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29 Amazing Hot Tub Gift Ideas

Hot tubs are a popular in-home and backyard addition. They are convenient, easy to maintain, and generally affordable- making them a fun addition for many homeowners.  If you own a hot tub, or know people who do then this article is for you.

Struggling to find gifts for friends and families that are appreciated, won’t go to waste and provide useful products is a common occurrence. Sometimes it is hard to think outside the box for a genuine gift giving experience, so we’ve compiled some common hot tub accessories, as well as unique options, for consideration. These hot tub gift ideas are perfect for all hot tub owners!

Simple Steps

Hot Tub Works Universal Round or Square Spa Step isolated in white background

Getting in and out of the tub doesn’t have to be a challenge. Above ground tubs don’t come with built in steps but they are incredibly convenient for everyone who needs in and out of the water. Avoid leg strain and provide easy access with simple steps.

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Storage Solutions

Hot Tub Works Rectangular Step 'n Stow isolated in white background

Keeping spa accessories, chemicals, or even towels close at hand and dry is often desirable. Consider unique storage solutions like these steps that include a roomy built-in space for anything you can think of.

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Tub Thermometers

Hot Tub Works Floating Duck Thermometer isolated in white background

Setting your tub temperature and what the actual water temperature is may not always be the same. Heat loss occurs for a variety of reasons, but luckily fun, floating thermometers make checking your temps a cinch!

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Thermal Covers

Radiant Spa Blanket, 8x8, Thermal Spa Cover - Hot Tub Works

Keep your heat where it belongs with thermal covers that keep the outside air out, and hold the heat in. Thick, and insulated, this cover floats on the water surface to keep all heat and moisture where it belongs while warming the waters beneath.

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Solar Covers

7'x7 Spa & Hot Tub Thermal Solar Blanket Cover-15 Mil

Solar covers protect your water and take on the energy of the sun to keep your spa warm. These are simple answers to heat loss and are very effective in their use. They float on the surface of the water and secure to the sides.

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Caddy Space

Leisure Concepts SpaCaddy with glass of drinks and green grapes on it

Most hot tub designs are not conducive to holding food or drinks well due to a lack of flat surfaces. Spa caddies are the perfect solution to this issue and attach securely to the side of the cabinet for easy use.

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Floating Snack Bar

Life Floating Spa Bar Inflatable Hot Tub Side Tray for Drinks and Snacks isolated in white background

Keep you food and drink close by with a floating snack bar equipped with cup holders and surfaces for all your favorites. You can even place ice in it to help keep things cool.

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Spa Side Accessories

Storage Cube Spa Side Accessories

This storage hamper can store a wide variety of items, keep them clean and dry, and double as a surface to place drinks and food upon. Created specifically for pool and spa side use, it’s a great alternative to having to carry items back and forth from indoor storage.

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Handrail Kit

SmartRail Hot Tub Safety Handrail Kit for hot tubs

Make getting in and out of your tub a cinch with a simple handrail kit. Easy to install with step by step instructions, these pair well with steps to make hot tub use accessible for anyone who would like to enjoy relaxing waters.

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Shady Options

9 foot Cantilever umbrellas that you can build your own

If your tub is placed out in the open, and enjoying it on a hot, sunny day is uncomfortable, provide a shady spot with these Cantilever Umbrellas. These are easy to move about to place them exactly where you need them without getting in the way.

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LED Bottle Chiller

Napa Bottle Chiller with LED Lights

Keep you beverages cool and close by with this glowing LED bottle chiller. Fun and unique, this is great for a wide variety of uses – such as entertainment or even camping! It has 24 different colors and 4 modes you can select  with a push of a button, plus it can recharge using solar energy!

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Floating Lights

Oro Illuminated Floating Accent Light

These floating lights recharge during the day and illuminate your water for a full 8 to 10 hours. They have 24 color change options and 4 modes you can choose from, and provide a bright illumination any time of year in any weather.

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Illuminated Stool

a woman sitting on a Twist LED Light Patio Stool

Looking for a place to sit and visit between soaking sessions? This LED stool can recharge via a solar panel and provides both light to see by, and a place to rest. With 24 color options and 4 lighting modes, it is sure to be an attention getter!

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Grit Gitter Vacuum

Grit Gitter isolated in white background

Cleaning is probably the most annoying maintenance for any spa owner. The grit gitter allows you to get particles from the bottoms and sides of your tub while you soak simply by moving the product over the problematic area.

