GutterBrush Leaf Guard Review
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Keep Your Gutters Clean With a GutterBrush Leaf Guard

GutterBrush Leaf Guard

GutterBrush Leaf Guard

The Gutterbrush Leaf Guard provides all-weather protection to your gutters to help shed debris and allow a free flow of water without any ice or snow buildup.

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As the weather cools and trees enter into dormancy, it doesn’t take long for their leaves to fall. Your roof and gutters are the perfect place for them to accumulate, which can be compounded by autumnal precipitation. It can quickly clog your gutters and keep them from running as they should.

And if you begin to experience a freeze, this can even become detrimental to your roof as dams of ice will begin to back up under your shingles and damage your underlayment. But what solution do you have other than to keep cleaning out your gutters every few days, or cover them? Both of which cut into your time and finances. Our GutterBrush gutter guard reviews showcase a product that serves as an excellent alternative.

GutterBrush Leaf Guard Run-Down

GutterBrush being added to a gutter.

The GutterBrush Company was created by accident when the founder, Bob, was cleaning out the regular fall accumulation of leaves and pine needles from his cabin’s gutters. He was using an old brush found in storage (believed to be an old chimney sweep) and accidentally left it on the roof where it sat in the gutter for the next eight months. Little did he know that he was in the process of inventing one of the best gutter guards ever made.

When discovered, Bob noticed how clean that area of his gutter was, and from there, an idea was born. Over the next decade, Bob and his son Randy played with various designs and gutter solutions until in 2004 the first GutterBrush was introduced to the public. By 2008 it had become a favorite amongst home improvement experts, contractors, and even had made it into an international market.

The GutterBrush brand name sums up nicely what this product is: a long, bristle brush-like contraption that fits into your gutters to help keep leaves from falling and washing into them, all while allowing a free flow of water from seasonal rainfalls and snow melts. It is now widely offered for simple, convenient, and affordable solutions to keeping your gutters clear.

This product is for anyone tired of cleaning out their gutters, whether it be once a year, or once a week during heavy leaf fall each autumn. Areas that receive regular snowfall will also benefit from this innovative design. At any rate, the product definitely features a unique design unlike any of the other gutter guard types.

    A simple but brilliant solution for protecting your gutter systems from leaves, debris, snow, and ice.



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Features and Benefits of GutterBrush Guards

Simple in conception, and design, the features and use of these brushes are easy to understand. If clearing out gutters is a seasonal chore you would rather avoid, then reviewing the following features may be helpful.

Shape and Sizes

Shape and Sizes

The GutterBrush is a rounded brush-like contraption made to fit into any size gutter. Although most standard gutters are considered a five-inch width, a six-inch oversized choice is also available. This particular size has become more popular among homes that are located in areas where large amounts of rain runoff are a regular occurrence.

Specialty GutterBrush Guard sizes also exist to fit everything from four-inch mobile home, carport, awning, and other additional type outbuilding gutter placements, to an eight-inch industrial size that can even be used as a pool screen. A Super seven-inch choice for more commercial building use is also available.

They come in three-foot lengths and included 18-inch lengths for easy placement and those smaller areas you may need to get covered. Each is sold in specific sets of lengths offered by the size gutter you need them for.

Material Used

Material UsedLearn More About GutterBrush Leaf Guard Here

The center core of the brush is a 12 gauge, galvanized steel wire, surrounded by a twist-in-the-wire, polypropylene brush. This is then double protected against UV rays to avoid both sun damage and dry rot. It also is rustproof. This entire construction creates a cylinder shape contraption that easily fits into any gutter.

This allows leaves to “blow” over the brush as they settle down the roof and not be caught up where they can clog and impede the movement of both more debris and water.

How to Measure

How to Measure

If you are unsure of which size gutter you have, or if you believe you may have more than one size, you need to measure. Measuring is easy and simply requires a measuring tape and access to the top of the gutter. Weather across the entire width of the gutter from the outside. The inside opening will be slightly less (for example, a five-inch gutter has an approximate 4.5-inch opening). The GutterBrush does take the outside to inside measurement ratio into account for the perfect fit.

How to Install

How to Install

Installation is considered one of the easiest in gutter maintenance ever to be born. There are no tool requirements, fasteners, or cutting required. All you have to do is measure what you need for, choose which package contains the amount of length you need, and clean out your gutters of existing debris. Once that is done, simply place them in your gutter. To turn a corner, you can bend the brushes or, if you have a length a bit too long, simply fold it back in on itself.

As mentioned, these are sold in packages in relation to the length you need them for. The standard five-inch gutter is offered in sex foot to 120-foot packages, with various other lengths offered, depending on the gutter size.


Occasional maintenance may be needed in areas of heavy leaf fall, or simply after a few years of regular use. It is typical for some leaves, especially those that are wet, to get caught in the bristles until they dry off. If you see some leaves or other debris caught, it is best to wait until it dries out. Dried up leaves blow away, or break down and crumble to be washed away.


The product comes with a 1-year product guarantee and a 25-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. If you are not happy with the brush within the course of a year, you can return it for the full retail cost, minus shipping and handling. If you had it installed through the company you will not receive that money back.

Free TrialFree Trial

Get It Here

The company offers a free six foot trial of their five-inch gutter size, available as four- to 18-inch lengths. They simply ask you to pay the retail postage to get it to you. This does run promotionally from time to time and may not always be available, but it does highlight the company’s confidence in their product; they want everyone to experience the ease of this design for their own homes.

Contractor Partner Program

The company also offers a partner program for contractors. This includes a free sample kit that discounts the cost back on the first order. They help with sampling, brochures, and advertising, and provide discounted pricing for a fair profit margin.

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Customer Reviews

There have been quite a few Gutter Brushes reviews for both autumn leaf and winter snow season. Feedback has been well-received with many positive reports pertaining to the ease of use and installation, to the time and effort it saves each year.

Seen on many home improvement channels and featured in many magazines, the brush has been praised by professionals and homeowners alike. What many like the most is how easy it is to install and then walk away from, and not have to worry about. Many customers who have had an abundance of clogged gutters now claim their drains run easily and never clog.

Winter use is also highly praised as the brush helps keep snow from accumulating in the gutter which can then melt and refreeze. The block bristles also draw in heat and help speed up the movement of snow and ice off the roof as it warms. Other guards do very little to prevent ice-dams and the weight/danger they present.

Our GutterBrush Verdict

The bottom line is if you have been looking for a gutter cleaning solution and like the idea of only having to maintain your gutters once a year, or even less, then the GutterBrush Leaf Guard System may be a product for you. Easy placement, easy maintenance, and peace of mind concerning your open gutters through the colder seasonal month make this a product worth recommending.

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