42 Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas
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42 Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas

22. Conjoined Pool and Hot Tub

outdoor pool & hot-tub
Image credits: ChrisNolan via Canva

For easier access and maintenance, have your hot tub and pool conjoined. That way, your hot tub can take on the surrounding tiles and color scheme. You can elevate it to distinguish it from the pool.

23. Faux Stone Wall

Building a Rock Encased Spa and Hot Tub
Image credits: makasanaphoto via Canva

Faux or artificial stones can give you the look and feel of real stones without the exceeding price tag. These faux stone walls are a nice enclosure to the spa and complement the ornaments and decking.

24. Multi-Faceted Deck

Hot Tub Heaven
Image credits: wbritten via Canva

This layout is perfect for narrow spaces, every crevice of space is used, and the in-deck design makes the hot tub less obtrusive. The furnishings are the best parts of this design; the separate deck for seating, the outdoor-resistant rug right next to the spa for drying off, and the potted plants and lighting lining the balcony.

25. Rocks and Moss

the hot tub of the mountains
Image credits: nicu chirobocea via Canva

Embrace the spores and stalks of moss as it stretches across boulders amid the shrubs and trees. This hot tub incorporates stone in its sunken design and has lights in its walls for night usage.

26. Hot Tub and a Fireplace

Hot tub and outdoor fireplace
Image credits: Jupiterimages via Canva

This open design has a spooky quality to it; the sunken hot tub, isolated with a fireplace surrounded by creeping trees- a scene sure to raise goosebumps. Then again, the fireplace blazing right next to the hot tub is a snug layout.

27. Add a Bar

hot tub
Image credits: Zocha_K via Canva

Build a bar around your hot tub to serve as a spot for entertaining guests. This bar has three brick pillars with a crystalline stone counter and bar stools to match. You can customize the bar even further with a few tabletop plants or miniature fountains.

28. Create A Zen Space

Zen-like in hot tub
Image credits: yoh4nn via Canva

Incorporate more of Mother Nature into your deck design for an environment that promotes meditation and inner peace. This design unifies the senses and elements, from the small waterfalls flowing into the pool to the leaning palms and ferns being swept by the breeze, so can you retire and rejuvenate in this layout.

29. Outdoor Kitchen

Wooden walkout deck with hot tub and barbecue
Image credits: irina88w via Canva

If you love to cook, bring your hot tub and kitchen together for a deck that you, your family, and friends can enjoy. Make the perfect kitchen area decked out with a barbeque and cupboards for storage, a dining table, and your hot tub adjacent to both for continued conversation and presence with those around you.

30. Stunning Rock Feature

Covered Outdoor Hot Tub with Rock Landscaping
Image credits: Morgan270 via Canva

This design is best suited beside a monumental object as the contrast is fascinating. Other than that this hot tub modeling a rustic tin design is well fitted into the deck that serves as a seating area as well as a countertop. You can furnish the deck further with some plants or lanterns to complement the spa.

31. A Furnished Little Corner

Couple relaxing in garden hot tub
Image credits: JohnnyGreig via Canva

If you don’t mind cozy furnishing or you don’t want to take up a lot of space, this design is best. The hot tub has been built into the yard and it blends in well with the red brick perimeter that models after the wall adjacent to it. Right next to the spa are two armchairs with the same red theme positioned near the cozy red brick fireplace.

32. Sunken Lounge

Sunken tub in modern bathroom
Image credits: Robert Daly via Canva

Sunken lounges have a concealed and private quality about them, and this design can lend your hot tub some exclusivity against the backdrop of the rest of your yard. This deck features a stone patio with an accented sectional sofa and a side table with granite steps serving as both entrance and exit. The hot tub is in-ground and enclosing the lounge further is a lush garden.

33. Redwood Design

Hot Tub
Image credits: rmfox via Canva

This deck is made entirely out of redwood, adding more interest to the design is the depth and friendly charm of the seating, as well as the pergola shading the built-in hot tub. Although the redwood structure is monochromatic, the potted flowers, firepit, and colorful pillows provide a lively contrast. The oneness of the deck designates it as a social space; the circular bench to converse by the firepit with the shaded hot tub in view.

