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16 Brilliant Hot Tub Bar Ideas for Your Outdoor Spa

If your hot tub doesn’t have a bar yet, you’re missing out!

Hot tubs are the ultimate staycation secret— feel instant resort-worthy relaxation without leaving your home. However, what relaxation time is complete without a drink or two?

Building a bar for your backyard spa helps you unwind while enjoying your favorite drink nearby. Whether your bar is connected to your tub or it’s detached, be careful when curating and selecting its different features. If you don’t want to build it on your own, make sure to check our best spa bar recommendation!

In case you need it, here are 16 hot tub bar ideas that you will fall in love with! It’s time to transform your outdoor living space into a dreamy backyard oasis!

1. Wrap-Around Bar

Wrap-Around Bar
Image Credit: Melvin Green via picspree

One of the best ways to convert your tub into a bar that you, your family, and your friends will all enjoy is by building a counter around it. This gives you ample table space for when you’re in the mood to drink and dine in your tub.

This is great for aboveground or deck spas that don’t have outdoor space for a detached bar and lounge. To maximize this, convert the gap below the table into bar storage. For added privacy, surround your backyard hot tub with plants so you can enjoy natural beauty with your loved ones!

2. Concrete Bar Lounge

Concrete Bar Lounge
Image Credit: Kirt Edblom via Creative Commons

This hot tub bar doubles as a lounge with cushioned seating and table space. It allows more people to enjoy the area and stay comfortable without having to dip into the tub. This is built with brick and concrete and is great for a permanent hot tub panel installation.

It’s a clever way to use the bar, especially if your priority is to make accented seating room for many guests rather than to have some beer or wine in hand as you soak.

3. Covered Tub Deck

Covered Tub Deck
Image Credit: GreenImpress via Creative Commons

This is an above-ground hot tub design surrounded by a deck that makes it look like a built-in. This idea is about creating a set boundary for your hot tub bar that makes the area feel extra-special.

If pergolas are your thing, this kind of structure gives your spa bar an expensive feel and separates it from the yard. For family homes, this is particularly useful in establishing an adults-only space that allows you to dip and drink freely. To make it extra special, add some backyard lighting and colorful plants to imitate the beauty of nature!

4. Hot Tub Shelf

Hot Tub Shelf
Image Credit: Pezibear via Pixabay

If above-ground installations are your thing, this hot tub design has a simple shelf for bar space. This wood shelf is a narrow curved plank fitted perfectly against the tub and attached to the spa shield.

Although it’s a minor addition, it might be exactly what you need, especially if all you’re looking for is an easy, no-fuss place to set your glass down without leaving your hot tub. For added privacy, surround your backyard around an aboveground hot tub with plants and adjustable privacy screens to keep prying eyes out!

5. Gazebo Canopy

Gazebo Canopy
Image Credit: dave_stone via Creative Commons

For an easy hot tub bar enclosure, a clean, worry-free installation of a gazebo-style canopy is a quick fix that protects you, your hot tub, and your bar from the weather.

If you live in an area with lots of bugs, a large canopy with walls made of netting keeps them away from you while still allowing air to circulate. For those in colder cities, denser fabric canopy walls help you insulate the warm air better inside your spa bar area. Depending on the charges for installation, it’s an effective way to get that extra privacy you need when you’re with your loved ones.

This is great, especially for those who don’t want to commit to building a gazebo structure for their hot tub yet!

6. Personal Cabana

Personal Cabana
Image Credit: okchomeseller via Creative Commons

Cabanas are beautiful features typically used to offer shade for pool and beach days, making them an excellent choice for hot tubs. Apart from the benefit of privacy, these give your outdoor spa a luxurious look and are a terrific way to create a shelter.

When you do this, make sure to build a structure that’s large enough to fit your hot tub, your bar, and your guests. To make this idea even better, consider building an outdoor kitchen here to help you refill your drinks and snack on some food without having to stray away from your backyard sanctuary!

7. DIY Detached Outdoor Bar

DIY Detached Outdoor Bar
Image Credit: fydaman via Instructables

Some people prefer to be more involved in creating their bar. If that’s the case for you, this tutorial guides you on how to convert an old hutch into a bar cabinet and counter set for your outdoor shower hot tub.

It requires a lot of basic woodwork that you can learn as you follow along and it leaves you with lots of room to dress it up to your tastes. It’s a simple project that saves you some cash and leaves you with a handmade feature to be proud of!

8. Matched Furnishings

Matched Furnishings
Image Credit: krossbow via Creative Commons

Cohesion is incredibly important in making a space look put together and finished. One of the easiest ways to achieve that is to match your bar table and stool to your hot tub.

