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69 Hot Tub Ideas: Create Your Own Luxury

Hot tubs are an excellent way to relax and unwind after a long day, plus, they also apply hydrotherapy techniques that are good for both your body and mind. Although the installation of a hot tub may seem daunting, they truly are a simple product with simple maintenance needs. Whether you opt for a portable plug and play model, or a more permanent installation, both choices provide you a wide variety of options for placement both indoors and out.

The following hot tub ideas illustrate a huge array of of design varieties and placement options to help you create your own unique vision. Imagine yourself soaking away pain and troubles surrounded by a personalized relaxing atmosphere. The following creative style and models are sure to get you planning.

Hot Tub Design

6 Person Inflatable Tub

6 Person Portable Inflatable Hot Tub

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Inflatable tubs are highly popular for protected areas. Although they may not be as efficient in cold weather, they are durable, portable options that can be placed in just about any location that has access to a standard home outlet.

Portable 4 Person Spa

Realtree SaluSpa MAX-5 AirJet 4 Person Portable Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

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Pick a plug and play model so you can move it around seasonally to take advantage of heat therapy at any time of year. This compact options fits 4 comfortably and can fit into sunrooms, garages, sheds or be placed in gazebos, on decks, or patios for outdoor enjoyment.

All the Amenities

Spa with Ozone, Heater, 19 Stainless Steel Jets and LED Waterfall

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Many spas have a wide variety of amenities to choose from, such as LED lighting on cabinets and underwater, waterfall features, speakers, and even storage for maintenance chemicals, towels, or bathing suits.

Winter Bliss

Hot tub in winter

Hot tubs are an amazing commodity for winter use. Not only do they warm your bones after a long, chilly day, they provide a peaceful retreat where you can enjoy your environment in a new manner without having to bundle up.

Scenic Views

Scenic ocean vacation

Place your tub where you can have both privacy and scenic outdoor views. Enjoy your environmental surroundings whether you live on a beach, in a desert, or surrounded by a towering forest. It also changes the atmosphere of many urban backyards!

Jacuzzi Styles


Don’t be afraid to envision your own jacuzzi retreat to match your decor and personal tastes. Make access easy with nautical style staircases, place shade canopies over your tub, or surround your soaking space with large, tropical potted plants. The ideas are endless.


boys posing

Installing a tub truly creates a family place to relax and talk about your day or simply spend time with one another. It’s a great way to put aside technology and have true conversations. And once the kids are in bed it doubles as an in-home, romantic getaway.

In Style

Norweigan cruist ship with hot tubs

Create a stylish place to socialize with well-thought out jacuzzi placement. There is a reason adults gather around a spa on vacation: it serves as a relaxing way to converse with others, and provides something out of the ordinary.

Romantic Escape

romantic and scenic view

There is always something of the romantic associated with soaking in a hot tub with a loved one. Take advantage of any views you have to place your tub where you can enjoy one another as well as your surroundings.

Garden Views

Bath - Jacuzzi in garden

Water and gardens go well together and provide the perfect pairing for a spa installation. What is better than enjoying your beautiful landscaping while soaking away the stress of the day?

Patio Spa

Patio spa

Patios and decks are only enhanced by the addition of a place to soak. Choose inground options, portable options, or professional installations to create the look you envision and desire.


Jacuzzi on hotel terrace

Living urban? Take advantage of terraces and rooftops to create amazing vistas that overlook the city and allow you to watch the hustle and bustle of the world go by while you soak away your day.

Designer Picks

Alderete Pools Inc. design

Professional installation and construction of a spa area can transform an otherwise drab area into a personal oasys. Bathrooms, sunrooms, enclosed patios, etc can all benefit from the upgraded look a jacuzzi area can bring.

Soothing Sounds

Woman in jacuzzi on background of ocean

Decks often have overlooked corners are side areas that don’t get much traffic or use. These make the perfect areas to place a hot tub, allowing you to enjoy your backyard in an entirely new manner. Just be sure you have the support needed for the additional weight.

