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Homemade Grills: Types and What to Consider

Grilling has been around for as long as humans have eaten cooked meat, and the taste of beef, chicken, or another type of meat grilled over coals still makes most people salivate.

Constructing a homemade grill can be as simple or as complex as the builder desires depending on the type of grill he or she wants to make, and the only limits placed on the builder are those of creativity, location, and funds. There are multiple decisions that builders need to make before tackling a grill building project, and there are multiple types of grills that people can construct.

Location of Homemade Grills

Wooden Table with Vegetables in the Backyard
Image credits: pixelshot via Canva

One important factor for which builders need to account is the location of the homemade grill. Homemade charcoal or wood-burning grill is going to involve open flames and should thus be located away from buildings and flammable materials.

Some grill builders like to place their grills in gardens, patios, or other attractive spots where they are likely to enjoy spending time. A permanent location is obviously only necessary for grills that are built to stay in one place permanently, so builders will have to decide on the type of grill they want to build.

Types of Homemade Grills

There are numerous types of homemade grills out there, ranging from simple tin cans to elaborate outdoor kitchen setups. Permanent brick and cinder block grills are unmovable fixtures but may require maintenance due to exposure to the elements, while the portable barrel and tin grills can be stored in an outbuilding or under a tarp on the patio.

People who are going to be grilling large quantities of cuts of meat at one time should consider building a larger homemade grill, while those who will usually only grill a little meat at a time should build a smaller one. Money is also a consideration as more complicated homemade grills can become money pits as well as fire pits.

Small, Portable Homemade Grills

Salmon roasted on a DIY grill
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Builders can construct a small and portable grill out of a terra cotta planter or an empty and cleaned paint can. These homemade grills are small and can be set up on a tabletop, but they are not going to last longer than one or two uses and will have a long cook time. This style of the grill is great for people who want to assemble a simple yet useable grill that does not require too much work or cost but can provide a smoky flavor.

Barrel or Steel Drum Grills

Barrel style barbeque grill smoker closed with chain with cracked thermometer
Image credits: David Tran via Canva

Homemade barrel or steel drum grills are classics because they are relatively simple to make, can offer a large grilling surface, and can be portable. Many people like to turn the barrel on its side because this presents the griller with a larger grilling area, although a person can also make a grill by leaving it upright.

All a grill builder usually needs to complete a barrel grill is a jigsaw, an electric screwdriver, and the hardware necessary for assembly. Grill builders should make sure that the barrels they are using did not once contain harmful materials since using a barrel that once stored toxic materials could prove bad for people’s health.

Big Backyard Barbecues

Brick-built barbecue grill with metal grill
Image credits: Uliana Oliinyk via Canva

Some people want to construct a large, state-of-the-art grill that will be the centerpiece of an entire outdoor kitchen. Well-made and beautifully constructed grills can be centerpieces around which friends and family can gather and enjoy a lazy afternoon. They can also provide you with the rich flavor of the food and have the shortest prep time, even while grilling on medium-high heat.

These large homemade grills can consist of anything from large brick structures to fancy gas grills; builders should try to construct homemade grills that blend in and complement the décor and environment around the grills.

Enjoy Your DIY Grill

Grilling can be fun and relaxing for those who enjoy it, and friends, as well as family members, will enjoy eating food cooked over coals. Cooking favorite food on a homemade grill makes the experience even more satisfying since the builder feels a sense of accomplishment over a job well done; grillers should always build and cook with safety in mind.