Greenworks 40v Chainsaw Review
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Greenworks 40 Volt, 16-inch Chainsaw Review

Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw


The Greenworks 40 volt, 16-inch version is the largest in the 40-volt series. It weighs a mere 10.4 lbs and can work through up to 150 cuts on one battery charge.

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Chainsaws are powerful, durable tools that can make short work of a variety of cutting tasks you may have pertaining to property maintenance. Cutting timber and firewood, pruning branches, trimming trees and brush, even heavier hedging jobs can all be done with a chainsaw– making it an invaluable product to have around. Depending on the types of jobs you have in mind, you probably will look at a variety of both gas and electric powered saws to find what works best for you.

Electric saws, particularly cordless, battery operated versions, used to be fairly overlooked for everything but the lightest of cutting tasks. But advances in technology have made them a dependable, and powerful tool for most moderate sized jobs, with the occasional heavy duty job thrown in for good measure. The Greenworks 40-Volt Chainsaw review of the 16-inch model is a powerful example of this.

What is the Greenworks Tools Company?

Greenworks Logo

Greenworks Tools was founded in 2007 by the Globe Tools Group parent company, and quickly became an industry leader pertaining to lithium-ion technology and outdoor power equipment. For the last decade, they have introduced innovative electrical powered products, and both their corded and cordless volt series has become a regular household name for dependable power. With less noise and emissions, Greenworks stands up to its name in providing a ‘greener’ alternative to your surrounding environment.

The G-Max 40-Volt interchangeable line of tools was first conceived in 2013, allowing you to use the same batteries for any of the 40+ available products that are compatible. In 2016, The Stihl Company invested in the parent company, creating a consolidation of strategies for consumers to take advantage of. The company continues to grow and expand, and their products continue to be a leading force in the electric outdoor power tool industry.

Why Do I Want a Greenworks Chainsaw?


As explained above, Greenworks has built a dependable name surrounding their cordless tool choices. It used to be that an electric chainsaw was for light work only, and only for short periods of times at that. Through the years the company has more than proven this idea as wrong, as their 40-Volt series of saws are more than capable of making 75 to 150 cuts through standard 4×4 inch lumber (to give you an idea of the amount of wood it can handle) on one charge. Their joining with Stihl, a top leader in chainsaw power worldwide, speaks well for their dependability and overall quality.

An electronic cordless chainsaw has all the simplicity surrounding general maintenance as a corded version, a lightweight design, and incredibly portability to keep you moving through your property with no worries of extension cord length. Battery powered saws also are much quieter to use and offer much less vibration than a gas powered, 2-stroke engine – making your effort that much less. They are a perfect choice for residential areas as well, especially if noise ordinances are enforced, or you are simply trying to be a good neighbor.

Breakdown of the Greenworks, 40 volts, 16-inch Chainsaw

Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw

The brushless motor and electric start allow you to get working quickly and efficiently and provides up to 30% more torque with 70% less vibration compared to similar sized gas models.

The electronic chain brake and low kickback chain are safety features that help provide peace of mind as you work as an accidental kickback can be stopped in its tracks before causing damage. This doesn’t mean you can work without proper safety guidelines but does allow even the most novice saw users begin to learn the ins and outs of simple chainsaw use.

Considered one of the most dependable cordless saws on the current market, it is capable of handling the occasional heavy job and serves as an excellent backup saw when needed in more dense cutting situations. Backup batteries are also available to separate purchase to ensure you are never without when working through a job.


  • Can handle large cuts with ease
  • Long lasting battery
  • Durable and easy to hold


  • Oil may drain out when in storage
  • May not work reliably after a few years of regular use

Features and Benefits of the Greenworks 40-Volt Chainsaw


The features and benefits of any product are exactly what you should be reviewing closely when making your choices prior to purchase. We’ve listed those highlights below with their details and consumer feedback to provide you a detailed overview of this particular model, so you can make a more informed decision.

40 Volt, Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

40 Volt, Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

Obviously, the lithium-ion battery system is what makes this such a popular tool. Chainsaw maintenance of electric saws are fairly minimal and include basic cleaning, oiling, and chain tensioning- making them a popular product with homeowners. A battery powered saw is even easier to use as there is very little preparation involved with use. Simply grab and go, and check and adjust the tension and oil levels in literally seconds.

The 40-Volt G-Max series this saw belongs to has years of innovative technology behind its creation and is considered one of the best in the market. The battery is considered a quick charge, and the battery in this particular model gets up to 150 4×4 inch cuts complete before needing to be recharged. You also have an onboard battery life indicator, so you know exactly how much time you have left to work.