34. Rooftop Views

Rooftop Hot tub San Antonio Texas
Image credits: JodiJacobson via Canva

A rooftop patio checks off two problems related to situating a hot tub; privacy and shade. This spa is paneled in hardwood and has a complementary hardwood wall next to it. It fits right under the patio with a glass screen high enough to fence it in, while allowing for a clear view.

35. Pastoral Setting

Hot tub.
Image credits: ferrantraite via Canva

Embrace reeds, thistles, and wildflowers with this idyllic layout. The design is reminiscent of a rural setting with the barreled hot tub and the garden of wildflowers contained in the metal railing. The stone-paved path is a notable embellishment along with the wooden seats beside the spa.

36. Make a Terraced Deck

Deck with hot tub and chairs
Image credits: chandlerphoto via Canva

This design is ideal for narrow spaces in an urban area. Not only can it serve as an escape from the commotion of urban life, but it allows exploring your green thumb. This terraced deck is positioned at a high elevation overlooking the street and neighboring buildings. The hot tub is sunken into the deck, and next to it is a small potting shed. Even with these two features, the deck still has space for a chair or two, a side table, and maybe a rug.

37. All Boarded Up

Hot Tub Heaven (XXL)
Image credits: wbritten via Canva

Experience full privacy in this multi-step wood deck veiled by surrounding trees. The deck is elevated, and the hot tub is in-ground so that it is less intrusive. Remember to consider the hot tub’s weight when filled to ensure that the deck will be able to support it. Furnish the enclosure to your taste; this design features two armchairs, a large potted plant, and some drying hooks for towels for drying off.

38. Enclose It In A Scandinavian Gazebo

Garden Gazebo
Image credits: Martin Wahlborg via Canva

This design was shared by Hammacher Schlemmer on their website. They began as a hardware store in 1848 but now sell a variety of products ranging from home and outdoor living to leisure and personal care. The inspiration for this gazebo was pulled from Scandinavia and serves as a retreat from all types of weather. Not only does it emphasize a sense of sanctuary, but it also protects your hot tub from the elements. The potted plants are a delightful addition to the enclosed spectacle.

39. Add Some Curtains

Bathroom hot tub
Image credits: dogayusufdokdok via Canva

Find inspiration for your design in this cross between a pergola and a gazebo. The curtains are a less fixed barrier that can be adjusted. Depending on the ambiance you’d like and the weather outside, you can select thicker curtains or sheer curtains, keeping in mind the steam a hot tub produces. You can also experiment with the colors of your curtains to keep the layout interesting.

40. The Desert Look

Swimming pool and hot tub
Image credits: Jupiterimages via Canva

This design is effortless and ideal for a desert climate. Swap out the grass for gravel and decorative boulders with succulents for hints of greenery. You can also incorporate plants indigenous to your area for a unique spin on this layout.

41. Brighten Things Up

Hot Tub Night Lights
Image credits: Tina Gould via Canva

Lighten the mood of your deck by incorporating light into your design. You can throw light on dark corners to make them less harsh, or you can use light to emphasize specific areas like your hot tub or seating area. This red brick patio includes a towering tree with string lights at its center, plants with backlighting, and seating well under the emitted glow. When it comes to lighting for a hot tub, you can consider floating lights, string lights or lanterns around its perimeter, or color-changing lights for a fun twist.

42. Lannon Stone and a Mini Waterfall

Oval hot tub spa with waterfall
Image credits: LagunaticPhoto via Canva

A Lannon stone wall, a pergola above, and blossoming plant beds come together to create a relaxing and private scene for this hot tub. The stone wall provides a backdrop for the layout, with potted flowers resting atop it. A sheer waterfall spurts from the wall, into the spa, with dimmed lighting tinting the atmosphere.


Now that you know about the various ways in which you can design the layout of your hot tub, you can hopefully find a design that attends to the atmosphere that you desire.

After all, at the heart of your hot tub experience is the environment you have created for it.