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65 Epic Hot Tub Deck Plans

Owning a hot tub is a dream come true for most. Building a hot tub deck, however, is more like a nightmare come true. You just know just a project is going to involve a lot of work and knowledge that you momentarily don’t own. But what if I told you that with the right plan at hand, pretty much anyone who can hold a hammer can actually create a hot tub deck from scratch.

Today we have a very special list in store for you, and contrary to what some of you may think, this isn’t a project for carpenters. It’s a project that any homeowners with a little ambition and some spare time can see through, so let’s examine some really awesome plans for building your very own hot tub deck.

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Deck Designs with Hot Tub and Pergola

Perfect Home-Retreat

Hot Tub Pergola Decks at the backyard
Image Source: www.pergolagazebos.com

Every element in this image is perfectly aligned to create a home-retreat for ages. The hot tub has its own special place, accompanied by a wooden bar for beverage enjoyment. Then, there’s a fire pit to gather the family around for marshmallows and great stories.

Cover Valet SSURC Spa Side Umbrella, Creme

Cover Valet SSURC Spa Side Umbrella, Creme isolated in white background

Not really sure that you want to build a pergola or a roof over your hot tub, but still want a solution that will shade you from the sun? How about this giant umbrella that can spin at a 360 degree angle and is operated by a crank for opening and closing it? Oh, did I mention the angle tilt is adjustable?

Get It here


Elevated Hot Tub Deck with Pergola

Elevated Hot Tub Deck with Pergola
Image Source: www.pergolagazebos.com

Another fine example of how wood makes everything look better. What would otherwise be just an ordinary above-the-ground hot tub is now transformed into a chill lounge with a bar that allows you sip your favorite cocktails whether you’re in or out of the water.

Sunset Boulevard Pergola with Bar

Sunset Boulevard Pergola with Bar - 11feet x 9feet - people enjoying the drinks, the pergola and the sunset

If nothing of whatever we’ve shown you up to this point convinced you that you have what it takes to make your own hot tub deck, what if we told you it’s possible to buy pre-cut and pre-drilled components, and all you have to do is put them together?

Get It Here


Details that Match

Hot Tub Perola Deck with matching details in grey theme
Image Source: www.pergolagazebos.com

I love how the ones who built this outdoor setup were careful to match the fine details in a sense of unity that brings the entire backyard together. For instance, have you noticed how the bottom end of the pergola’s legs matches the brick wall in the far end of the image?

Simple, Yet Effective

a simple hot tub pergola deck, yet effective
Image Source: www.pergolagazebos.com

Less is more, which means that simplicity is often a wonderful alternative to building fancy desks and adorning them with decorative items. In this example, you see a simple hot tub with a deck and a pergola built around it. The planters give it a nice sense of coziness.

Hot Tub Image under a Pergola

a hot tub with pergola at the backyard
Image Source: www.flickr.com

Don’t have that much outdoor space to create fancy decks with room for dozens of activities? Then just build a wooden pavilion on top of your hot tub and you’re good to go. Plus, the rustic sense of wood and the fine details match plenty of yard decors.

Walkout Deck with Jacuzzi and Pergola

Walkout deck with jacuzzi and pergola. Patio area with barbecue

If I had a free Sunday afternoon and wanted to turn off my phone and find a place to relax, away from noise and other people, this is exactly the type of spot I would choose. There’s a little bit of everything here: water, nature, a BBQ grill, and a pergola to keep shaded from the ruthless run.

Pergola-Covered Jacuzzi, Part 1

Pergola-Covered Jacuzzi, Part 1 - jacuzzi at the beach

This pergola-covered hot tub looks like something out of a Sims game, where you have unlimited money and can build pretty much anything you want. The details of the wooden works are just perfect, not to mention the honeymoon background that makes you want to go on an eternal vacation on the beach.

