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How to Grow an Endless Supply of Garlic Indoors

Who doesn’t love garlic?

Between its incredible taste, versatility, and health benefits, it is undeniably a superfood. If there is any problem with garlic, it is that it always leaves us wanting MORE.

That problem, though, can now be a thing of the past.

This tutorial will show you how to grow an endless supply of garlic indoors. While that may seem too good to be true, trust me, it not only works, it’s easy. Instead of looking out the window daydreaming about garlic, you can now look at your windowsill at your very own garlic plant.

Growing your own garlic will save you money, ensure that your garlic is pesticide and contamination-free, and ensure that you ALWAYS have garlic somewhere in the house. This fun project is perfect for gardening beginners because it doesn’t involve significant time, materials, or plant-growing expertise.

9 ounce Garlic California Bulb
    Get started growing garlic with this 9-ounce garlic which is perfect for planting, eating and growing your own garlic.



What are Garlic Sprouts?

When you grow garlic indoors using this simple water-only method, you can harvest garlic sprouts! Garlic sprouts, which also go by the name garlic scapes, are the stalks that grow out of garlic bulbs. They are extremely tasty and have a milder, lighter flavor than traditional garlic.

Garlic sprouts also have a ton of great health benefits like fighting cancer, protecting your heart, preventing strokes, strengthening your immune system, and preventing wrinkles and premature aging. Garlic sprouts, in particular, are powerful, because garlic that has sprouted for five days has the highest antioxidant activity.

What You Will Need

Just three things: garlic, water, and a container!

What Container Should You Use?

You can use a cup, bowl, or pot to hold your garlic. It is best to use a clear container because that way you can see when the water needs to be changed. Plus, through a clear container you can actually watch the roots grow. Glass is preferable to plastic because it is stronger. Think a mason jar or even something small like a shot glass.

An added bonus of a clear container is that growing garlic can look rather aesthetically-pleasing, like in the photo above.

What Garlic Should You Use?

Garlic Sprouting

Try to find a garlic clove that is sprouting already. It’s possible to use one that’s not sprouting, but that can make the growing process more difficult. Plus, this way you can use old garlic you otherwise would have thrown out. You may wonder if it is already sprouting, why do I have to plant it? Because without water the garlic and sprout will dry up, making it less tasty and nutrient-rich.

No Soil? Are you sure?

Yes, no soil needed! The green shoots will get all of the nutrients they need from their cloves.

How to Grow an Endless Supply of Garlic Indoors

Step One: Ready Your Materials and Plant Space

The best place to grow garlic indoors is on a windowsill. The garlic needs a lot of light to flourish so make sure it is a window where the curtains are not often drawn. Ready your materials: a container, your garlic, and a bit of water.

Window Sill for Garlic

Pro Tip: Worried about the garlic smelling up your space? Although garlic is pungent when cooked, it actually does not noticeably smell while growing. Because of this, feel free to grow your garlic in a space you use often! This will help you remember to change the water.

Step Two: Add Water to the Container

Time to add water to your container. When you add the water make sure that it is high enough that it covers the entire bottom of the cup but low enough that it will only touch the bottom of the garlic. This is absolutely IMPERATIVE. If the water is too high then it will begin to smell, become murky, and your garlic will begin to rot.

If the water does becomes murky, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve messed anything up; just change the water!

Step Three: Add Your Garlic to the Container

Now that you have set up its container, it is time for you to add the garlic! Be careful that it is well-balanced and standing up within the water, and only partially submerged.

If necessary, try using toothpicks to keep your garlic upright to ensure that it is only the bottom of it that is touching the water. Insert two toothpicks into the fleshy part of the garlic and balance it on the edge of a glass.

Step Four: Let Your Garlic Grow

After a few days, the garlic will begin to grow roots. Make sure that you change out the water every few days or when it begins to look cloudy. Also, make sure that your plant is continuing to get enough light. You should change the water out every few days but you can change it out every day if you wish to. This will keep the water from ever getting too smelly or murky.

Step Five: Harvest

Once your shoots are over 3 inches tall you can begin to harvest them. Only remove a third of the sprout at a time. To continue growing, the garlic sprouts need those blades to take in energy from the sun. If you cut it down too much it will not continue to grow. Make sure you are using sharp scissors to harvest the garlic sprouts. You don’t have to harvest your garlic right away. Garlic sprouts can grow up to ten inches tall!

Step Six: Eat Up!

Time to eat your sprouts! Some dishes you can incorporate them into include soups, baked potatoes, salads, dips, and flatbreads.

Alternative Growing Method

Garlic in Soil

If the idea of growing a plant without soil is weirding you out, you can also grow garlic indoors in potting soil. With this method you can actually plant cloves of garlic and they will grow into entire bulbs. Simply put the garlic about an inch underneath potting soil (in a pot, of course). Keep the pot on a windowsill, exposed to the sun. Water the soil whenever it dries out. The sprouts should take a week or two to appear. Use the same harvesting tips I mentioned above. When the sprouts dry up and stop growing you can dig up the full bulbs underneath. You can even take cloves from the bulbs and repeat this process for an endless supply.

In Conclusion

9 ounce Garlic California Bulb
    Get started growing garlic with this 9-ounce garlic which is perfect for planting, eating and growing your own garlic.



I hoped you enjoyed this tutorial! If you did, and loved growing garlic indoors, try flowers next! Garlic sprouts have incredible health benefits, and taste amazing! This project will provide you with an endless supply of them, which your wallet will thank you for. Let us know what you think in the comments, and how you use the garlic sprouts you harvest.

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