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35 Awesome Hot Tub Enclosure Ideas

Is there anything more relaxing than enjoying a long soak in a hot tub at the end of a long day? Strained, stressed muscles begin to loosen, and tension begins to melt away after only a few minutes. Hot tubs are that one luxury many people love to leave available year-round but are unfortunately often restricted by outside seasonal weather changes. 

There are a few steps you can take, however, to help make that dream a reality. These hot tub gazebo and easy hot tub enclosure ideas provide more than enough fodder to get your design ideas flowing!

Pros and Cons of Enclosing Your Hot Tub

Before you make any permanent plans, be sure to weigh both pros and cons of your decision to enclose your hot tub. To start, hot tubs need to be regularly serviced and ensure there is enough room available for regular maintenance, or if any future part replacement is available.

If you enclose your hot tub, you also may interrupt your opportunity to lay back and gaze up at the stars, but depending on where you live, you may be providing much more privacy to better enjoy all the perks a hot tub has. 

If protected, a hot tub can also last much longer than if left exposed to the elements. Plus, you may get more seasonal use out of it since you won’t have to worry about shoveling off the snow before using or clearing a pathway to enjoy. Enclosures also help stave off those pesky nighttime insects that like to ruin your evening experiences.

Outdoor Design

Woman in whirlpool hot tub
Image credits: piola666 via Canva

This seasonal, airy design provides relief from the sunniest of days while providing you with an uninterrupted view of the surrounding gardens. Your decision to research hot tub surrounding ideas should include temporary seasonal options to provide for the needs you are searching for.

Privacy Screen

Woman relaxes alone in an indoor hot tub
Image credits: Radekk via Canva

This airy enclosure provides both privacy and a degree of protection from the elements and allows this hot tub easy accessibility all year round. Pergola-like roofs and lattice sidewalls allow for comforting breezes but still protect you from everything but the worst of what Mother Nature can bring.

Avoid the Elements

Hot Tub in American Residence
Image credits: lillisphotography via Canva

Perfect for protection from seasonal precipitation and gusty winds, this semi-permanent enclosure also boasts a skylight to allow you a view of the night sky year-round. Concrete patio slabs also provide a perfect foundation for your cover to rest upon to help you get to and from the house.

Sun Shade

Outdoor hot tub
Image credits: Sisoje via Canva

Although this design mostly allows for an open hot tub exposure, the pergola design keeps off the worst of the sunshine. It also helps infringe lighter forms of precipitation- making your hot tub experience that much more enjoyable all year round.

Seasonal Solarium

hot tub and sea view
Image credits: uchar via Canva

Designs such as this make it easy to assemble, take down, and move as your needs dictate. It also is sturdy enough to last through seasonal weather changes while still providing you with an enjoyable outdoor experience.

Simple Touches

Outdoor hot tub
Image credits: Sisoje via Canva

Your outdoor living areas truly should extend the personal touches you lend to your indoor decor. This open pergola helps keep the worst of the leaves and other vegetation out of the water, plus it provides the perfect amount of shade without completely interrupting your view of the sky.

Wishing Well

Hot Tub Heaven (XXL)
Image credits: wbritten via Canva

Influenced by the open style of protection given to water wells, this roofed cover allows for a view of the landscape, all while keeping you protected from the elements above. This style also provides opportunities for further enclosure as the weather changes. 

Private Escape

View of Hot tub in a house
Image credits: frederic prochasson via Canva

Relaxing in your tub is hardly the experience you want to share with your fellow neighbors. Enclosures and coverings provide you with the framework to include as much, or little, of the materials needed to enjoy your hot tub in solitude.

Summer Solstice

Covered hot tub in a garden
Image credits: richterfoto via Canva

Hot tubs are great for year-round use, but each season brings its challenges. Sunny days can make the warmth of a hot tub feel a bit too much, not to mention the sunburns it can bring. Keeping your tub covered will allow your to enjoy it without getting uncomfortable and help keep out any leaves or other vegetation from surrounding trees.