Pergola-Covered Jacuzzi, Part 2

Pergola-Covered Jacuzzi, Part 2 - a side view shot of jacuzzi in the beach

You know the one thing that’s missing from this picture? Me! Forget about the view: look at how well the deck is built in order to have a special corner designed for the hot tub, while keeping the lounging space far enough to be sheltered from any hot tub water splatters.

Creative Hot Tubs Deck Plans

Platform Hot Tub

This design features a recessed hot tub which rests on a platform designed to support the increased loading.
Check out this designed plan at: www.decks.com

There are plenty of benefits to building a sunken tub or spa which rests on a platform, aside from the obvious elegance factor: It separates the deck area from the rest of the yard, it can prevent debris from easily getting into the water, and it grants easier access to the bottom side of the deck, should there be any problems.

Well-Divided Hot Tub Platform

This deck design creatively combines several unique deck features to satisfy a variety of uses in a relatively small space.
Check out this designed plan at: www.decks.com

We’ve added this plan because it combines several unique deck features to satisfy a variety of uses in a relatively small space. As you can see, the construction allows homeowners to create a very well-divided recreational space, with enough room for patio furniture.

DIY Hot Tub Spa Deck Platform: Cheap with Pallets

Because we are huge fans of DIY projects, we’ve discovered that you can actually create a deck platform by using wooden pallets. This will help repurpose pallets which you can sometimes get for free at local stores that would otherwise throw them away. Even if you’re charged for them, the price is still very low compared to other wood-buying alternatives.

Hot Tub Deck Integration

hot tub deck contruction at the backyard
Check out this designed plan at: www.deckmagazine.com

Did you know that you can upgrade your recreational space by adding a hot tub to a deck project? You will have to pay close attention to structural details in order to make that happen, but this tutorial will show that the steps really aren’t that complicated for those will patience and will power.

Hot Tub Deck & Planters

This 2 level deck features a recessed hot tub surrounded by decorative built in planter boxes that offer ambiance and privacy.
Check out the designed plan at: www.decks.com

Having a recessed tub or spa surrounded by decorative built in planter boxes isn’t that complicated to achieve. The plan you see here is basically similar to the one listed earlier, only this time you have a more nature-oriented ambiance, as you surround the hot tub with greens, for a more authentic view.

Medium Elevation 3-Level Deck Plan with Hot Tub Area

This 3 level deck features a 10' x 6' top deck that provides access to the house and is set in the center of the design.
Check out this designed plan at: www.decks.com

This has to be one of my favorite projects in the list, because it allows you to divide the space in such a way as to enjoy every square inch of it. Aside from the area designed for the tub or spa, you also have a space for your BBQ, and a small lounge where you can eat, enjoy meals, or just play some old-fashioned Rummy. Two tier or three tiered ideas like this open up a lot of possibilities.

Custom Fiberglass Hot Tub

Who knew that you could make a custom fiberglass hot tub without being an expert in the field? This project is extremely appealing because it shows you how to make a hot tub from scratch, and one that you can build a wooden deck around if that’s what you fancy.

Hot Tub Deck with Lounge & BBQ

Hot Tub Deck Plan #1 isolated in white background
Check out this designed plan at: raymerandsonexteriors.com

Similar to another example we showed you earlier, this is a project that integrates an above-the-ground tub or spa into a deck plan that has space for everything. If you already own a generous deck, you can consider buying an inflatable hot tub for a minimal investment.

High Elevation Bi-Level Deck Plan with Recessed Hot Tub

This deck design features a 18' x 14' primary deck attached to the house which steps down to an exaggerated landing.
Check out this designed plan at: www.decks.com

Fancy a hot tub deck with multiple levels? Then here’s a project that will teach you how to make it happen. It features a primary deck attached to your home, with a flight of stairs going downwards towards the tub’s deck. The deck features a double access so that you can reach it with ease regardless of your position.

