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13 Stunning Giant Bonsai Trees with Pictures!

There’s a very good reason why growing Bonsai was promoted to be a form of art: you can create a natural masterpiece, but with the amount of patience and care that only the ancient Japanese culture can teach you. Bonsai trees have long been a form of a man trying to impose his power on nature’s elements, growing the most amazing potted Bonsais to the uttermost delight of whoever sees them.

To truly underline the majestic art of Bonsai, we’re going to show 13 giant trees that are astonishing and delightful, pieces you almost can’t believe can be grown in a miniature form as well.

Miniature Giant

Giant bonsai tree in a garden with several rock formation on its surrounding

Picture this astonishing giant bonsai tree enjoying the cool breeze of a spring morning on your backyard patio oasis, just as the sun starts caressing the asymmetrical branches. With its dense foliage and generous patches of powerful green, the tree manages to impose both in its natural size, as well as when potted.


Trimmed trees, looking like giant bonsai, stand outside the Imperial Palace, Tokyo.

Tokyo’s Imperial Palace is the home of a giant bonsai so tall and powerful, it has to be reinforced to prevent it from bending because of its weight. In its miniature version, this tree can adorn any home with its rich foliage, in a darker shade of green, suggesting everlasting heritage.

Set Sail

A large bonsai tree in front of a shrine near the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto, Japan.

In the gardens of the Kinkakuji temple, we find the Rikushu-no-Matsu Ship Pine, one of Kyoto’s main botanical attractions. This heritage is about 650 years old and was grown to mimic a ship design, with the branches and trunk representing the mast and the bow. It’s not the easiest kind to grow, but if you take on the challenge, it’s a beautiful and dense tree that can complete any interior décor setup.

Tall and Proud

A large bonsai tree in a garden with several bonsai on the background and overlooking the sea

As a cool tree that grows tall and proud, here is a sample of how a giant and an imposing tree can be “tamed” to the delight of its grower.

Stairway to Heaven

Large Bonsai tree growing its branch on on top of the roof of a house

Known as the biggest Bonsai tree in the world, this beauty has almost a jungle-like vibe, with the branches being reminiscent of vines that are intertwined and spreading generously wherever they can. Characterized by scarce foliage, but adorned with a lot of playful branches, this largest Bonsai tree could be your next masterpiece.

Bon Grove

Bonsai tree in the garden of imperial palace at tokyo city Japan

Kissed by the sun and blessed with dense foliage, here is yet another giant tree that can be potted and grown as part of the most ancient form of botanical care. The perfect trunk and symmetrical branches host leaves of an almost blinding shade of green.


Bonsai tree on beautiful nature background

The divided white trunk and the playful green leaves of these giant Bonsai will always leave us wondering: how would this look in my favorite reading corner? There’s something very vintage about how the trunk of this one looks, while the structure of the leaves, when admired from afar, almost reminds us of the Mad Hatter.

Bon Almighty

Beautiful green bonsai tree in the garden

What could possibly be more powerful and show how relentless nature is than a picture of a tree growing from a rock? This giant Bonsai is the perfect example that nature will always strive and find a way to flourish. This massive plant would make a perfect addition to any garden, especially due to its almost blue-ish foliage nuance.

Nature’s Greetings

bonsai tree on wooden floor in thai house style use for decorate house

The shape of this particular tree is reminiscent of a species of mushroom that grows in the darkest and most corners of the tall forest. The odd shape, with both thick and thin trunk ramifications and small, yet generous patches of leaves, make this a great centerpiece for your home’s outdoor furniture.

Cauliflower Tree

Collection of bonsai trees, Asia

If the thing you’re most attracted to in a special tree like this is the rich foliage that covers most of the trunk’s brown, this is a great option for you. We are absolutely in love with the cauliflower-like appearance of this giant Bonsai, with foliage so dense and green, you almost want to brush your face against it!

Vietnamese Flare

Bonsai trees at City flower garden in Dalat, Vietnam

Straight from the heart of Vietnam, we discover this amazing potted giant Bonsai, with perfect trim and a very imposing look. Everything about this plant was planned and cared for to the very last details. The perfect foliage that covers the curved branches are almost sexy and would make a perfect piece for every home of those of you who dare to be different.

Woods of Wisdom

Beautiful natural bonsai tree in the garden, horizontal image

When you first lay our eyes on this giant tree, you’ll actually be thinking “Is this a tree or a sculpture?” This masterpiece of nature looks almost like a woman that’s bearing the weight of the world on her head. Imagine how this potted beauty would look on the coffee table in your living room, right by a sunny window.

Ready, Steady, Bonsai!

Windswept natural bonsai spruce in Prince William Sound, Alaska

This ancient and unique spruce tree looks like it’s going to make a run for it. Who could blame it, with that beautiful mountain scenery in the distance? With thick branches and the green sun-kissed foliage, this is the perfect addition to every garden, showing us how wonderful nature can really be.


With so many beautiful giant Bonsai trees to choose from, it seems almost impossible to narrow it down to a top three. While the art of growing these special trees can be very rewarding, it also poses a challenge, as this is not just a potted plant that you can water from time to time. Do you have the patience to grow your own miniature tree?