Outdoor Enjoyment

outdoor hot tub design ideas

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The beauty of a plug and play model allows you place it just about anywhere you want. Even if you don’t have a designated area as of yet, or have plans for future decor and its placement, there is no reason why you can’t put it in a temporary area to use until plans fall into place.

Backyard Bliss

Poseidon Pools
Image Source: Flickr

Although many tubs are well equipped for outdoor use in all sorts of weather, there always will be the inconvenience of rain, or dropping temperatures that can cool the water as you use it. Any sort of protection you can provide can help keep heat more localized, and in addition, provide you with a space you can create for an even more relaxing experience.

Modern Hot Tub Design

Modern tub designs fit well into contemporary spaces and typically take advantage of minimalist architecture and decor. These no-nonsense decorative ideas are perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces, and are a wonderful addition to existing patios and poolsides. If a more modern look is what you are seeking, check these options out.

Inground Option

Hot tub in the rain
Image Source: Flickr

In ground spas are a great way to help insulate heat and provide a relaxing year round experience, even in temperatures that drop well below freezing. Although these options do require a more professional insulation and create a permanent location, they are well worth the effort.

Tucked Away

Modern open jacuzzi

Small nooks in bathroom spaces are actually the perfect space for an oversized jacuzzi tub addition. Redesign your small spaces to incorporate the comfort you deserve. This is also a great option for loft and studio apartments.

Rooftop View

Modern apartment, veranda

Rooftops vistas define the placement of this tub for a modern, city overlook that can be enjoyed at any time of day or night. Rooftops also allow open air privacy in urban settings where often the hustle and bustle of urban living interrupts the peace.


Modern spa jacuzzi outdoors under beautiful blue sky

Spa placement is an important part of your soaking experience. Sitting back in a hot tub to relax isn’t going to be enjoyable if you are surrounded by visuals that are less than appealing. If you have something beautiful to gaze upon, take advantage of it!

Bathroom Upgrade

Bathroom in modern style

This contemporary design encompasses the beauty of nature with a more modern setting. The inset tub is perfectly placed to take advantage of spacious windows- and allows the owner to use a space that might be otherwise awkwardly located in a bathroom despite its beautiful view.

Balcony Addition

Beautiful white bathtub and jacuzzi bath decoration outdoor exterior of balcony or patio

City dwellers have a distinct disadvantage compared to those who have a bit more room to spread out in. but what they do have is unique spaces that can be used to incorporate unexpected pleasures. Balconies are an awesome place to install a tub and provides you an outdoor experience in a private setting.

To the Edge

Infinity swimming pool with jacuzzi by beach

Infinity pools are a popular option for those who live along bodies of water. Hot tubs can be easily incorporated into this design to provide a flow of both water and the eye for a pleasantly aesthetic experience.

Backyard Hot Tub Design

The most common place for a person to install a hot tub is their backyard. Patios, decks, and unused open areas are all popular placements, but sometimes it is hard to visualize what potential and area has in advance. The following ideas provide a few examples of how you might consider placing your own tub.

Patio Placement

Back yard with house and large tub

Patios are an ideal place to set your tub. They provide an excellent foundation to support the weight of a filled hot tub that will not warp or sink unevenly over time. Having a concrete area also can help keep your tub more easily maintained as people will not bring in debris on their feet.

Meeting in the Middle

Couple of happy girlfriends having fun and enjoying the benefits of the hot tub

Raised decks along the side of homes and rental properties are a popular way to increase home value and provide a place to entertain. They often create awkward spaces in the yards below,however, but that doesn’t mean you can get creative in how you use that area. The placement of this tub illustrates perfectly how an otherwise unused space can be put to good use.

Lake Addition

Jacuzzi by the lake
Image Source: Flickr

Take advantage of your pond or lake dock to explore hot tub ideas. Running electrical to outlying areas are not as difficult as you may imagine, and well worth the effort when you can soak peacefully over the water.

Decking Vista

Outdoor hot tub, jacuzzi on the garden

Decking walkouts are a great way to enjoy your landscape, and also provide an excellent place to install a jacuzzi experience. Take advantage of your garden in an entirely new manner as you erst and relax away the stress of a day.

