51 Hanukkah Yard Decoration Ideas
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51 Hanukkah Yard Decoration Ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, they say – and I happen to agree! The holiday season can be such a celebratory, uplifting, wonderful time for reliving and making new memories, whatever holidays you celebrate in your household. In ours, we happen to celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah, and so finding the right outdoor décor to welcome the season and invite guests in has been a wonderful thing each year.

We have limited space in our yard, but we still want to do things right. So, I’ve carefully selected a collection of items for our home. This list, however, contains the other items I also wish I could decorate with if we just had the room! So, if you’re looking for the right DIY and pre-made Hanukkah décor, I think you’ll find some great options here.

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DIY Burlap Ribbon Hannukah Wreath

Happy Hanukkah
Image credits: Kameleon007 via Canva

Festive door decorations are one of the simplest and loveliest ways to declare your holiday welcome to guests and family as they enter your home. One of the easiest and least expensive wreaths is making one yourself from colored burlap ribbons. This DIY Hanukkah wreath is super easy to make and incorporates some simple, fun touches that really make the wreath stand out and declare your holiday welcome.

Eight Nights, Eight Lights Door Sign

Close-Up Photo Of Happy Hanukkah Front Door Decor
Image credits: RODNAE Productions from Pexels via Canva

Another great way to invite the season of Hanukkah is an attractive door hanger like this Eight Nights, Eight Lights door sign from Etsy. The beautiful art, the simple message, and the reasonable price not only celebrates the day but helps support small business artists, making it a winning option all around.

DIY Pool Noodle Menorah

Pool Noodles Bright Colors
Image credits: Jordan ‘s Images via Canva

For a great project to do with the kids, this DIY pool noodle menorah is a fun option. It’s cheap, it’s a great way to recycle some old noodles you’re not using anymore – or broken ones! – and it can add some fun and color to that front lawn as you celebrate the season.

Blue and White Star of David String Lights

Kurt Adler UL 10-Light Hanukkah Star of David Light Set
Image credits: Kurt Adler Store via Amazon

I’m all about the lights – and especially my Hanukkah lights. These blue and white Star of David lights are a great choice for adding some clear-cut hints at your season of celebration without being too overwhelming. Or, if you’re more like me and love tons of décor, you can combine them with a variety of other pieces for the perfect full-yard display.

DIY Drinking Straw Hanukkah Garland

Drinking Paper Straws on Yellow Background
Image credits: maryaphotos via Canva

Need a fun project to do with the kids? Using colorful drinking straws and some string, you’ve got a dreidel garland you can hang outside. Easy, fun, and as colorful as you want!

Happy Hanukkah Welcome Mat

Image credits: webking via Canva

Welcome mats are such a great way to invite the season in. This particular welcome mat is a great blend for folks who celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah or just enjoy the country feel to this one. In recent years, the imagery of trucks bringing home Christmas trees has become a big thing. Well, now a truck with some dreidels can become your thing – even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, too.

Happy Hanukkah Garden Stake

Happy Hanukkah
Image credits: USGirl via Canva

Another one of my favorite pieces for any outdoor décor scheme is the garden stake. They’re a simple, fast, inexpensive, and easy way to add some splash to that garden or front lawn. This Hanukkah garden stake from Amazon provides you with a nice little message of remembrance with the imagery of the menorah and “Let the Light Shine.”

Dreidel Light

Image credits: Kameleon007 via Canva

If you want a simple, easy-to-place lawn decoration, I highly recommend this lit-up dreidel in blue and white. It’s perfect for placing, plugging in, and not having to think about it again. I’d recommend connecting it to some other lights or placing it on a timer for the most hassle-free lit-up yard piece.

Hanukkah Directional Sign

Faith concept wooden sign on tree
Image credits: RomeoLu via Canva

This adorable Hanukkah-themed directional sign is a great piece for the yard. It’s simple and easy to set up, but it’s got a unique flair to it that other Hanukkah pieces don’t with its fun travel-themed touches.

DIY Blue and White Garland Star of David

Traditional jewish sukkot holiday decoration
Image credits: Inna Reznik via Canva

I’m a sucker for garland. Not sure why! And this simple, easy DIY garland Star of David door sign/wreath or porch display piece is easy and fun to construct, using blue and white garland and stir sticks. You can create one for a stand-alone piece or multiple for hanging up or posting around the yard, porch, or fence line.

Unique Battery-Operated Blue Star of David String Lights

Hanukkah Star of David Lights String Christmas
Image credits: Mudder Stoer via Amazon


If you’re looking for something a bit more unique in your string lights, consider these wood-framed Star of David Hanukkah lights. They’re beautiful, simple, and work both indoors and outdoors for whatever decorating you have in mind. Plus, they’re battery-operated so they’re great for setting in places where plugging in wouldn’t work.

Inflatable Lighted Lawn Menorah

Holidayana Hanukkah Menorah Inflatable Decoration
Image credits: Holidayana Store via Amazon

Now, if you really want to make a statement about your holiday celebrations, you can go with this large, blue inflatable menorah. It’s perfect for wishing the whole neighborhood a happy holiday with its simple message. It’s easy to inflate and lights up making it super visible, too.

