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GreenWorks Weed Eater 21272 Review

Do you enjoy struggling to trim the grass that creeps up along the fence? Or maybe it makes you happy to spend countless hours manually pulling weeds from your lawn? No? I didn’t really think so. So now you’ve realized that purchasing a weed trimmer will save you time and effort, and you’re trying to make a decision on which one to buy.

There are so many different models, all of which have specialized features to choose from. It can sometimes be overwhelming to scroll through hundreds of options, and decide which one you should buy. This GreenWorks 21272 review will hopefully make it a little easier for you to make your decision.

GreenWorks 21272 5.5Amp 15-Inch Corded String Trimmer Comparison Table

ModelWeightPowerCutting PathLine SizeOur Rating
Green corded whipper snipper against a white backgroundGreenWorks 21272

7.05 lbs120V, 5.5A15 inchesDual .065in (diameter)

Things To Consider Before Buying A Weed Trimmer

Aside from actually knowing how to properly use a weed trimmer, it certainly helps to know about the product itself. Not only do they cut back on the amount of work you have to do, there are cost-efficient options for people who want to stick to a budget. They are becoming more affordable and user-friendly as time goes by; making them popular choices for homeowners and business-owners. However, this is not to say that you should rush out and buy one immediately. To avoid buyer’s’ remorse and unnecessary frustration, there are a few factors that should be considered first.

Your Yard

If you have a small yard, you might be fully capable of taking care of it manually. If you have enough time to pull weeds around your lawn, some people may not see the problem in doing this. However, lawn maintenance requires a good deal of physical strength and stamina.

If you know that you are unable to put the labour and time into the manual upkeep of your lawn, a weed trimmer might be a good choice for you. In this case, it is also important to think about what size weed trimmer you can handle. Weed edgers can be heavy or lightweight, and some are more comfortable to hold than others.

features and uses

Features and Uses

Weed trimmers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can also differ in how they are powered. The two main power sources for weed trimmers are electric or gas-powered. Electric powered machines tend to be quieter, more fuel efficient and lighter.
They also are easier on the environment because they do not produce carbon emission from using gas. However, weed trimmers that run on gasoline are more powerful and can handle larger jobs. This article is a GreenWorks 5.5-amp electric grass trimmer review, so it will be explaining more about electric trimmers.

determine what you need

Determine What You Need

By determining what your exact needs and requirements are, it will be easier for you to decide if one model in particular suits what you are looking for. It is also important to remember what the most important feature is that you are looking for. If you value energy-efficient machines, you will likely select a different model than if you value heavy-duty machines.

Let’s Check It Out!

Quick Info

  • Weight: 7.05 lbs
  • Power: 120V, 5.5A
  • Cutting Path: 15 inches
  • Line Size: Dual .065in (diameter)
  • Warranty: 4 year warranty

Our Rating:

This 5.5-amp GreenWorks corded edger is run by electricity. Compared to other weed trimmers, this is an advantage because of the convenience. There is no need to mix oil and fuel, as the machine just needs an electric start. It promises to clear away all your unwanted weeds while being light and easy to use; making it ideal for people with less physical capabilities.

This model is one of the highest rated trimmers on the market, both for its price and it’s quality when compared to others.

This product is geared towards people who want to take care of their lawn themselves, without having to hire others to do it for them. It is small and light, therefore it is not designed for heavy-duty or professional use. Overall, it performs better with smaller jobs, and should not be used on large areas of land.


  • At 6.9lbs, it is lighter than most gas-powered models
  • Has an edging wheel for trimming lawn edges
  • Quick to start, no need to mix fuel and gas to operate
  • Adjustable handle length


  • Does not extend enough to comfortably accommodate taller people
  • Does not come with extra line
  • Manually extending the line is required when the auto-feed tangles
  • Not all universal lines fit with the product

Features & Benefits

Each individual weed trimmer has certain specifications which make it optimal for the user. So what exactly will this specific trimmer be giving you in the end? GreenWorks products are known for their simplistic product designs, which work for a wide variety of people. In particular, they have focused on improving the product’s power supply and source, shaft and cutting design, and auto feed line.

Corded-Electric-Power-SourceThis GreenWorks product can be started simply by pushing a button, and therefore is quiet to operate. There is less maintenance than gas-powered machines, because there is no need to mix gas and fuel. There is also no need to contend with battery life, as the machine just needs to be plugged in. This is good for small or medium-sized yards, as you only have the length of the extension cord to work with. The cord is unable to disconnect from the trimmer, due to a cord lock.

A higher amperage provides machines with a greater amount of power. This machine has a power supply of 5.5-amps, and 120 volts. It has a lot of power for an electric machine, although it is significantly less than if it was powered by gas.

The benefits to electric-corded designs also includes the fact that it causes less pollution to the environment. On the other hand, it will increase your electricity bill, so it is wise to monitor your usage.

Shaft-And-Cutting-Path-DesignThis product has a straight shaft shape, with a swivel cutting head. Straight shafts are useful because they make it easier to reach farther under objects. They also allow the user to stand straighter, without having to bend so much. Also with a straight design, the trimmer is able to cover a greater amount of area more efficiently than a curved shaft.

The cutting path is 15-inches long. The pivoting head at the end of the cutting path is beneficial for edging. This product is able to cut a clean edge line. The shaft is slightly adjustable, to accommodate different heights. However, if you are above average height, the available extension may not be sufficient to suit your needs.

Auto-Feed-LineThis type of design allows the string in the trimmer to automatically advance as you use it. When the string gets too short, the automatic feed will send out more string. This is in comparison to the bump feed design, in which you must tap the trimmer head on the ground to advance the string.

The automatic feed line is beneficial because it allows you to focus on the grass that you are cutting, and not worry about how much string you have left. As well, it saves the user time because there is no need to stop what you are doing to tap the trimmer head on the ground. Although this type of design has a higher probability of malfunctioning, they are more popular and well-known. This means that there is already likely to be an established solution to the problem at hand.

Customer Reviews

Customer-Feedback-signOverall, customers have enjoyed this weed trimmer. The general consensus is that the product is affordable and simple to use. Customers appreciate the electric-corded power source, which makes less work for them. They also like the amount of power that this machine can provide, considering that it is electric-corded powered.

However, the main issue that people have found with this device is the auto feed line feature. For some users, the motor would malfunction and not perform as it should. Instead of automatically receiving the correct length of string, the user sometimes would have to open it and manually wind up or take out the string.


Weeds are one of the more frustrating parts of owning property. No matter how many times you pull them, they will always somehow sneak back in. There are multiple solutions that you can consider to fight these weeds and keep your property looking clean and maintained. One way to take care of those weeds quickly is by using this GreenWorks electric string trimmer.

With its simple design and clear instructions, this model is perfect for small or medium yards. Another plus is that it is easily affordable, and won’t break the bank. This product is quiet and energy efficient, both of which have had favourable responses by people who have used it. By clicking this link, you will be able to try it out and see for yourself! Feel free to comment and share your own experience with this awesome trimmer!


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