ready for handy convenience.

11. Out of the Box


Think outside the box with a support that is unique and unexpected. Repurpose well used items you may have left in storage to provide new ideas, and interesting features to enjoy as support for your flowering climbers.

12. Welcoming Entrance


A few well placed planters and a trellis backdrop on either side of your doorways provides a welcoming entrance. Not only is it a unique and unexpected way to provide interest to your home, it is an awesome way to provide a pop of color and texture even in the dead of winter.

13. Living Canvas


Straight line and circular windows round out this trellis wall design to allow gracefully meandering greenery to grow horizontally. As mentioned earlier, walls can be a blank canvas for anything you can dream up, so why no include a living sculpture.

14. Sturdy Supports


Even a small yard can benefit from a strong, stable arbor and trellis combination. Not only does it open up space to allow for added plantings, but gives an illusion of what more might lay beyond its portal.

Vegetable Garden Trellis

Vegetable gardens can greatly benefit from the use of trellises as it opens up space, provides light to the leaves of your plants, as well as casts shadows on your tenders. They also can be extremely helpful in container gardens to allow you the opportunity to increase your harvest yield. What’s even better as they do not have to serve as a permanent feature, but can be changed each season.

15. Tall Tomatoes


Grow your tomatoes tall and strong by providing the correct supports to allow sunlight to work its magic on these heat loving fruits. Versatile, durable, and easy to move, these types of cages will provide you years of use in both garden beds and containers.

16. Cucumber Trellis


Did you know that allowing your cucumbers to grow up over a structure rather than over the ground will produce a larger crop yield? Not only do you provide the added room for the cucumbers to flower and grow, you also avoid the mildews and other issues that bring in bugs when they are not allowed to air properly.

17. Saving Space

Depending on what you are growing, why not create large canopied spaces to support long living vines, such as grapes and wisteria. Not only will you be able to utilize the space left beneath, but you can more easily enjoy the luscious blooms, or fruits, they produce

18. Strength in String


Peas, beans, and other small twining vines do excellently on string trellis supports. Not only do they take up very little space, they provide the shade needed for companion planting below once plants reach maturity.

19. Adding One More


Running out of garden bed space and need a place for one more plant? Why not combine both beds and containers to separate climbers from rows and provide all the room you need for the vegetation to spread out.

20. Caged Vegetation

Tomato cages are awesome for a variety of reasons. They serve as support for not only tomatoes, but also any vining, twining plant you plan on placing in your garden. Don’t limit yourself to their use – whether you use them to contain or support they are well worth the affordable investment.

21. Pops of Color


Build support up the middle of your greenery to provide flowering pops of color. There is no reason why you can’t mix and match your flowers and veggies. And a well placed clematis (which loves shaded roots and sunny leaves), or even climbing annuals provide the perfect touch to your summer garden beds.

22. Mix and Match

Don’t be afraid to use multiple frames and trellis supports through your garden. Peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, peas, beans, etc are all plants you may grow that can benefit from the ways these types of features can influence your garden growth.

23. Covered Path


It takes very little effort to train your plants to grow up and over an arbored trellis. Simply allow your plant to grow over and begin twisting in back into the opposing side. By starting plants on other side it doesn’t take long to get uniform coverage to create a covered pathway.

24. Well Spaced Backdrops


Don’t settle for a drab, flat topped blocked privacy fence when you can add height, texture, and year-round interest with a few well spaced trellises. The vegetation choice you have to take advantage of the height are endless, and no matter what you decide upon it is bound to be enjoyed by anyone who pauses to admire the effect.

Unique Trellis Ideas

If you are planning on using trellises within your landscape, why not use unique, fun, or even quirky designs and ideas? Wood, metal, PVC, bamboo, or anything else you can possibly think of can turn into the contemporary, or rustic, trellis ideas you’ve been dreaming of. These unique features should inspire you to no end, and get your artistic juices flowing to add to your garden this spring and summer.

25. Obelisk


Narrow, steel cut obelisk shaped trellis features can be placed in an amazing variety of places, and in many different types of garden and landscape arrays. Excellent choices for both traditional and modern displays, there is no end to the ways you can take advantage of this classic look.