Yiddish Text Hanukkah Garden Flag

Hanukkah Garden Flag
Image credits: Rainlemon via Amazon

If you prefer a more traditional message and menorah image, this garden flag with Yiddish text is the perfect way to go. Plant it in the ground and enjoy for weeks or months even as you celebrate, then store away easily year after year.

Wooden Hannukah Welcome Sign

Photo Of Sign Board Near Candle Holder
Image credits: RODNAE Production from Pexels via Canva

What could be more welcoming than a literal welcome sign posted by your front door? This beautiful Hanukkah welcome sign option from an Etsy seller is a great way to add that warmth without any effort on your part (beside that “buy now” click!). Or, if you’re really into DIY, you can make your own based on the images provided by the seller.

DIY Happy Hannukah Wreath

Wreath made of white, blue petals
Image credits: VLukas via Canva

The DIY-ers in the crowd, this gorgeous blue and white Hanukkah wreath is pretty easy to put together. You’ll need a few basic supplies like a wreath form and a variety of ribbons and a Hannukah sign. Then, it’s just tying (and gluing if you’re so inclined). It’s a great evening project for working on while hanging out with the family and chatting or working on during movie night.

DIY Tin Can Luminaries

Tin Can Canned Food
Image credits: claudiodivizia via Canva

I’m all about light and candles and glowing things – so I love the idea of recycling some tin cans into luminaries. This particular tutorial is for other designs, but you can easily adapt it with some Hanukkah designs. Personally, I like doing dots (fine-gauge screwdriver and rubber mallet work perfectly for that!) to create the designs.

DIY Copper Star of David Wreath

Set of copper pipes
Image credits: Lenorlux via Canva

For a unique take on the Star of David wreath concept, check out this DIY tutorial from Brit+Co. The copper pipe and floral embellishments are a beautiful touch for the holiday season for either indoor or outdoor use. Personally, I’m thinking this would be perfect for hanging from the overhang on a porch or patio, letting its beauty twist in the wind.

Dual Door Banners

Aneco 2 Pieces Happy Hanukkah Decorations Banner
Image credits: Aneco via Amazon

If you’re thinking a big welcome to the holiday season at your home is the way to go, consider these dual door banners. “Happy Hanukkah” spread across the two makes your intentions clear while the attractive designs draw the eye. They’re durable and easy to hang and really affordable – an all around win.

Star of David Light String

Rocinha Hanukkah Decorations Star of David Lights String
Image credits: Rocinha via Amazon

Another attractive light string to consider is these simple plastic-covered Star of David lights. They’re attractive and easy to install and offer eight different light modes to match your decorating mood.

DIY Wooden, Floral Star of David Wreath

handmade wooden Star of David
Image credits: Sashul9 via Canva

For those who appreciate rustic, natural beauty, this DIY wooden and floral Star of David wreath is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday and welcome guests into your calming, peaceful environment. You only need a few natural and rustic, easy-to-find supplies (sticks, dried or artificial florals, string) and an hour.

DIY Light Up Star of David Metal and Bead Wreath

Star of David Made from Garland on Wall
Image credits: Olga Yastremska’s Images via Canva

This tutorial leads you through the steps of creating a DIY light up Star of David metal and beaded wreath for your front door, porch overhang, or wherever else you might want to keep it. Follow along, pause between steps, and enjoy the gorgeous results!

Elegant Dreidel Garden Flag

AVOIN Hanukkah Dreidel Star of David Garden Flag
Image credits: AVOIN colorlife via Amazon

In case you hadn’t guessed it, I have a thing for garden flags. This particular elegant dreidel garden flag is a favorite I’ve found for dressing up that outdoor space without a lot of effort. It’s an affordable, attractive, and easy way to give a simple welcoming message without saying a word.

DIY Hanukkah Tree

Happy Hanukkah Christmas tree abstract
Image credits: Hailshadow via Canva

This holiday post doesn’t really share a DIY tutorial exactly, but it offers a beautiful visual for a gorgeous yet simple DIY Hanukkah tree piece you can use anywhere, indoors or outdoors. You’ll just need to find some branches, make or purchase some simple dreidel, Star of David, or similar ornaments, and some kind of stand that will hold your “tree” upright.

Menorah String Lights

Chanukah Decorative String Lights
Image credits: Impress Life Store via Amazon

Strings lights are always a go-to for me, especially when they’ve got a distinct shape to them that helps declare your decorating intent without added touches. That’s why I love the idea of these menorah string lights. They’re simple to string up for your Hanukkah festival on the porch, deck, or patio and run on battery power.

Happy Hanukkah Garden Flag for Cat Lovers

Happy Hanukkah Garden Flag Vertical
Image credits: Ortigia via Amazon

For a super-cute, kitty-friendly Hanukkah piece, this adorable garden flag with two cats watching a flickering menorah is the perfect touch. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the holiday with a little cat lover’s flare.

Trio of Door Banners

Happy Hanukkah Banner Chanukah Decorations
Image credits: chiazllta via Amazon

Another way to welcome the season and your guests is through this trio of Hanukkah door banners. I’m seriously considering these for the hallway in my building. They’re made of high quality cardstock that’s been laminated to keep them lightweight and waterproof so you can use them year after year, if you just store them properly!