Hot Tub Deck Integration

This little project here shows you how you can integrate a tub or spa into an existing deck. The removable panels grant access to the bottom sides of the tub, while the slight elevation protects the water inside, something that you might not get with a hot tub that’s leveled with the deck.

Generous Spa-Like Area

Hot Tub Deck Plan #6 isolated in white background
Check out this designed plan at: raymerandsonexteriors.com

If you have a spacious deck, here is an idea on how to place your hot tub so that you’ll have plenty of room for other activates as well. You can create a lounge area where you can bask in the sun or just lie carelessly in the hot tub, while also having room for children to play around.

Hexagonal Hot Tub Build Full Build

With this time lapse project, you can see how to build a hexagonal tub in just five minutes. However, the project doesn’t lack complexity, and the end result is a sight for sore eyes!

Open-Space Hot Tub Deck

Hot Tub Deck Plan #7 isolated in white background
Check out this designed plan at: raymerandsonexteriors.com

When there’s plenty of space in your yard, you can afford to build a deck that’s large such as the one in this image. The hot tub is integrated into the deck, while the space surrounding it is generous to allow plenty of other family activities for those who don’t feel like lying in the spa.

Above-the-Ground Hot Tub with Surrounding Deck

Hot Tub Deck Plan #8 isolated in white background
Check out this designed plan at: raymerandsonexteriors.com

If you don’t want your tub or spa to be inserted into the panels of the deck itself, you can always opt for an above-the-ground spa. In this project, the surrounding space allows placement of a few lounge chairs, but also double deck access on opposite parts.

Hot Tub Deck Ideas

Deck and Hot Tub Project

We love this project because of its simplicity and elegance. It shows you how to create a basic deck with a flight of stairs, and then an appendix that will serve as the actual tub or spa deck itself. It’s a project suitable for those who want an above-the-ground hot tub, which basically means that the work put in is just simple carpentry.

Hot Tub Deck with a View

Cozy covered deck with jacuzzi and chairs. Deck has a beautiful nature view

We can show you how to build a tub or spa deck, but we can’t give you the dream scenery in the picture. So, if you’re lucky enough to live in a place with a view, you too can end up enjoying a cozy deck with jacuzzi overlooking scenic nature. Oh, those colors are absolutely dreamy!

Scenic Deck with Hot Tub

South Beach, Florida, View, Scenic, Ocean, Vacation

We know we’re just rubbing it in with these images, but who wouldn’t love to be able to come home to that? Aside from the dreamy Greek Islands-like scenery, here is how you can integrate a small hot tub into a deck that doesn’t provide too much space.

Hot Tub on a Wooden Deck

outdoor hot tub with leather cover deck setup on the backyard
Image Source: www.flickr.com

Simple, yet very effective: that’s the best way to describe this project. If you already have a wooden deck that supports a tub, your work is cut out for you. If not, all it takes is learning how to make a basic deck and then place a hot tub on top of it.

Relaxing Hot Tub Deck Surrounded by Trees

Relaxing Hot Tub Deck Surrounded by Trees
Image Source: www.flickr.com

There’s something about hot tub and natural sceneries that induces a state of daydreaming. It’s like technology meets nature to provide the ultimate comfort for someone who wants to breathe in fresh air, while enjoying the perks of a nice hot tub massage.

Hot Tub in the Middle of Nature

Hot Tub in the Middle of Nature in a sunny day
Image Source: www.flickr.com

We bring you yet another example of a hot tub deck that allows you to enjoy a breathtaking view. With plenty of beautiful details, this hot tub features a retractable cover, while the deck is surrounded by wooden railing to create a sense of protection as you breathe in the fresh air.

Simple Hot Tub Deck Layout

close-up view of the hot tub area of the deck. Two custom benches were also built to meet the customers needs
Image Source: www.flickr.com

In the spirit of learning how to make them best out of an existing deck, here is how you can integrate a hot tub in one of its corners, to maximize movement space while creating a corner suitable for relaxation.