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Wind Straps

Hurricane Wind Straps isolated in white background

Keep a tub’s cover secure with heavy duty wind straps. Although most spas have a way to secure covers to the tub, they often aren’t durable enough for severe weather. Provide peace of  mind with aftermarket accessories that are durable and long lasting.

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A Place to Hang

Leisure Concepts TowelBar for hot tubs isolated in white background

Nobody likes to toss their towels on the ground, and sometimes a convenient chair isn’t available to hang a  towel over. Easy to install, lightweight towel bars are the perfect solution to avoiding dirty, damp, or crumpled towels.

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Infrared Sauna Addition

Saunacore Horizon Infrared Sauna isolated in white background

Why not complete your areas of relaxation with a free standing sauna option. These infrared saunas do not require an active fire or gas hookup for heating purposes. Rather it uses infrared technology to heat the space for you to soak it in.

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Natural Spa

4-Person Wood Fired Cedar Hot Tub with Snorkel Stove isolated in white background

Don’t have a spa yet? These natural wood fired hot tubs provide all you need to set up our very own wood burning solutions to heat your water and provide you an excellent soaking experience.

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Outdoor Shower Kit

Hampton Outdoor Shower Kit white color

Looking to rinse off without having to walk through the entire house? Outdoor shower kits are an excellent solution and provide you the chance to rinse and shower all within your own backyard. This design even provides a privacy cabinet.

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Outdoor Shower

Free Standing Outdoor Shower isolated in white background

This free standing outdoor shower model is perfect for rinsing your feet before entering the water, rinsing off afterwards, or even placing behind your own privacy screen for a full outdoor shower experience.

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Salt Stones

Himalayan Salt Stones with box isolated in white background

Himalayan salt has many body benefits and can provide a relaxing full body experience. These are best used in jacuzzi style spas and hot tubs that are filled prior to each use and do not depend on chemicals for water maintenance.

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Simple Relaxation

Inflatable Spa Headrest and Cup Holder with two soda cans

Provide a cup holder and headrest combo to any soak for the ultimate rest and relaxation. The cushioning headrest provides a comfortable solution to hard sided tubs, and the cup holder can easily hold your favorited can or bottle beverage.


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Chlorine Kits

Amerse Chlorine Kit isolated in white background


Keeping a tub cleaning with a proper maintenance schedule is a must for water health and your own peace of mind. Kits generally come with all the directions and products needed for a few months worth of care.

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Headrest Relaxation

Adriano Headrest isolated in white background

Many spa cabinets are hard and unyielding, making the resting of your arm or head upon them a bit uncomfortable. Add a fun patterned headrest to your accessory list to provide a better way to relax and enjoy your hydrotherapy session.

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Submersible Seat

A woman setting on a Submersible Spa Water Seat

A bit short to reach your favorite jet action, or simply looking to sit a bit higher in your tub? These submersible seats are a perfect solution to all your high challenged needs. They also work great for children, and as a way to soften your lounging experience.

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Cleaning Solutions

2 PACK - Turtle Oil Absorbing Sponge – for Swimming Pools Hot Tubs & Spas – Absorbs Oil Slime Grime and Scum

Everytime you get into the water, you leave behind oily residue from your body, hair, and beauty products you may be wearing. Luckily your water maintenance breaks these down and gets rid of them, but you can make your filter and chemicals more effective using these simple oil absorbing sponges.

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Testing Strips

JNW Direct Spa Test Strips for Hot Tubs isolated in white background

Testing the water for chemical levels and cleanliness should be a regular practice. Luckily it is very easy to do using quick test strips. You can never have too many of these on hand as they provide all you need to determine what to adjust or add.

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Aromatherapy Kit

inSPAration Spa and Bath Aromatherapy Sample Gift Pack Bag, 1/2-Ounce

Best for jacuzzi style tubs that depend on your hot water tab for each use, aromatherapy kits provide a relaxing experience that can help with stress, anxiety, focus, and energy. Simply soak in the water and let everything melt away.

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Relaxing Lavender Aromatherapy

InSPAration Lavender Aromatherapy (9 Ounce) (Тwо Расk) isolated in white background

Another excellent choice for jacuzzi style tubs that require refilling with each use, lavender is a calming, rest inducing scent that is popular for both mindful relaxation and focus. Use this at the end of a day to unwind completely, or start your day calm and focused!

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If you struggle to find those perfect gifts, this list is a fun way to think a bit differently in your approach to hot tub owners. Providing useful products to use in your own soaking experience is also an option and allows you to take advantage of fun ideas you may not even know existed.

We’d love to hear about your favorite accessory options below, and, as always, please share!