26. Traditional Design


V-shaped trellis designs are more traditional in nature, but not as often seen in garden decor as they once were. Add a touch of whimsy for the past with this classic trellis design that incorporates style and functionality to your garden.

27. Hanging Overhead

A large square foot, overhead structure within which your vines can twine is the perfect way to provide a living ceiling to your outdoor spaces. These flowering bougainvillea take full advantage of the space provided to climb up and over with the proper training you can provide as it grows.

28. Living Portrait


These incredibly unique trellis supports mimic a picture frame and provide the illusion of a living print. This takes the comment of using a wall as a blank canvas to a whole new level, and will be a major focal point in your garden for year to come.

29. Mimic Nature


The foundation of this gate mimics the surrounding vegetation and serves as the perfect support to grow anything your heart desires. Don’t be afraid to allow a useful item into your garden design to serve double duty- such as this as this gate which will make an excellent trellis support.

30. Living Tapestry


Looking a bit like a weaving in progress, this A-frame trellis is a unique design that provides structural support and space for your climbers to take advantage of. With a pop of color you also allow for some simple winter time interest as well.

31. Unexpected


This trellis support makes these flowering roses look as if they are rising up through the air, and is an unexpected vision when approaching this cottage garden gate. Don’t be limited, either horizontally or vertically, when planning your garden structures- as you never know what surprise you may create for your garden admirers to gaze upon.

32. Whimsical Paths


The color choices of this covered walkway allows you imagination to roam free. Are you walking through a rainbow? Or are these spider like creatures frozen in time? No matter what you see when gazing upon this path, it is sure to inspire.

33. Lighting the Night


Add some awesome lighting to your trellis structures so you can enjoy the ambiance it provides at any time. This amazing walkthrough highlights the giant bloms of this climbing rose, which also serves as the perfect plant to grow alongside other climbers for long, seasonal blooms and color.

34. Nature Takes Over


Use the inspiration of natural curves and texture found in nature to create your own supports. Not only could this be a fun DIY trellis for vines project, but it will most definitely be a one of a kind feature found nowhere else.

Creative Garden Trellis Ideas

The amount of different styles, designs, and artistic ideas you can come up with concerning what sort of trellis you want in your garden- and where you want it- are practically endless. Personally I think it is important that you do exactly what you want. Afterall, it is your yard and your landscape you are working within and have to gaze upon each day. If you have a vision, follow it! And get as creative as you want.

35. Optical Illusions


These larger than life supports create the illusion of a well placed oasis balanced on the edge of an abyss. The bordering trees stretch off into the ‘horizon’ and provide the perfect privacy screen to enjoy any entertaining this space provides.

36. DIY Perfection


This is an amazingly easy project to complete. A few stained boards and painted pieces of PVC will complete your very own unique trellis idea for vines whether you place them along a porch wall or boundary fence.

37. Floating Balcony


Defy the senses with this awesome illusion that will have you staring in wonder. Extend your garden fence up and over by hanging from some well placed, durable hooks and mounting hardware you can pick up at any construction supply store.

38. Handy Hardware


If you take a walk around any hardware store you will be amazed at how many inspiring, and creative, ideas you can think of by placing together unexpected pieces of hardware. A little spray paint, some fun shapes in various sizes, and a wire base is all you need to add a touch of whimsy to your yard.

39. Upcycle Junk


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Personally I love to figure out how to use used up products in creative and fun ways (mainly because I hate driving to the dump to dispose of them). This old bicycle tire trellis can be used in so many ways: a garden border, a vine support, or simply an awesome feature to have a conversation about…

To Conclude

I’m sure you are now thinking about the many ways you can incorporate a trellis into your existing landscape, and what supplies you need to make it all your own! Remember, trellises can provide color and texture in almost any situation, and the many variety of annual and perennial climbers can add pops of color and interest through the entire year.

We would love to hear which ideas are your favorites, and what ideas you may have already incorporated into your own garden. Please leave your comments below, and, as always, please share!


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