Organized Hot Tub Deck

an Organized Hot Tub Deck at the backyard with table, chairs, umbrella in a nice shed
Image Source: www.flickr.com

The contrast created between the cherry wood boards and the green background was too good to leave out of this list. We love how nature’s colors blend with the chromatic of this wooden deck, and the tub or spa placed in the corner is a swell idea because it doesn’t take up too much deck room.

Winter Hot Tub

Nice wooden hot tub covered with snow, winter background, northern california

What could be better than staring at snow’s perfect white, and feeling the frozen outside temperatures while your body is sunk in hot water? While your lungs are taking in winter’s fresh air, your muscles are relaxed in an ideal temperature setting, and we just love everything about the idea.

Hot Tub Jacuzzi

Beautiful wooden hot tub jacuzzi outdoors on deck

The simple rustic setup of this tub goes to show you that relaxation can be integrated into just about any imaginable lifestyle. This wooden hot tub is placed on the corner of a deck, and you can almost touch the grass in a blissful moment of calm and rest.

Balcony Hot Tub

Lovely covered and furnished balcony including a hot tub.

When you place your tub in a covered space, it gives you more freedom over when you can actually use it. This lovely covered and furnished balcony would almost feel incomplete without a hot tub that truly allows you to make the best out of this space, and perhaps enjoy drops of cold rain while you’re sitting in hot water.

Hot Tub Jacuzzi, Part 2

Beautiful wooden hot tub jacuzzi outdoors on deck

What do you get when you mix dream scenery with a hot tub deck? Endless hours of enjoying the simple life. Opting for a wooden hot tub is the perfect idea when you want to setup a romantic relaxation spot in a country-style setup.

Private Hot Tub Deck

Fenced backyard area with hot tub and wooden walkout deck

Privacy lovers can feast their eyes on this fenced backyard area with hot tub and walkout deck that creates the perfect little hideaway from curious eyes. It allows you to disconnect from the rest of the world, while enjoying your own sweet backyard.

Wooden Hot Tub

Wooden hot tub outdoor in a green field

I know, it’s almost not fair us picking these amazing images, with stunning background landscapes that make you want to sell the house and move to the countryside. But if you do that, make sure you get yourself a wooden hot tub and a matching deck!

Croatian Hot Tub Deck

Wooden deck chair near pool in olive yard near luxury apartments on island Brac in Croatia

A hot tub? On a wooden deck? Near an olive yard? In Croatia? Yes, to everything, please. Grab your wooden deck chair and enjoy the view with this hexagonal hot tub image that comes from Brac, Croatia. It just goes to show you Europe isn’t all about old buildings.

Perfect Sunday Afternoon

Wooden walkout deck with hot tub and barbecue. Beige house exterior in Tacoma. Northwest, USA

Check out this wooden walkout deck with tub or spa and barbecue to draw inspiration for your upcoming project. As you can see, there’s plenty of space to add a couple of chairs and a table, so the entire family can gather round and enjoy a juicy steak.

Luxurious Setup

Luxury house exterior with impressive backyard design, patio and sitting area and hot tub.

This luxury house exterior with impressive backyard design, patio area and hot tub is everything we wanted, and more. Notice how every bit of free space was taken by lounging chairs and outdoor decorative elements, so that people can enjoy a series of other activities when they’re not soaking in the tub.

Small Wooden Walkout Deck with Hot Tub

Wooden walkout deck with hot tub. House exterior in Tacoma. Northwest, USA

Here is one more example that you can turn even crammed up backyard spaces into cozy corners that are capable of hosting a tub or spa on a wooden deck. While the surrounding space isn’t as generous as in the other examples, you can still enjoy a bubble massage in your own backyard.

DIY Outdoor Spa Hot Tub Jacuzzi Paver Patio Project

Here is a more budget friendly option that teaches you how to repurpose your patio and turn it into a cozy spot for a hot tub. The entire setup is perfectly romantic, really easy to see through, and helps you save money by repurposing wood and buying an inflatable hot tub instead of building one from scratch.

