42 Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas
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42 Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas

Hot tubs provide a great means of physical therapy and relaxation, but truth be told, they’re only as enjoyable as the environment they are in. A great way to enhance your hot tub experience is by altering its design to create your desired ambiance.

Whether it be an atmosphere of escape or one that allows for intimacy with your loved ones, the following are landscaping ideas to complement your hot tub.

42 Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas

1. Decked Out Patio

Hot Tub and Amazing Backyard
Image credits: chuckcollier via Canva

Patios are extremely versatile. They can be built with a variety of materials, including stone, tile, pebbles, or pea gravel. This tiled patio is set on concrete, and it also hosts the hot tub along with other furnishings. The layout continues onto the composite decking, where additional chairs and pillows furnish the deck.

2. An Indoor-Outdoor Design

Small Wooden walkout deck with hot tub
Image credits: irina88w via Canva

Blur the lines between the outdoors and indoors with this design that features extended decking and a flourishing garden. Fitted into the deck is the spa with a shade overhead. Surrounding the hot tub are palm trees and a stretch of grass, which are in view from the wooden deck.

3. Hot Tub Enclosure

Deck with Hot Tub and Gazebo
Image credits: myfault1 via Canva

Give your hot tub a designated area if you treasure time by yourself. This quaint gazebo has just enough space for the spa and features latticed walls that add a cottage-like aspect to it. The plants potted in complementary boxes make for a pleasant entryway whilst marking a boundary.

4. Wooden Deck Enclosure

new surburban hot tub
Image credits: shank_ali via Canva

This enclosure comprises a wooden deck with bamboo reeds and another perimeter of plants surrounding the built-in hot tub. The area with the spa is the coziest as it features lanterns, a potted plant, and cushioned chair. This design is ideal if you want privacy and don’t mind a tight space.

5. Surround Yourself With Greenery

Hot Tub Waterfall
Image credits: Andrea_Hill via Canva

Surround your hot tub in this elaborate garden as a way to create an environment that fosters relaxation and peace.

6. Make it Look Natural

hot tub
Image credits: christian schnoor / 500px via Canva

This design can turn your hot tub into a water feature by incorporating rocks to give the hot tub a more natural appeal. First and foremost, select your space; an obscure area hidden by plants would be best. Remember that the spa will have to be sunken, so you will need professional help to ensure that it is done right. Thereafter, line its perimeter with boulders and stones, create a footpath with slabs of stone and fill the remaining area with pea gravel.

7. Add a Surrounding Bench

suburban hot tub
Image credits: shank_ali via Canva

If a sunken hot tub is too much work or high cost, consider building a bench around it. This simple backless bench provides a pleasant perimeter around the spa. They can be made from composite materials or natural wood. Composite materials are usually a go-to for landscaping a hot tub area outdoors. However, natural wood can work just as well so long as it is properly sealed with a varnish, lacquer, or oil.

8. Elevated Two-Step Design With Accents

Backyard Hot tub
Image credits: Sisoje via Canva

Accentuate your hot tub with this two-step design that takes on the accents of the home and surrounding yard. The two steps allow for easier entrance and exit from the hot tub while taking on the mortar rock wall design of the yard.

9. Keep Things Open

Exterior of waterfront house with jacuzzi
Image credits: irina88w via Canva

This design depends heavily on the location of your hot tub and how much privacy you would prefer. In this case, the sunken spa isn’t bordered by walls, furniture, or hedges. Instead, it has been kept open to emphasize the surrounding view. The sunken design allows for a wider view of the natural environment and greater immersion in the surrounding atmosphere; views of the sky and a feel of the weather.

10. Elevated and Railed

Hot Tub on Deck
Image credits: davelogan via Canva

This design is ideal if you use your hot tub regularly or want easier access to it. The hot tub is placed on a raised deck in line with the balcony, facing the entrances of the house. Accompanying the hot tub is a stainless steel cable rail that adds a modern feel to the layout.

11. Veneer Panels

Hot Tub
Image credits: Andy Dean Photography via Canva

For a more elegant look, integrate a veneer panel around your hot tub. This hot tub is only half-sunken so that the wall is high enough to display the decorous textures of the travertine tiles and black stone veneer siding.

12. A Hardwood Finish

Hot tub
Image credits: boggy22 via Canva

Hardwood is the wood from broadleaved trees, namely Ash, beech, or Oak trees. For exterior design, Acacia, Ipe, and Iroko hardwoods are extremely durable against harsh weather and general wear and tear. With the right finish, they can add texture to your layout and be used for paneling your spa.

13. Create a Hot Tub Island

Hot Tub
Image credits: thefurnaceroom via Canva

Isolate your hot tub from the company of swimming guests with this design. The featured hot tub has two runways opposite each other for entering and exiting, and for the most part, the view is open from the hot tub to enjoy the surrounding scenery.

14. Composite Decking

Deck and Outdoor Hot Tub
Image credits: sarahneal via Canva

Composite decking around hot tubs is really popular because it is more durable and eco-friendlier than natural wood. Even so, some composites are better than others. Uncapped composites are more vulnerable to fading, mildew, and staining, whereas capped composites have surface covers such as antioxidants and UV inhibitors that ensure their longevity.

This design comprises two-step decking for the outdoors with the hot tub tucked cozily in a corner. The tawny composite features dark brown streaks with a grainy pattern, making it indistinguishable from natural wood.

15. Make Your Hot Tub Neighbours With the Pool

Pool and hot tub
Image credits: SallyLL via Canva

By keeping your pool close to your hot tub, you instantly localize the area for socializing and relaxing with family and friends. This layout not only has the hot tub next to the swimming pool, but it also has a dining table, bar, and barbeque, all within a short distance from each other.

16. A Hot Tub Barrel

Wooden hot tub with a ladder
Image credits: KajaNi via Canva

This hot tub is tucked under the shade of a tree with a stone backdrop. Its two-leveled deck is built into the stone with the hot tub being well fitted. The barrel design along with the stone backdrop gives the layout an old-timey, rustic quality.

17. Redwood and Stone

hot tub
Image credits: ozgurcankaya via Canva

If you have a narrow space or a small hot tub, this design is best. It features a deck made of redwood furnished with deck chairs and a shade. The hot tub is paneled with redwood with a blue veneer siding to complement the wood.

18. Feature a Fountain

Garden Pond with Fountain
Image credits: eeenevski via Canva

Water fountains come in many fascinating designs and are great focal points to have in your layout. It can take less weight off decorating the entire stretch of your yard and instead allow the fountain to do all the heavy lifting. This fountain is placed on a bed of rocks with a couple of spider plants beside it, resulting in a comely combination of texture and color.

19. Multi-Purpose and Multi-Level Decking

Outdoor hot tub
Image credits: Sisoje via Canva

Two and three-step designs not only allow for easier access into the hot tub but they can also be designed to incorporate any setting you desire. Whether that be a space to barbeque, a bar, additional storage, outdoor showers, or a garden, multipurpose and multi-level decking can host your hot tub and much more!

20. A “Bould” Composition

Hot Tub Geyser
Image credits: jeffhochstrasser via Canva

This design mimics the features of a natural pond with rocks and shrubbery fixed around the body of water. All it takes are some boulders to elevate the hot tub and a few to put around it. Thereafter add some planters or succulents and let them flourish.

21. An Open Layout

Hot tub
Image credits: altanakin via Canva

This layout is set to embrace the surrounding environment, from the railless deck to the in-ground hot tub, for less obstruction. You can lounge and take in the view.