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The Easiest Way to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights

Step into the festive season by putting up a dazzling display of lights outside your home. Twinkling outdoor Christmas lighting immediately induces a celebratory vibe. It gets you into the holiday spirit, adding a splash of happiness to your outdoor Christmas décor.

However, installing all those light fixtures around the windows, along the walls, and over the trees and bushes can be tedious to make look meticulously planned. Discover the easiest way steps to hang outdoor Christmas lights!

Pre-Plan the Light Display

well-lit house christmas
Image credits: julianamalta via Unsplash

Before you take out your ladder and tools to install the lights, do your groundwork. Sit down with a few images of your home and decide where you want the lights to go. Lights often highlight architectural features, such as the windows, main door, porch roof, and other alcoves around your home. Measure the areas where you want lights and pay attention where your power outlets are.

Moreover, putting lights on the trees and shrubs brings them to life. It adds another delightful detail to your outdoor Christmas display. It also bathes your garden in a warm glow and allows you to enjoy the view of your Christmas lights from inside your home. 

Now is also the time to decide which types of outdoor Christmas lights you want around which parts of the house. For example, you may want to hang dangling lights from the edge of your roofline to create a whimsical icicle effect while opting for simple string lights for the rest of the edges. 

You can also choose between warm and cool-glow varieties and different sizes of LEDs and bulbs. Try lighting your walkway or driveway with pathway lights with built-in stakes or embed rope lights along them. While there are myriad outdoor Christmas lights to choose from, not all Christmas lights are suitable for outside, so always check the package. 

Once you have a clear plan, move on to the next step.

Check All the Equipment

Yellow String Lights
Image credits: Dzenina Lukac via Pexels

Whether you have bought new lights or are reusing the ones from last year, it is best to check them before putting them up. Nothing is worse than putting up all the lights only to discover that they have given up on you! You can do this days before you hang the lights. 

First, plug in the lights to see that they work and replace any defective bulbs. Check that the wires and cables are intact, undamaged, and in optimum working condition. Untangle the lights in advance and lay them out in a covered area

In addition, make sure that your ladder and the rest of the tools, such as the decorating clips, gutter hooks, and extension cords or power stakes, are in good condition and suitable to exterior conditions. 

Note: Metal ladders may conduct electricity, so it’s best not to use them while hanging lights. 

Attach Your Decorating Hooks and Insert the Lights

Person Holding Yellow Plastic Pack
Image credits: Cottonbro Studio via Pexels

Choose a day when the weather is calm with no rain or snow forecast. Getting to work as soon as daylight allows gives you ample time and adequate visibility to finish the installation. 

Using gutter hooks along rain gutters is perfect for hanging lightweight Christmas lights. If your lights are heavier, like icicle lights, space your hooks closer together to support the weight. Otherwise, 12 to 20 inches is a good gap between the hooks for simple string lights

In areas where attaching the hooks is impossible, there are other options. For instance, use a hot glue gun on brick walls or archways to temporarily affix lights. Apply a dab of hot glue on the lamp base and press it on the wall for 10 to 20 seconds. You can easily peel off the lights later or use rubbing alcohol to remove any stubborn glue spots.

If the brick and mortar of your house walls are not entirely flush with each other, you can get brick clips that attach to the entire brick length. These metal clips have hooks to hang lights and are available in different lengths depending on the bricks’ size. 

For placing lights on the roofs, you can get shingle tabs or clips that slide under or clip onto the roof tabs. These have a hole or a clip on the other end to mount the lights. 

After placing lights along each length, ensure that the bulbs are positioned at equal intervals and that there are no droopy cables.

Pay Attention to the Garden

Tree decorated with lightts
Image credits: Olichel via Pixabay

Simple string lights can transform your garden into a winter wonderland with twinkling trees and glimmering bushes. You can decorate the trees outside similarly to how you would hang lights on your Christmas tree

Take a long string of light and wind it around the small trees and plants. Weave the lights through the branches of evergreen trees and the bushes. 

You can also wrap the light around the trunk and branches of a bare, leafless tree. Hang mini light strings from the branches to bring them to life. Try battery-operated outdoor LED lights for the greenery to save you the hassle of plugging in several lights. 

Admire Your Handiwork

Once you have mounted all the lights, ensure everything is secured and aligned. Then, it is time for you to plug in and turn on the lights, step back, and feel the joy. Soak in the results of your work of art! You’ve hung your outdoor Christmas lights!

As always, leave your thoughts, comments, and questions below!