Garden Enjoyment

garden summer

Landscape design and gardens often reflect the personal preferences and whimsical ideas of the gardener. Hot tubs don’t have to be modern in their design and can be easily incorporated into an overall outdoor decor to fit your own style.

Built-In Hot Tub Design

Built-in tubs do require a bit more planning and are a more permanent option than many others, but they also provide excellent insulation for year-round use, and unique soaking opportunities. These choices also work well with existing pools, or can be worked into home additions quite easily. If you have architectural or landscaping plans in the works, consider a jacuzzi install.

Tiled Beauty

Relaxation after sports

In ground models allow you to get creative with the overall presentation. Tile work is a popular option for both indoor and outdoor placement and provide an artistic flair. It also is long lasting and easy to clean.

Concrete Geometry

Luxury Jacuzzi

Concrete pours allow for an amazing array of diverse decorative styles to occur. It fits well into both modern and rustic looks, works with a wide variety of material textures, and can provide a semi-installed option for those who are not fully equipped to have a submerged, in-ground spa.

Easy In-Set Solution

Backyard deck with jacuzzi

Decks are a great way to provide a faux built-in by placing the tub at ground level. This allows you to use both plug and play, portable options, as well as more permanent installations. You also have better access for DIY maintenance and repair if ever needed.

Terrace Overview

Beautiful terrace with jacuzzi

Although rooftop, terrace,and balcony options will need professional installation for built-in design plans, the addition is sure to raise your property value. Plus, you get to enjoy your tub exactly where you want it whenever you desire.

Relaxing Relief

Image Source: Flickr

Large deck spaces are a natural choice for rest and relaxation. Put your deck to use with the addition of a jacuzzi spa for added entertainment variation. This is especially nice for rural areas so you can enjoy your property views.

Poolside Addition

Poolside Jacuzzi
Image Source: Flickr

Hot tubs and pools are a natural pairing. Both provide relief in various forms, and when you have a spa in close proximity your pool you can relax and watch your children at play at the same time.

Waterfall Hot Tub Design

Many tubs come equipped with small waterfall additions to add ambiance and extra water circulation for healthy filtration. But what if you created a heated, waterfall experience on a much larger scale? Natural pool and hot tub designs are very popular and quite common with pool contractors. They can easily incorporate natural rock and nature-like features to provide a more holistic experience.

Back to Nature

Outdoor waterfall hot tub design
Image Source: Flickr

This creative poolscaping plan integrates natural stone into a flowing, decorative statement that serves as both a landscape water feature, and relaxing spa experience. Be aware that there is a loss of heat with the addition of air exposure to the water, and these designs work best in warm climates.

Custom Hot Tub Design

Being able to customize your own soaking experience is well worth the time it takes to plan and design your space. Many interior design and landscape experts can provide excellent ideas to incorporate everything you need. There are also softwares you can purchase to help you visualize what you are dreaming up.

Waterfall Jet

Empty Swimming pool with waterfall jet and jacuzzi in action

This combo waterfall and jet spa is a unique design made specifically for interior decor and is made from 1000’s of decorative tiles. If you can dream it up, you can most likely get it made to work for your personal tastes and needs.

Interior Design

Beautiful modern house in cement, interior, hot tub

Your own personal needs can be easily met with some advanced planning and a good architectural designs. Perfect comfort and hydrotherapy combine in this well modeled bathroom to create a private space you can call your own.

Bathroom Spaces

Beautiful bathroom with jacuzzi

Turn your bathroom into a personal oasys that is not only a space for personal hygiene care, but also rest and relaxation. Planning your bathroom to include a larger spa like tub provides you the opportunity to create exactly what you need.

Interior Hot Tub Room Design

When people think hot tub they often think of outdoor entertainment, backyard enjoyment, and soaking in cool weather. They may also feel slightly anxious about maintenance, chemical additions, and temperature control in colder climates.

Spas work well as an interior addition also, and never rule out having one installed in a bathroom, sunroom, or pool room. Many times an indoor option also allows you to minimize maintenance as well since you can take advantage of a hot water tap. You also will not have to worry as much about keeping a constant temperature.