Beachside Retreat

Jacuzzi Overlooking the Seascape
Image credits: FeelThaOceanBreeze via Canva

Beachside pools and hot tubs are the perfect places to lounge during the heat of the afternoon. Take your coverings to a whole new level and stick to a theme that inspires an escape you look forward to.

Living Spaces

Swimming Pool and hot tub
Image credits: Marje via Canva

Having a hot tub doesn’t have to mean trying to find a spot where it won’t look out of place. Why enclose only a hot tub when you can extend this to include a place to relax and enjoy year-round? This walkup outdoor living area provides year-round lounging and entertainment.


Hot Tub Heaven
Image credits: wbritten via Canva

Decks are a great addition to most homes to extend your living spaces, provide a place to entertain and allow you to better enjoy your outdoor space. They don’t have to be a flat, wooden surface, however- instead, incorporate ways to truly enjoy the outdoor with only a few steps out your back door.

Rustic Overlook

Hot Tub in the Woods (XXL)
Image credits: wbritten via Canva

Sometimes your locale may impede the use of a hot tub during certain seasons, but any sort of enclosure can help you get the most of a relaxing atmosphere. Structures that incorporate seasonal screens for walls and roofing styles allow you to make the most of all seasons to personalize your hot tubbing experiences.

All in the Details

Bathroom hot tub
Image credits: dogayusufdokdok via Canva

Pergolas are a popular deck and patio covering overall things outdoor. They are decorative in and of themselves but are also easy to add personal touches. During your warmer months, provide a hint of privacy by providing sheer curtains that you can drop or hang where needed.


Hot Tub
Image credits: Sisoje via Canva

Sometimes you only need a little bit of protection, either from the closeness of neighbors or from directional weather. When that’s the case, taking advantage of one of the many hot tub pergola ideas that exist may be exactly what you need.

Countryside Charm

Building a Rock Encased Spa and Hot Tub
Image credits: makasanaphoto via Canva

Charming rock fence lines dot many countryside fields, leftover from an era when prefabricated materials were unavailable. Why not take advantage of the rustic appeal natural materials lend to your landscape and use the many hues, shapes, and textures to create your backyard oasis.

Pure Aesthetics

Backyard Hot tub
Image credits: Sisoje via Canva

The height of enclosures creates a sense of decadent design, such as in this hot tub that takes on a romantic, private feel with just a few potted plants and oversized pillars.

Temporary Design

Exterior topical villa
Image credits: velvetocean via Canva

Hot tub gazebo ideas take on a whole new genre with the many temporary enclosures available for your use. This particular design anchors firmly to any surface you place it upon and provides you with enclosure options.

Casting Shadows

Professional Hot Tub Technician inside Spa Shelter Gazebos
Image credits: welcomia via Canva

One of the main reasons pergola designs are so popular without door entertainment areas is due to how well it blends into a landscape without completely covering up the space beneath with dark shadows. The construction allows for plenty of natural lighting to come through with an acceptable degree of cool shade for all-day enjoyment.

Paneled Protection

Pergola Hot Tub
Image credits: All Oregon Landscaping, Inc. via Canva

Polycarbonate panels are the perfect solution for a pergola, or other outdoor enclosure, roofing, and wall materials. Often used for greenhouses, they are sturdy to work with and durable through the seasonal changes.

Mediterranean Influences

Hot Tub Columns
Image credits: heather0714 via CreativeCommons

Larger-than-life columns, wide boards, and white-painted structures stand out against blue skies and any water features used within your landscaping. Very Mediterranean in style long crisp clean lines help draw your eye towards these features and provide an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

Inviting Atmosphere

Hot Tub People
Image credits: lynnsta via CreativeCommons

PreFab gazebo creations can include opportunities to customize your own enclosure experiences. Lighting for ambiance, projectors for outdoor movie watching, and adjustable privacy screens are all available for your wholly unique hot-tubbing adventure.

 Close Quarters

Hot tub
Image credits: RapidEye via Canva

Your choice of outdoor enclosures can provide the privacy you crave when living in an urban setting. Placing hot tubs near privacy walls and providing a cover keeps prying eyes at bay. Plus, it allows a degree of protection from the outdoor elements.