Hot Tub Deck on Cruise Ship

Three hot tub on the deck of a cruise in a sunny day

I honestly don’t know what’s more hypnotizing about this scenario: the fact that you’re sitting in a tub or spa, the fact that you get to enjoy a view of the ocean, or the fact that you’re on a cruise ship.

Hot Tub at Dusk

Awesome water view with hot tub at dusk in summer evening. House exterior.

Make no mistake: you’re not the only one looking at this image wishing you were in that tub or spa. There’s something about hot tubs and beautiful landscapes that makes me want to turn off my computer and buy a plane ticket. Am I the only one?

That Balcony Again

Lovely covered and furnished balcony including a hot tub.

Yeah, I know I’ve shown you this setup before, but you just had to see it from another angle. Just look at that wide balcony space that would absolutely go to waste if it weren’t for that hot tub. It’s just wise usage of extra outdoor space.

Build Your Own Spa

And now for an episode of “Build your own spa Robinson style”. This project will show you how you can create build your own spa from the ground up, using solid and quality materials that will eventually lead to an amazing end result.

Wooden Hot Tub Close-up

Close-up of wooden hot tub. Luxury house exterior. Blue sky background. Northwest, USA

Sliding once again into the luxurious side of things, we bring you this close-up of a wooden tub or spa, packed with all the works. It might seem like the tub is jammed into a corner of the deck, but the astonishing view makes up for pretty much every other arrangement.

Japanese Open Air Hot Spa Onsen with View of the Mountain Fuji

Japanese open air hot spa onsen with view of the mountain Fuji

I love every word in the title of this image. It’s not just that Japan has views that you’ll remember for a lifetime, but it’s also about the fact that when it comes to spoiling their tourists, they manage to offer a unique experience. And this sweet relaxation spot is proof of that.

Folding Deck

If the title of this hot tub deck plan seemed confusing at first, the video will shed light on the situation. It’s basically a wooden deck that retracts in order to expose the in-ground hot tub. The folding deck is basically the protective cover of your hot tub, which is perfectly concealed under clean planks.

Greek Swimming Pool with Jacuzzi

The sea view swimming pool with jacuzzi, Santorini island, Greece

It’s torture for me to sit behind a desk while looking at images straight from the romantic island of Santorini, Greece. Known for its blue and white building that might seem simplistic, this sea view which can be enjoyed from a Jacuzzi is straight out of a holiday magazine.

Beautiful Terrace with Jacuzzi

beautiful terrace of penthouse with jacuzzi

Hear me out: if you can’t place your hot tub on a covered deck, like a balcony of sorts, you can always improvise some shade so that you won’t get a nasty sunburn or have disturbing sun in your eyes. Check out this image to see how simple it is to make your own shady spot above the hot tub.

More Balcony Hot Tub Ideas

Large long balcony home exterior with hot tub and chairs, lake view.

Witness this large long balcony home exterior with hot tub and chairs or, as I like to call it, “putting patio space to good use”. The in-ground hot tub uses a cover that matches the hue of the rest of the décor, while the chairs are placed neatly so that you can enjoy the view.

Composite Deck with Motorized Pool Sliding Cover

On today’s episode of “hidden hot tubs”, we bring you this 100 percent concealed tub that’s hiding underneath a pool sliding cover. Powered by a motor, the cover of the hot tub retracts in seconds, which gives you the freedom of using the extra space that would normally be occupied by a tub that’s not in use.

Whirlpool on the Deck

Whirlpool jacuzzi with wooden steps and pool on the deck of a cruise ship. Selective focus on steps

The visual effects of this particular hot tub are to die for. The curved stairs that lead to the hot tub create an optical illusion, while blending in perfectly with the round shape of the tub. Even if this is a cruise hot tub, there’s nothing stopping you from making one in your own backyard.

