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How Often Should You Water Tomato Plants?

Tomatoes are like any other fruit or vegetables that we decided to grow in our gardens, we want to know how to best care for them. There are so many things to consider; how much sun the plant needs, what kind of soil you need to have, do you need extra mulch and how often should you water them? Well this article can help you out!

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How Often Should You Water Your Tomatoes?

There are many different kinds of tomatoes, each one with its own benefits, but we all want to know how to grow our tomato plants and how often do they need to be watered after planting? Well, the answer to that is not that simple, the amount of water needed depends on the size, where you live, and the type of tomato. As a standard rule when growing tomatoes, they need to be watered quite a bit when first planting them, you will want to make sure the soil is moist, not just on the top, but deep down into the soil. During the early spring months, it is still cool enough outside that the soil does not dry as quickly, so the tomatoes do not need to be watered daily. Check your tomato’s soil every few days to make sure it is not dried out.

As summer begins start watering your tomato plants more.

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Should I Water My Tomatoes Daily?

In the early months of summer, you should water your plants daily in the morning. Watering in the morning helps prevent water from building up on the leaves and possibly weighing them down. The afternoon sun with dry the leaves, and this will help prevent disease and burning of the plants.

As the temperatures get warmer you may need to water your tomato plant more than once a day. You will want to make sure your plants get about 1-2 inches of water each week.

The amount of water needed will change based on a few different factors.

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Do Tomatoes Need A Lot of Water?

Yes, is the short answer when it comes to do tomatoes need a lot of water. Tomatoes need to be moist all the time and if they dry out they will start to die. When you first plant your tomato seeds in the soil, you will want to make sure they are fully covered with water but not too much that the soil becomes soggy, but depending on how many plants you’re growing this could be a lot of water.

After that, the amount of water depends on the temperature and the condition of the soil.

Watering your plants properly is important to ensure they thrive.

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What’s The Best Way to Water My Tomatoes?

When watering your plants it is generally best to water at the roots rather than water from above. This makes sure that the soil and roots are getting all the water they need. When watering from above water gathers on the leaves and then dries up which is just wasting the water that the plant may need.

Make sure your water is on the cooler side. These plants like to be moist and cooler. If you’re using a tap or hose in the summer let it run for a minute to ensure the water is not too cold.

Tomatoes love water but be careful not to overwater.

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Signs Your Tomatoes Are Being Overwatered

Overwatered tomato plants will have wilted and yellowing leaves. The stems on the plants will start to yellow or brown and become less stable. The leaves on your tomato plant might start to look “bumpy” or have blisters on them and then start to fall off completely.

When this starts to happen you may think your plant is gone but there are ways to try and save your plants.

If you see your plant starting to turn yellow, you will want to stop watering it until the soil is dry to the touch. Make sure you check your soil and make sure it is draining properly and that the water is not pooling at the bottom. If you see that the water is pooling you may want to consider replanting your tomatoes in a container with better drainage.

Image credits: Davor Denkovski via Unsplash

Now that you know how to and how often to water your tomato plants you should have no issues growing big, beautiful, delicious tomatoes each year. Tomatoes are easy to grow, they can grow in huge bunches and they are healthy and easy to prepare in any kind of meal. They are a great addition to any garden and this will help your plants thrive.

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