Oversized Living

Hot Tub Party at Sunset in California Backyard
Image credits: halbergman via Canva

Everyone is familiar with the term, ‘go big or go home, and this oversized outdoor patio space embraces the idea with places to lounge or soak while whiling away the hours watching a big screen, outdoor tv.

Greek Inspired

bubbling hot tub
Image credits: khananastasia via Canva

Tall columns and long create detail to highlight the surrounding courtyard vista. The rich reds and browns of the tiles roofs, and wooden beams stand out against the lighter architectural design.

Hot Tub Grotto

luxurious hot tub
Image credits: ardaayderman via Canva

Completely enclosed in a walk-in basement, this winter hot tub enclosure is a privacy lover’s dream. Complete with a domed skylight, you can lay back at night and enjoy the night sky, all while enjoying a protected outdoor space.

Indoor Details

hot tub
Image credits: ozgurcankaya via Canva

Some climates just don’t support an outdoor hot tub plan, but don’t despair! Designating a sunroom, enclosed porch, or other indoor space for hot tub enjoyment is more than possible it opens up many new decorating ideas you can apply to your sense of style.

Living Proof

Hot Tub Trees
Image credits: junctionimage via CreativeCommons

Why more people do not consider this very obvious idea often is beyond me, but placing any sort of structure over your hot tub provides the perfect support for any type of climbing vegetation. Enjoy a hot soak surrounded by the rich, calming greens of your favorite vegetation, and the heady scents of blooming flowers.

Dual Purposes

hot tub
Image credits: Zocha_K via Canva

This gazebo has built-in bar seating so you can take your pick of where you would like to enjoy your favorite adult beverage. Making your hot tub a centralized part of your outdoor entertainment space keeps it from becoming placed someplace awkward or considered an eyesore.

Water Features

Oval hot tub spa with waterfall
Image credits: LagunaticPhoto via Canva

Why not incorporate your hot tub into your landscaping water feature to ensure it is enjoyed by all who visit. Create a dual-purpose sanctuary that provides a peaceful fall of water with an area to soak, all protected within the privacy of your garden.

Hot Tub Entertainment

Hot Tub and Amazing Backyard
Image credits: chuckcollier via Canva

Chat the evening away on this deck that is all set for all-day entertainment. A protective enclosure can be paired with anything you like, such as bar seating or relaxing outdoor sofas. Add whatever you are pleased to create the perfect environment for all kinds of social interactions.

Luxury Roof

Luxury house with jacuzzi
Image credits: irina88w via Canva

If you don’t mind spending some more money, you can build this incredibly-looking roof above your hot tub. You can attach some heaters to increase the temperature during cold months. Try to add at least one window above your hot tub to have a nice view of the sky.

Surround Your Tub With Wooden Panels

Mature couple in hot tub
Image credits: tirc83 via Canva

This idea will provide you with total privacy, and it can be applied even in the smallest areas. Just surround your tub with a wooden hot tub enclosure, and enjoy your freedom, without being observed by your neighbors.

Steel Tile Roof

steel tile hot tub
Image credits: artfulblogger via CreativeCommons

If you want to fully enclose the roof of your pergola, we also recommend using steel tiles. The biggest advantage of this solution is that they are cheap and easy to install. They will protect you and your tub from rain and elements all year long.

Place It In The Atrium

Atrium Hot Tub
Image credits: Chris D 2006 via CreativeCommons

Placing the hot tub in your atrium, assuming you have one, is a great solution to be protected while still feeling like you are outside. Keep the roof of the atrium open to get as much fresh air as possible during sunny days, as well as balcony doors.


If you’ve been holding out on adding a hot tub to your decor because you can’t make up your mind whether to enclose it or not, hopefully, this list has provided you with some food for thought. Enclosing your hot tub doesn’t have to be a drastic experience that voids your enjoyment of the surroundings.

There are many options available to you for a hint at privacy, as well as ways to incorporate your soaking experience into a social event.

Let us know which idea you like the most, and, as always, please share!