GreenView Fall Lawn Food Review 2019
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GreenView Fall Lawn Food Review

Fall lawn care is incredibly important to keep your grass returning vibrantly in the spring. You need to fertilize in the fall, and through years of research we’ve chosen GreenView Fall Lawn Food is one of the most affordable and effective fertilizers that works for any grass type. This article will try to explain why we think it’s better than others that carry the same “lawn food” label. Keep reading to find out!



GreenView Fall Lawn Food is specifically made for your lawn right before the season flips from fall to winter. It’s meant to give your grass the boost it needs to the root system and the blades to insulate it from the cold weather that’s coming. If you live in an area where winter shifts your lawn from growth to dormancy, then you need a late-fall lawn food.

This fertilizer is packed full of the nutrients your grass is begging for when it isn’t getting enough sun and food, such as nitrogen and potassium. The extra nutrition helps your grass recover from the heat from summer and the thirst-inducing droughts that come with the higher temperatures of summer and often in fall.




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Although this grass food would likely help a new yard, this is best for an already-established lawn to help encourage growth and overall health. Think of this GreenView Fall Lawn Food as a bit of a flu shot – it’s going to promote stronger blades of grass and a root system that goes deeper and absorbs other nutrients better than without it.


  • High level of nitrogen
  • No phosphate
  • Feeds lawns for eight weeks
  • Affordable
  • Helps retain water
  • Promotes early spring growth


  • May not work on overstressed lawns
  • May not work as well in drought conditions


How exactly does this awesome fertilizer work? The answer is in the details of the features and benefits of this yard product.


GreenView Fall Lawn Food is meant to be a slow-release fertilizer, so you’re unlikely to see any difference in your grass days after applying it. That’s the way it’s designed. This fertilizer is like an injection for your grass to help it get through the harsh cold and freezes of winter. There is a chance you’ll see some extra growth a few weeks after applying this feed, but it’s really meant for the long-term.


22-0-10 NPK

You’ve likely seen the NPK mark on fertilizers and lawn nutrients, and what it stands for are the nutrients present in the bag. The N stands for nitrogen, the P is phosphorous, and the K is potassium. All of these things are important for plant growth, but the levels needed vary on many factors. GreenView‘s product includes a heavy dose of nitrogen, which promotes hearty grass blades and a deep green color. The slightly lower level of potassium is meant to provide your lawn better health and a stronger root system. There’s no phosphorous for a few reasons. One, phosphorous is usually only needed for newly-seeded lawns, but there are many counties, cities, and states that won’t allow it to be used on grass as it can flow into the water of the community, which can be harmful to the environment.

The label on the back of the GreenView ‘s bag suggests giving your lawn a good watering, but cautions against overwatering. You should also watch the weather for any big storms coming your way, as the extra rain can wash all that fertilizer off your grass, rendering it useless for your lawn and potentially harming the environment.



One of the great things about this great product is that it works well for any grass with any type of species. Whether you’re giving a boost of nutrition to your fast-growing ryegrasses or you’re trying to encourage your fescues, an Autumn fertilizer like this one can work well. Even if you’re having trouble with brown or bald spots because of uneven sprouting, this lawn food can help fill in those gaps.

If you’re hoping to keep your St. Augustine grass healthy throughout the winter, a seasonal fertilizer could be the difference between a healthy lawn and a diseased lawn. Even though grasses like Kentucky bluegrass and Bermuda grass can handle droughts, they’ll both benefit from a feed.

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COVERS 5,000 SQ. FT.

Although GreenView lists its smallest bag of fall grass food as enough to cover 5,000 sq. ft., it may actually cover more than that. If you’re unsure of how much lawn food you need, keep in mind that you’re probably going to apply the fertilizer twice before winter arrives. Most residential lawns average just shy of 9,000 sq. ft., so you’re likely going to need a bit more than a single bag of fertilizer.

The good news is that GreenView seasonal grass food comes in two sizes, which is extremely convenient. The 5,000-sq. ft. bag should be enough for two applications for smaller yards. You also have the choice of buying a bag that’s meant to cover 15,000 sq. ft. – for a larger lawn, one of these bags should be plenty to cover your lawn twice.



When to apply is probably the most common question when it comes to fertilizer. The answer varies from region to region, but generally, you should spread GreenView seasonal grass food between September and December. You may have to adhere to local county laws governing when you’re allowed to fertilize and when you shouldn’t.

It’s important to buy a spreader for this fertilizer – you should never spread the food using your hands. This is meant to be applied before the first freeze, so if your lawn is already frozen, hold off on applying fertilizer. Also, this lawn food is meant for established lawns, so avoid adding to newly-seeded grass. This GreenView product is water-soluble, which means you need to water it after fertilizing – don’t skip this step because the fertilizer needs the water to activate it.



Overall, the reviews of this GreenView product are extremely positive. Most people who have used this product as instructed found their lawns were greener and stronger by spring. In fact, the GreenView Fall Lawn Food promoted early spring up of lawns, so you could see a healthy, eager lawn of blades popping up before winter is even officially over.

Very few people noted that their grass browned after using this fertilizer, but there are many reasons why this could’ve happened. Whatever the reason, whether drought or stress on the grass, GreenView offers a money-back guarantee.

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Bottom line is that your grass needs you to protect it through the harsh winter months so figure out what’s the best lawn fertilizer or food for you. Even if you live in a temperate climate, grass needs a bit of a boost in the dry winter. GreenView Fall Lawn Food offers a good level of nitrogen and potassium to deliver your lawn and soil the nutrients it needs to pull it through the winter and pop back up healthier and heartier than ever in the early spring.

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