Outdoor Hot Tub in the Backyard

Outdoor hot tub in the back yard with natural stone landscaping and green lawn.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say that some pretty cool-looking outdoor furniture. The finish on that hot tub is mind-blowing, and when the cover is on, you could easily mistake it for a fancy wooden pedestal. Don’t you just love these fine details?

Close-up of Hot Tub, Part 2

Close-up of hot tub. Luxury house exterior. Blue sky background. Northwest, USA

This is the same hot tub we presented a while back, when we were talking about luxury and jammed spaces. I included this image to show you that the positioning of a hot tub on a deck isn’t that important, as long as it grants access to views like this one over here.

Marine-Style Jacuzzi

Large marine style home with two level deck with Jacuzzi on first floor

So, we have a marine-themed setup and the perfect hot tub to blend into the scenery. The optical illusion created by the design of this hot tub’s edges kind of makes you want to go on a snorkeling adventure in Punta Cana. However, I’d still be happy with a hot tub like this.

Cumaru Hardwood Decking Project Around a Jacuzzi

Women’s curves are the only sexy thing: how about this curved swimming pool that’s the starting point for a hardwood deck, creating the ideal spot for placing a jacuzzi? It’s basically a project that shows a deck built to make it easier to move on from active swimming to passive jacuzzi enjoyment.

View of a Jungle Lodge, Guatemala

View of a jungle lodge, Guatemala

Straight for the heart of Central America, we bring you the view of a jungle lodge in the exotic, but indigenous country of Guatemala. With a very rich culture, but often avoided by tourists, Guatemala brings a daunting experience to those who visit it. However, here’s a cool image of a Guatemalan hot tub on a deck.

Two-Level Backyard Deck

Two level backyard deck with jacuzzi on the first floor and patio area on the second one. Impressive landscape design.

This two level backyard deck with jacuzzi on the first floor and patio area on the second one is the perfect example of how you can organize little outdoor space to its maximum capacity. If you can’t build horizontally, don’t be afraid to build vertically. Warning: permits may be required.

Luxury House with Jacuzzi

Large walkout deck with brick columns and jacuzzi.

I keep telling myself that I won’t rub it in with more luxury home hot tub setups, but I just can’t help daydreaming. Check out this gorgeous in-ground jacuzzi resting underneath a cover and nearby a fancy brick wall. It’s a “rustic meets opulence” kind of thing.

Walkout Deck with Jacuzzi and Vibrant Color Flowers

Walkout deck with jacuzzi overlooking scenic nature view

Well, that does it! If there’s one thing that I love more than an ocean view seen from a hot tub, it’s a nature view seen from a hot tub. And to add even more vibrancy to the image, you have these potted flowers that spark color into one of the happiest outdoor setups you’ll ever see.

Deck Designs with Hot Tub and Fire Pit

Open-Space Home Exterior

Wooden home exterior with spacious back patio, fire pit, hot tub and barbecue.

This image has all the elements needed to turn your backyard into the perfect place for relaxation and family gatherings. The open space drops the rules of confinement, giving kids plenty of room to play around without being obstructed by railings and fences. The fire pit and hot tub pretty much seem like bonuses at this point.

Deck with Firepit and Hot Tub

Deck with Firepit and Hot Tub
Image Source: www.calredwood.org

When you have generous outdoor space to work with, you can build miracles like this one right here. The deck is neatly separated into several areas of interest, and it’s basically a backyard that I’d never want to leave. Cheapest. Vacation. Ever.


Now that we’ve gone through these hot tub deck plans and pictures what it would be like to soak our bodies in bubbly water, I’d strongly suggest getting to work and build one for yourself. These ideas would even work for an above ground pool!

With 65 sources of inspiration, I hope you found the motivation to turn whatever space you have in your backyard in a spot where you gladly return to over and over again. Would you be willing to make your own hot tub deck?

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