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How to Anchor a Swing Set in Your Backyard: Your 11 Best Options

A swing set is a great way to bring some extra fun to your backyard without completely breaking the bank. They can range all the way from a simple, single swing setup to an entire playset with slides and monkey bars. The most important thing with all of them, though, is to make sure that they are safe.

In order to make a swing set as safe as possible, you will have to anchor it to the ground. This will ensure that the kids can’t tip it over and cause a potentially serious injury. In this article, we have laid out 11 of the best ideas for anchoring a swing set to help you find the method that will not only be effective but also work for the aesthetic of your backyard.

Metal Swing Set Anchors

    Ashman Black Ground Anchor

A set of metal ground anchors for swing sets.
    Use these metal ground anchors to fix a swing set on harder soil.

Metal swing set anchors are long, galvanized steel poles with a flange that hooks into the earth below the set itself. They can be attached to the swing set with iron clamps or bolts and they work well for harder soil that doesn’t have a lot of give. The flange is angled like the threading on a screw and will dig into the earth for installation but won’t come back up without turning.

Metal swing set anchors dig deep into the ground and will not show much above the surface. This makes them a good option if you want the anchors to be low profile to fit with the look of the backyard.

Corkscrew Anchors

    Eurmax Anchor Kit

A set of corkscrew anchors for swing sets.
    This set of corkscrew anchors for trampolines works just as well for swing sets. It comes complete with tie-downs that let you fix the ground anchor to the poles of your swing set.

Just like the name implies, corkscrew anchors are shaped like a wine opener and meant to dig down into softer earth and soil. Each bend in the screw is spaced far apart to get the most amount of earth between them. This allows you to get them deep down and use each level of the turns to secure the anchors in place.

Corkscrew anchors are usually designed to be almost flush with the surface of the earth. You can attach them to the swing set with bolts or chains in order to prevent tripping.

Wooden Swing Set Anchors

    Kitzmans Dixon Survey Stakes

Wooden survey stakes that can be used as ground anchors for a sing set.
    If you have a wooden swing set, you can fix its posts to wooden stakes driven deep into the ground.

If the ground underneath your swingset is hard enough, you can use wooden stakes as anchors to hold it in place. Wooden swing set anchors can work well if you want to keep the entire set wooden and not use any metal or plastic. If the stakes are driven far enough into the ground, they can be an effective anchor.

Wooden stakes also work well because they can be nailed or screwed directly to the frame posts of the swing set. You don’t have to worry about using any ties or chains and can be certain that the set will be attached securely to the anchors themselves.

Heavy Duty Swing Set Anchors

    Pinnacle Mercantile Rebar Stakes

Rebar stakes that can serve as anchors for a swing set.
    These rebar stakes are best used on hard clay or rocky soils. Hook these into a chain or metal loop attached to your swing set before hammering them into the ground.

If you have a particularly large swing set or live in an area that gets a lot of wind and adverse weather conditions, you are going to want some heavy-duty swing set anchors. These can be made up of galvanized or zinc-coated rebar and are curved at the end to give you two different anchor points.

Heavy-duty swing set anchors are meant to secure into all kinds of soil and earth. The ridges that run along the length of them act as grips that are great for holding onto the ground and not letting go, even when there is a lot of strain put on them.

Swing Set Anchor Kit

    XDP Recreation Ground Anchor Kit

A grounda anchor kit for swing sets, trampolines, and more.
    This kit includes everything you need to anchor your swing set to the ground.

A swing set anchor kit is a good option if you want everything to come in one convenient package. An anchor kit will include everything you need to secure your swing set to the ground without the hassle of trying to find all the correct parts and materials.

They will include everything from the stakes to the bolts that secure the swing set. This could be a good choice if you want to be sure that everything will be stable at every connection point.

Swing Set Stakes

    Metal Garden Stakes

Metal garden stakes that can serve as anchors for a swing set.
    For small swing sets that need anchoring to clay or dry loam soil, these metal stakes are an affordable option.

Swing set stakes are one of the simplest solutions for securing a swing set and work best in very hard earth. Their flat design is meant to be driven into the ground and slice through it easily, then be twisted to prevent them from coming back up.

These will be a good choice if your backyard has a hard surface like clay or dry loam. The flat edge makes for a secure hold without breaking your back trying to drive them in.

Swing Set Tie Downs

    Swing Set Tie-Downs

Metal pipe strap clamps that can be used as anchors for a swing set.
    Use Metal pipe strap clamps to tie down your swing set's flat on-the-ground crossbeam.

If your swing set has a flat crossbeam running along the bottom, you can use metal flange tie-downs to hold it in place. These tie-downs can be held in place with corkscrew stakes or another preferred method.

Tie-downs allow you to easily make small adjustments to the placement of the swing set without having to completely pull the whole anchor system out. They are a good choice if you frequently have to cut the grass around the base of the set and want to be able to cut underneath it.

DIY Swing Set Anchors

DIY Swingset Anchors

Swing set anchors can be made out of just about anything that will be secure in the ground and will attach to the frame posts of the swing set. Large hex screws, tent stakes, and wood stakes are all good options for holding a swing set in place.

If you are going to make your own DIY swing set anchors, be sure to use materials that won’t crack or deteriorate from moisture. The weather and rain will make their way underground eventually and this could reduce the integrity of the anchors.

Cement Anchors

One of the most secure ways to anchor a swing set is to set it in cement. If your swing set has single frame posts, you can dig diagonal holes for them to go inside and fill those holes with cement.

Use a level over the top post of the swing set to make sure it stays straight as you are digging the holes. You will also want to be certain that the swing set is where you want it since it will be very difficult to move once the cement is set.

Ground Cover Anchors

If you have a very small swing set, you can also use the ground cover to anchor it in place. Just bury the frame posts at least six inches underground and refill the holes with packed dirt.

This is an especially effective method if you want to be able to easily move the swing set around. To do this, just dig the frame posts up and refill the holes before you dig new ones in the new location.

Flower Pot Anchors

Flower Pot Swingset Anchors
Image credits: Jeff Schell via Pinterest

If you want to use this opportunity to create something truly unique and interesting, lay some cement in the bottom of four flower pots and use those as your weighted anchors. Then, you can actually pour soil over the top and plant flowers in them for a nicely integrated design element.

A Final Thought of How to Anchor a Swing Set in Your Backyard

The most important thing to consider when deciding how to anchor a swing set in your backyard is safety. As long as the set is stable and in no danger of tipping over, how you do it is limited only by your imagination.

Do you have a unique way that you have anchored your kids’ swing set? Let us know in the comments section below!