Brushless Motor

Brushless Motor

A brushless motor is more precise, and therefore more efficient. It also is quieter, runs longer than a brushed motor, and cools much quicker- making overheating a difficult task. This model utilizes a powerful brushless motor that provides up to 30% more torque, which creates an excellent cutting performance. In fact, experienced sawyers cutting for their own personal use prefer this saw for more moderate sized jobs over a gas powered saw, and also keep it as a backup when working out in the field as they know it is powerful enough to complete heavy jobs that may have been put on hold.

Electric Push Start

Electric Push Start

Gas engines require you to prime and choke your engine prior to starting. You also have to be sure to have the correct fuel to oil ratio mixed, clean filters, and a working spark plug. These are not difficult to maintain but are just one more step required prior to firing up your saw. With this saw, all you have to do it push the power button and engage the engine to begin working.


16” Bar Length

16” Bar Length

A 16-inch bar length is a larger length for an amount of power and is on the higher end of lengths available in the current cordless market. The size chain you need is dependent on the type of work you need to get done. A general rule of thumb is to choose a chain at least 2 inches longer than the diameter of the material you need to cut to ensure one, smooth motion as you cut. You can, of course, cut larger materials with additional cuts when needed.

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Electronic Chain Brake

Electronic Chain Brake

Chains brakes are not always offered on an electric saw due to there smaller sized engines and lower powers compared to many gas saws. However, with the rise in technology surrounding this type of construction, more and more electric saws, especially cordless version, are receiving the safety this provides. An electronic brake stops your chain from spinning if a kickback occurs which is an invaluable feature.

Tool-Free Chain Tensioner

Tool-Free Chain Tensioner

In order for your chain to spin effectively, it needs to be placed correctly on the guide bar. A chain should be tight, but still able to be raised slightly up while still leaving the guide teeth in the bar. Too tight, and you run the risk of binding. Too loose, and it could fall off while you work.

As you use your saw it will loosen and stretch over time, and adjusting the tension is part of the regular maintenance. The tool-less chain tensioner allows you to loosen or tighten with a simple twist of the knob, making it a quick, and efficient task to keep you working without pause.

Automatic Oiler with Translucent Tank

Automatic Oiler with Translucent Tank

Your bar and chain also need to be kept well oiled as it runs. Oil allows the chain to spin freely on the bar, keeps it from binding, and also helps the chain from overheating. The automatic oiler feeds the chains as you work, and also provides you a visual of the oil level through a translucent tank. Electric saws take the same oil as a gas powered saw, making it an easy transition from one saw to the other if you happen to run both kinds.

G-Max Battery Compatibility

G-Max Battery Compatibility

With over 40 different products that are compatible with the 40-volt battery, you can keep one charging station going to multiple tools. This helps you move effortlessly from one job to the next no matter what the season. Their powerful cordless options allow you to work in any conditions to help keep your property in tip-top shape.

4 Year Product Warranty / 2 Year Lithium Ion Battery Warranty

4 Year Product Warranty

A 4-year warranty protecting against poor construction, and defective and damaged parts help protect your investment for years. And a 2-year warranty on the battery alone provides you peace of mind concerning power and charging. Normal use and wear are not covered under warranty, and any claims made will be assessed for validity and then provided a repair, return, or refund at no cost to the owner via a shipping refund.

Consumer Feedback

Costumers Review

This saw, and others within the 40-volt series, have gathered a high amount of positive ratings related to the power and dependability the saw provides. Those who know their saws speak highly of it overall and are impressed with the punch it packs in such a compact, cordless design. I’ve mentioned before that it is a popular backup saw, and many people vouch for its overall value as a saw worth counting on.

It also has been commented on that this particular model is comparable to gas saws of similar size, and although the gas saw can run all day without a recharge, this one offers little in the way of resistance when cutting- and is much less fatiguing to use. It also is a perfect choice for work in areas where other residents may dwell. This is also a popular beginner’s saw as it is lightweight, yet powerful, and has excellent safety features.

The complaints against it are varied, but almost all lean towards a general lack of knowledge concerning how to provide basic care for the product. Bar and chain oil leakage is a comment complaint, but a normal one due to the automatic oiler which will have some oil left in the reservoir even after turning off the engine. Chains tightening also requires some general knowledge, despite the simplicity of the tool-free tensioner.


If you were unaware of just how useful a cordless chainsaw can be, hopefully, this detailed review has provided you with the information you need to help narrow down your product choices. The Greenworks 40v, 18-inch Chainsaw is a powerful cordless choice, and the features of this saw are hard to beat by means of dependability and consumer ease of use. Easy maintenance, quality construction, and the lightweight design get you working quickly and keep you working until the job is done.

It may not be the choice you need for a long day cutting timber, but it can make short work of the jobs placed before it in accordance with the workload it is rated for. If you have any questions or comments pertaining to this particular model or other 40-volt saw choices, please let us know below. We’d also love to hear about any personal experiences with this saw. And, as always, please share!

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