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6 Charming Houseplants For Valentine’s Day

Looking to make Valentine’s day a little greener? Why not try gifting potted houseplants!

Houseplants last much longer than a cut flower bouquet and so many plants pair perfectly with this lovely holiday. From heart-shaped leaves to pink or red flowers, have a look at this list and try to choose only one!

String of Hearts

Close up of potted string of hearts leaves
Image credits: feey via Unsplash

A string of hearts (Ceropegia woodii) is nature’s Valentine’s day garland, making this a fun choice for the upcoming holiday. The ornamental leaves have a unique heart-like shape with a trailing nature, making these perfect for a hanging basket!

As an easy-to-grow plant, string of hearts works well indoors in a south or west-facing window. The more light the plant gets, the more its beautiful marbling will be enhanced on the leaves. Keep this plant in a pot with well-draining soil to prevent root rot, and only water once the soil has dried.

Valentine Hoya

Potted Valentine Hoya
Image credits: Mookie via Creative Commons

Valentine hoya (Hoya kerrii) is a plant of many names! Sweetheart hoya, sweetheart plant, sweetheart valentine hoya, or wax hearts all refer to this succulent heart-shaped leaf. This epiphyte plant can climb up a trellis or can hang beautifully from a hanging basket. This is no doubt a fun and easy-to-care-for plant to gift for Valentine’s day.

Valentine hoya is a durable plant, with the optimal temperature being above 65 degrees Fahrenheit. To encourage the vine to flower, provide up to two hours of bright sunlight everyday. Allow the soil to slightly dry out between watering, which in wintertime can be as little as once per month!

Pink Azalea

Azalea Houseplant
Image credits: New Africa via Shutterstock

If Valentine’s colors are important, consider gifting azaleas! Azaleas have a wide range of colorful blooms from pink, red, salmon, and white. These beauties have delicate-looking leaves with lush green foliage.

To care for these potted houseplants, place them in a bright cool location within the home. Indirect sunlight, with temperatures between 60 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit is optimal. Test the soil daily and water once the top soil feels dry. Make sure to water the plant until water is flowing out of the bottom drainage holes, discarding any excess standing water.

You can opt to move your azaleas outdoors in late spring, into a location with partial sun. Remember to care for the plant in the same way, and bring it indoors in the fall. The cool temperatures of fall will help with bud initiation for the next blooming season.

Air plant

pink tillandsia
Image credits: Feey via Unsplash

Red roses may be the common Valentine’s day flower, but why not consider air plants? With many pink-hued air plants like the pink tillandsia pictured above, you get the holiday color with a low-maintenance plant that is very customizable!

These little heartthrobs can grow on just about anything, making display options endless! From glass terrariums, sea shells, orbs, or dishes, you can get creative.

Air plants (Tillandsia) get water through their leaves. While misting the plant may help temporarily, it will not be enough to provide adequate moisture. To ensure the air plant gets enough, submerge it in water for 20 to 30 minutes. Make sure to allow it to drain off any access water after its bath by hanging it upside down for up to 3 hours. Keep these plants in bright indirect sunlight and in the right conditions you will even get flowers!

Heart Leaf Philodendron

heartleaf philodendron
Image credits: Sasha Kim via Pexels

Looking to gift an easy-to-grow, low-maintenance, and Valentines-themed plant? Look no further! The heart-leaf philodendron is a great beginner plant as it has low light requirements, and prefers the same temperature as we do! Perfect houseplant right here!

The heart-leaf philodendron works wonderfully in hanging baskets, as this helps to showcase the heart-shaped leaves that spill over the edge. The only light requirement to remember is not to put these in direct sunlight as it can burn the leaves. Preferring well-draining soil, water this vine once the top inch is noticeably dry.

Nice and easy does it with this one!


Anthurium Houseplants with Red Flowers and Green foliage
Image credit: juan tb via Unsplash

Anthurium is one houseplant that checks all the boxes. With striking spathes ranging in color from pink to red, continuous blooms, beautiful contrasting foliage, and low maintenance to boot? This beauty makes your gift-giving decisions easy!

To care for an anthurium, bright indirect light is best. Water the soil once the top is fairly dry and ensure the plant medium is well draining and coarse. Anthurium grows as epiphytes so the soil is not a requirement for this houseplant. You can instead use peat moss, pine bark, and perlite.

A Green Valentines Day!

While cut flowers and bouquets are a classic Valentine’s gift, several houseplants deserve some love on this day too! From the perfect pink or red blooms of a potted azalea to the heart-shaped leaves on the string of pearls vine, houseplants continue giving long after the day is done!

Do you enjoy holiday-themed houseplants? What are some of your favorite Valentine’s houseplants? Share in the comment section below!