Match the material, color, and style of your outdoor furniture to one another, including the bar set and lounge seating to ensure everything ties together nicely. Depending on your backyard design, if you don’t have the time to modify your furnishings to match, you could invest in a pre-made matching set instead.

9. Fence Ledge

Fence Ledge
Image Credit: pasa47 via Creative Commons

If you’ve chosen to install your hot tub along a fence, think about giving it a shelf!

Adding a ledge to your fencing is one of the simplest ways to create a space to set down your drinks and food without having to change anything about the tub itself. It’s a painless project that only needs some wood planks, mounting materials, and woodworking tools to do.

For added privacy, add some native plants and install a rock garden to turn a bland yard into a dreamy backyard retreat!

10. Beer On Tap

Beer On Tap
Image Credit: okchomeseller via Creative Commons

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have beer on tap! This detached bar is a repurposed vintage hutch made from gorgeous wood, helping you store your liquor and other bar equipment in a safe and secure space near your hot tub.

Despite its classic look, this has been modernized to have a lovely beer dispenser beside the sink, making it an essential feature for beer lovers. It’s a little pricey to do but, if you have the means, this makes a huge difference for your hot tub bar and creates a lasting impact.

11. Detached Stone Bar

Detached Stone Bar
Image Credit: larrywkoester via Creative Commons

If you have backyard ponds, this detached stone bar is probably what you need. This bar takes on a traditional approach with a combination of masonry, metal, and wood all going into the finished product. It’s a timeless design that’s built to last and helps your spa bar look expensive and sophisticated.

This also offers you much flexibility in your hot tub layout since it will work amazingly as both an attached and detached bar countertop— either option will help you make beautiful memories.

12. Steel Tabletop

Steel Tabletop
Image Credit: dirtrydr88 via Instructables

This is a steel bar table that you can make by yourself if you have access to the right equipment. It’s incredibly sturdy and built for the outdoors. Depending on your backyard landscaping, creating this can help you customize its design with details that give it a touch of your personality, character, or interests. If you’ve got the chance to do this for your hot tub bar, take it!

13. Polycarbonate Roofing

Polycarbonate Roofing
Image Credit: toddpharistx via Pixabay

Polycarbonate roofing is a popular choice for a backyard patio, porch,  or beautiful wood pergola. These roofs are made to brighten the space with natural light while filtering its intensity, helping you comfortably sit under the warmth of the sun.

These would be a fantastic roofing choice for your hot tub since its long-lasting, durable, and great for the outdoors! You can add decorative elements of your choice and a few plants for additional privacy.

14. Classic Barstools

Classic Barstools
Image Credit: Anshu A via Unsplash

For bar seating, maybe the classic metal and wood bar stools are what you’re looking for. This is a tried-and-tested design known to work wonderfully in most spaces.

If you have a bar that can accommodate seating areas outside of the hot tub, these would be a foolproof choice. They’re also easy to maintain and very reliable outdoors— it’s hard to go wrong with these stools!

15. Bamboo Bar Stools

Bamboo Bar Stools
Image Credit: hueriversideresort via Creative Commons

If you’re looking for seats that are a little more unique, bar stools made out of bamboo wood flawlessly fit into outdoor entertaining areas.

Most wood furniture, not just those made of bamboo, can seamlessly incorporate nature into your spa bar design and refine its look. While bamboo bar stools have a boho-chic appeal, other wood materials can be arranged to match other design styles. To make it more inviting, cushions could help!

16. Comfy Hot Tub Chairs

Comfy Hot Tub Chairs
Image Credit: Dimhou via Pixabay

Perhaps you’re attracted to a swankier style. For your bonus seating space, consider using outdoor-friendly white chair or stool designs.

These seats are always surprising to see outdoors but they bring an unmatched polished look that always guarantees an impression. Just make sure to keep them safe and neat under a modern pergola with a solid pergola roof by your hot tub bar so that even when you’re not soaking in the spa, you can still benefit from this space.

In Summary

It doesn’t take a genius to know that a bar addition will make your hot tub a million times better— who doesn’t want to dip and drink in an outdoor spa?

However, designing and completing your bar setup is slightly more complicated with all the features you need to consider. Luckily, you have these 16 hot tub bar ideas to help you form a clearer picture of what you want your bar to look like from every angle, from the bottom of bar seating up to the tip of your preferred enclosure.

No matter what style you want, there’s something out there for you that’ll help you create your perfect hot tub bar!