Modern Luxury

Jacuzzi at modern luxury villa, Samui island, Thailand

Relax in modern luxury when you add a spa to an existing indoor space. Because they come in all shapes and sizes, they often can work well in narrow areas that might otherwise go to waste. Turning large storage areas into spa experiences is also popular.

Bathroom Corner

Woman relaxing in jacuzzi

Corners are a great place to set a tub since they often are overlooked and considered awkward for both furniture placement and storage solutions. Infact, it is generally easy to replace an existing tub or shower with a spa, allowing you to take advantage of the plumbing you already have in place.

Indoor Bubbles

indoor bubbles

Enjoy indoor bubbles with the installation of a large, indoor jacuzzi that you can use for both personal, and entertainment reasons. Large indoor tubs may take more water, but they also can be filled with a hot water tap, negating the need for expensive, harsh chemicals.

Double Duty

Woman preparing hot tub

Create a shower and spa experience that you can use for multiple purposes. Daily hygiene and soaking are combined in this unique style that can be easily added to any existing indoor tub, or planned in advance for installation.

Art Deco

Hot tub in a spa setting

Indoor options are an awesome way to extend your own personal decor style to create unique enjoyments. This tub, for example, provides a waterfall like feature that works with the filtration system in a large sunroom to provide a peaceful flow of water.

Formal Setting

Whirlpool on the deck of a cruise ship

More formal placement in areas where you entertain take on a contemporary look in this poolside placement. This way you can take advantage of your water features on either side without disrupting conversation. Plus, it allows you to easily keep an eye on young children.

Perfect Sizes

Big jacuzzi in bathroom

Because a jacuzzi tub can come in so many different model sizes and shapes, there really is not reason to rule out their installation. You can easily find one that will work with the spaces you have, including small, tucked away corners.

Portable Options

Jacuzzi in a health spa

Portable tubs are the perfect solution for a hot tub addition when you don’t quite have a formal area for it to be placed, but you do have space. They are easy to install and easy to move if needed.

Sunroom Addition


Up the relaxation game of your sunroom space with the addition of a spa of some sort. In ground or above ground options go great with sunroom decor and also provide additional humidity to plants you may have in attendance.

Indoor Romance

Interior of bath with candle

There is no denying the romantic atmosphere a spa creates. A little mood lighting, candles, and anything else you want help up the ante to enjoy an evening with the one you love. Oversize jacuzzi tubs create an excellent option for this.

Sauna Space

Hot tub

The sauna inspired room is the perfect way to create a room designed specifically for relaxation. Tubs work well in hot rooms that pull double duty, all you need to make sure is that installation is done with an eye towards higher temperatures to ensure everything works as it should.

Steam Room

Wooden sauna

This large steam space naturally encompasses other forms of relaxation and is a great addition to any home. Whether you need to enjoy a steam bath or long soak, everything you could possibly want is included.

Plenty of Room

Large jacuzzi in a health spa

If your main reason for a spa is to entertain, then consider larger, customized installation. Many times large tubs have various zones of jet and heat control, allowing people to move into the areas that are most comfortable for them.

Built-In Options

Bath of a jacuzzi

Built-in models are very popular for interior spaces. Often it is easier to connect it to existing plumbing and makes cleaning and maintenance a simple task. Consider the convenience it also affords when you simply want to soak after a long day at work.

Soak With a View


Take advantage of picture windows and aesthetically pleasing views when planning the placement of your tub. You can enjoy your soak in a place that is perfect for your enjoyment.

Simple Addition

Bathroom with jacuzzi

Custom built seating surrounds a comforting jacuzzi spa addition. This type of design is simple to execute into a space of your own. Take time to make a plan for your own interior space to relax in.

Spacious Bathrooms

Round bath in a luxury mansion

Everyone loves a bathroom that is practically big enough to live in. The only problem is that the room is often hard to justify, and may create a lot of wasted square footage. Take advantage of these large areas to add a peaceful soaking oasis.

Hot Tub Spa Design

Designing your own design layout provides you the opportunity to create exactly what you want and need. The following options are a great way to see how others have incorporated a hot tub into their home spaces and yards to get your own creative juices flowing.

