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8 Hanging Vegetable Garden Ideas

Does growing vegetables feel like an impossible task due to the necessary green space? This is a common challenge for gardeners, however, there is a solution. All you need to do is get creative and move your garden into the vertical hanging space!

The number of vegetables that grow in hanging baskets may come as a pleasant surprise and this list of ideas shows just some options! So, for all those who want to take their vegetable patch to the next level (literally!), enjoy these stand-out solutions!

1. Hanging Baskets

When decorating with hanging baskets, flowers often fill them up, however, some vegetables work in hanging baskets as well! Not only practical, but those hanging baskets are within arms reach for when it’s time to harvest.

Small vining vegetables like cherry tomatoes look great cascading over the edge of the basket. Veggies like small pepper plants or lettuce make practical and beautiful displays.

When choosing a location for your hanging basket vegetable garden, make sure to note the sun requirements for the plant you have selected to grow. The great thing about this garden option is it goes anywhere that meets the needs of the plants!

2. Basket Grid

Do you have a large bare wall that could use some purpose? Create a hanging living wall garden! Use pots hung in a uniform grid to grow a vegetable garden in urban areas. The grid pattern allows water to drain out of the plant above and water the next plant below. Not only a great solution for those without greenspace, but this style garden also makes harvesting a breeze!

Lettuce works particularly well in this grid of baskets due to the shape of the plant. The lettuce leaves grow up and outward without cascading over the sides too much, allowing each plant to shine!

3. Halfpipes

Use new or repurposed pipes or rain gutters to create this unique vegetable garden. The pipes’ layering allows the water to drain to the levels below. This style holds its own as a visual display or looks beautiful hung along fences or exterior walls.

Consider the size of the pipe when deciding which vegetable to plant. A great option is to use these handy and accessible layers of pipes to grow a salad garden! Choose to grow different salad greens like lettuce, spinach, and Swiss chard, then add some herbs to round out that salad bowl!

4. Arbor Baskets

Do you have an arbor or archway in your yard? Adding hanging vegetable baskets to these structures showcases the plants and uses the vertical space within the arbor! Grow fresh garden veggies without changing the footprint of your yard. Choose vegetables that grow well in containers like cherry tomatoes, peppers, and peas. Also, note how much shade the location receives to make sure the plants get what they need.

5. Upside-down Tomato Baskets

Turn this on its head by growing tomato plants upside-down! This fun and unique growing technique provides fresh tomatoes and makes a great conversation piece!

To create this hanging garden, drill a hole in the bottom of a pot that is around 3 to 4 inches and add some drainage holes as well. Next, pull the root ball of your tomato plant through and fill the bucket up with a good-quality potting mix. For vegetables growing in containers, a soilless potting mix works well. Then hang it up and watch your garden grow!

6. Hanging Wooden Shelves

You can create a beautiful hanging vegetable garden with a bit of rope and wood! Customize the size of the shelves to fit the pots you’d like to use and hang them in front of a window or outdoors on a porch or patio! This fun hanging garden is another great option for those without yard space. Smaller vegetables like green onions or parsley work well in this garden!

7. Hanging Fence Baskets

Try this shabby chic look by using galvanized buckets and rope to hang your potted vegetable plants. Stick with one or add as many as your fence allows! This creative hanging garden can hang small or large buckets depending on the vegetables you plant, so go ahead and make it your own!

8. Layered Hanging Clay Pots

Perfect for balconies, hang several clay pots at varying lengths to create this unique hanging vegetable garden! Opt for smaller vegetables like green onions or culinary herbs to have right there at your fingertips. Grow, snip, and enjoy!

Vegetables At Your Fingertips!

Hanging vegetable gardens are a practical solution for those who do not have the necessary green space to garden! These unique vegetable gardens are perfect for dressing up plain exterior walls, to spicing up existing backyard structures like arbors and pergolas! Whatever design you choose, you will be on your way to enjoying fresh vegetables right out your door.

Do you enjoy homegrown veggies? Which hanging vegetable garden idea is your favorite? Share your favorites in the comment section below!

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