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6 Hardy Houseplants That Thrive in Winter

Winter is upon us and with it comes the times when many houseplants go into their dormant state. But when the sunshine is lessened and temperatures drop, which houseplants will survive?

Thankfully, whether you live somewhere with freezing temperatures or chilly snowfalls, there are houseplants that survive in winter! Ones that accept the season’s change by cozying up within your heated house.

Wondering which plants to care for and grow this winter? These six hardy houseplants will thrive in winter!

Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera) in pot on the windowsill
Image credits: Nadezhda Nesterova via Shutterstock

With its bright pinkish-red flowers, Christmas cacti are a perfect way to bring color to your space. All you need to know is how to care for it!

Christmas cacti originate from tropical jungles. Therefore, the warmth of your home is a perfect place for it to grow over winter. For best growth results, place your Christmas cactus in indirect sunlight and give it well-draining soil.

Additionally, when caring for your Christmas cactus, it is a good idea to create some humidity in your home. This will replicate the dense humid airs of the jungles and help your cactus thrive. Create humidity in your home by placing your cactus among other houseplants or using a humidifier. Another option is to set a tray of water next to or beneath your plant.

Pro Tip: The more humidity you provide, the more likely the flowers will remain healthy and blooming. A lack of humidity often results in flowers falling off.

Peace Lily

Air puryfing house plants in home concept.
Image credits: FotoHelin via Shutterstock

Known as one of the easiest houseplants, the peace lily is a wonderful addition to your home in winter.

These beautiful flowering plants do best when receiving indirect sunlight. They do not need to sit directly in front of a window. Instead, they are happy to grace your corners, hallways, and less-lit rooms.

In winter, if they have warmth, indirect sunlight, and moist (not wet) soil, they thrive all season long. Peace lilies do not flower in winter, but their bright waxy green leaves add color and life to a space!


overhead shot of various types of succulents in their own pots
Image credits: Angèle Kamp via Unsplash

Need a plant that is un-phased by the change in temperature? Succulents are the answer! These houseplants are happy to grow and thrive in the warmth of your home. They are hardy plants that prefer dry climates.

Various succulents are readily available to purchase and grow in your home, even in the middle of winter. Some of these succulents include burro’s tail, hens and chicks, haworthias, aloe, jade plant, and more!

Pro Tip: Are you a forgetful gardener? Succulents are the perfect plant for you! These houseplants are highly forgiving if their watering schedule is missed.


Person holding philodendron plant in a white pot
Image credits: feey via Unsplash

The bigger the better! For those who love large and low-maintenance houseplants, the philodendron is a great plant that thrives in winter.

There are various types of philodendrons to choose from. Some varieties include pink princess, split leaf, heartleaf, Xanadu, and more which are happy to live indoors!

During the winter months, place the philodendron plant in an area of your home with sunlight. This spot must not have direct sunlight, as philodendrons do best with indirect light. Many philodendron plant parents suggest an east-facing window.

If you notice your philodendron leaves are going pale or the plant is becoming leggy, sunlight is the issue. These signs are indicating that the plant is not receiving enough light. Move it to a place in your home that offers more sunlight in winter!


Different types of potted herbs
Image credits: Markus Spiske via Unsplash

When it comes to houseplants, herbs are usually not the first plants to come to mind. However, basil, oregano, lavender, mint, cilantro, and many other herbs thrive indoors in winter with enough sunlight and water.

When grown indoors, having your very own herb garden in your kitchen is an excellent addition. It is also one that grows all-year-round, providing you with fresh herbs always! Simply keep your herb containers somewhere sunny. Places include a windowsill, hanging in a window well, or storing them where the sun hits most. 

Fiddle-Leaf Fig

Fiddle-Leaf Fig
Image credits: Anan_R via Shutterstock

Looking for a larger addition to your home? Try a fiddle-leaf fig! An ideal plant for sometimes forgetful plant parents or those heading out on winter vacations!

These tropical plants grow up to roughly two to 10 feet tall indoors and love plenty of sunshine. Find a spot in your home that has lots of bright light, like a south or west-facing window. But remember keep your fiddle leaf fig plant out of the direct rays of the sun. Too much direct sunlight leads to the burning of leaves!

Aside from providing them with a cozy and warm spot in your home, fiddle-leaf fig plants are hardy in winter. Throughout the cold season, when growth is slow, reduce your watering.

Pro Tip: Fiddle-leaf figs love humidity! If you have the option to increase the humidity in the space where your plant lives, go for it! If not, set a bowl of water next to your fiddle-leaf fig plant to add humidity when the sun begins to evaporate the water.

Find Your Winter Plant Babies!

The next time you search for new houseplants, consider adding some of these winter-hardy ones to your shopping cart!

If you want something easy-to-care-for, try succulents or philodendrons! Want a challenge? Try growing plants like herbs or peace lilies which require a bit more attention. Whatever your preference, there are plenty of winter-hardy plants to choose from!

Comment below on your favorite houseplants to keep indoors over the winter season. Which ones do you like to brighten up your space?