Steam Room Enjoyment

jacuzzi located in the sauna

Steam rooms are a great place to take a load off after an intense workout. They also help clear up allergies and support lung function. It makes sense to include a place to soak away both physical and mental stressors in such an environment.

Be Well

Wellness center

Your environment is just as important to your well being as what you physically do for yourself. Be well with the best spa placement possible in an area that reflects peace and comfort of your choosing.

Picturesque Windows

Hot tubs in spa center

Advantageous views define the placement of this wellness spa. Warm humid air and therapeutic water jets melt away the stress of your body while you look out over the landscape to rest your mind as well.

Room for Relaxation

Hot tubs and shower in spa center

The idea of a combined space for showering and soaking is ideal for those who are physically active. Rinse yourself of all your hard work and then soak away tension and tight muscles.

Choice Lighting

Indoors jacuzzi and pool with colorful lights at spa center

Nobody wants to soak in an atmosphere that is cold and uninviting. Unfortunately tiles and other water friendly materials are not as comforting as other options. Well placed lighting can completely change this effect with the use of warm bulbs that cast soft hues, as well as the shadows created when they are well placed.

Hot Tub Landscape Design

Plan your landscape around the idea of a spa retreat and then sit back and enjoy your surroundings enveloped in therapeutic waters. Many times a tub can be made to look as if it is part of the natural landscape, but regardless of your overall plan, you most definitely take advantage of aesthetically pleasing vistas. Consider adding lighting sources for night time enjoyment as well.

Rooftop Enjoyment

modern penthouse, beautiful panorama from a terrace, lake view

Rooftop terrace views are a great place to unwind and entertain. Add a hot tub to the mix to provide a place to unwind on your own, or provide your guests a place to chill and relax.

A Resort Experience

Jacuzzi at Mediterranean resort

Protect your spa with an open air gazebo and skylights. View the nighttime stars and be protected from direct sunlight without impeding your overall outdoor experience with this type of patio covering.

Out in the Open

Jacuzzi out in the open
Image Source: Flickr

Run your electrical to the best view you have on your property. The effort is well worth your time because you will get years of enjoyment out of your hot tub placement. Consider creating a comforting walkway for easy access.

Taking in the View

Jacuzzi Mountain view (watermark?)
Image Source: Flickr

If you are lucky enough to live on a hillside, you have an amazing option to place your spa in an area that has an amazing view. Take advantage of the slope to provide a little bit of an extra view for your enjoyment.

Tiered Enjoyment

Jacuzzis exteriores
Image Source:Flickr

Although the layout of these tiered soaking pools may be unrealistic for a private property, you most definitely can copy the overall style of water movement and height differences with your landscaping plans.

A Place to Play

Woman in outdoor jacuzzi

Encompass your soaking plans amongst your outdoor enjoyment spaces where the whole family can take advantage of what suits them best. Pools and spas are a perfect pairing that is sure to meet the needs of everyone involved.

Luxurious Privacy

Outdoor jacuzzi at the luxury villa, Koh Chang, Thailand

Half walls, textured stones, and well managed gardens can provide the privacy you desire. Create your own luxurious escape through the use of homemade creative design and carefully placed vegetation. These types of designs also work well with nearby fire pits and comfortable seating.

Back to Nature

Palm Springs outdoor jacuzzi and house exterior

Embrace nature with natural looking pool placement through the use of native rocks and well planted vegetation. Trees can provide shade and privacy, but be sure to place them where they won’t overhang the water to avoid having to be constantly removing debris.

Bring the Exotic Home

Exotic Luxury Swimming Pool Water, Hot Tub and Architecture Abstract

Like something out of a Mediterrenean vacation, this style is awesome in its grandeur and use of space. Look for specialized pool companies that make your dreams and plans come to life as you visualized them.


If you are planning on installing a hot tub, or already have one but needed inspiration for decor and/or placement, hopefully this article was a great browse. The many ideas, styles, and models presented here span from the simple and useful he luxurious and truly one-of-a-kind.

We’d love to hear which are your favorite below, and what plans you are cooking up! As always, please share!