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How to Fix a Leaning Artificial Christmas Tree Like a Pro

If you’ve given up on live Christmas trees and switched to the ease of artificial trees, you might experience a common struggle. After you set up your tree, it could look like the leaning tower of Pisa. Don’t be discouraged! This is a typical problem that has a very easy fix. Find out how to fix a leaning artificial Christmas tree, and you can restore your tree to its full glory.

What You Need to Fix a Leaning Christmas Tree

Before you get started, you need to gather a few things. Here are all the materials you need if you want to learn how to fix a leaning artificial Christmas tree:

  • Large piece of 1 x 2 wood (or four small pieces)
  • Saw
  • Level and plumb

In some cases, the tree is leaning because of an uneven floor. In this instance, all you need is something to place under the stand. A thin piece of wood, some layers of cardboard, or a plastic chip will get the job done.

decorating leaning christmas tree man and boy

How to Fix Your Leaning Christmas Tree

Just as real Christmas trees need TLC, artificial trees need help. When you have a leaning tree, here’s what you can do.

1. Figure Out Why Your Tree Is Leaning

It’s important to know a few things about your tree before you learn how to fix a leaning artificial Christmas tree. Here are a few things you should consider before you attempt to fix your tree.

If you have an old artificial Christmas tree, its age could be why it’s leaning. Over time, the screws in the tree loosen and don’t hold the tree upright. Another issue may be the ground. Check the ground to determine whether or not uneven ground is making your tree lean.

If the ground looks uneven, you have an easy fix. The only thing you need to do is prop up one of the legs on your stand. Take a few small pieces of cardboard or any other material you have lying around. Then, place them under a leg that’s not touching the ground.

2. Cut Your Wood

leaning artificial tree undecoratedTake your long piece of 1×2 wood and cut it into four pieces. For this part, the measurements don’t need to be precise. You’ll be placing the wood between the tree and the metal pot, so your wood can be rather short. However, it’s best to err on the side of caution and keep your wood longer than you think it needs to be. You can always take it out and remove it later. Typically, your wood should be about seven inches long.

3. Clean Out Your Stand

All too often, people try their own methods of fixing artificial trees before they turn somewhere for advice. If you’ve tried a few things on your own but haven’t had success, you may need to do this step.

Check your stand for objects and materials. If you sprayed foam in your stand, remove it. Your stand should only contain your fake tree stump and some screws.

4. Position the Wood

Next, position the wood in your stand. It needs to sit between your trunk and the can where the screws extend. If the wood doesn’t go in front of the screws, this fix won’t work.

5. Tighten the Screws

Once the wood is in place, tighten the screws. The wood should hold your tree in place and keep it from leaning to one side. In addition to looking at your tree to see if it’s level, you also can test it with a level and plumb.

6. Make Necessary Adjustments

At this point, you can make any adjustments that you need to. If the tree is still leaning, try adding an extra piece of wood to the side of the tree that needs it the most.

Of course, the aesthetics of your tree also matter. If your fix is noticeable, you might want to make some more adjustments. You could cut your wood shorter or paint it to match the tree trunk. When all else fails, cover the base with a Christmas tree skirt.

7. Last Resort Options for Fixing a Leaning Tree

You can try replacing or covering the base pole of your tree in a way that doesn’t look like you’ve tried to fix an old, leaning tree. A creative idea involves drilling a hole through a barked log to drop the tree into, then sealing around with foam or caulk once the tree is positioned correctly.

repaired artificial tree leaning with wooden tree base in stand
Credit: Barrett Steenrod

Alternately, if you believe your tree base is the cause, you can purchase a new stand online. This model will fit most trees, but be sure you know the pole circumference before purchasing one to be sure you get the right fit.

    Puleo International 22 inch Folding Stand

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    Folding tree stand for artificial trees 6.5 to 8 feet tall. Durable steel construction keeps your tree sturdy. Easily folds for compact storage, 1-year warranty included.

8. Know the Answer to “How do I keep my Christmas tree from falling down?”

If your tree is level, it’s unlikely to fall down. But there’s an extra step you can take to prevent your tree from falling. Place your tree in the corner of your room. Take some fishing line and wrap it around the trunk of your tree. Then, attach the ends of the line to hooks on the wall. Doing so could prevent a holiday accident.

leaning artificial christmas tree lying sideways atop a stack of boxes

Now You Can Straighten a Leaning Artificial Christmas Tree

Now that you know how to level your tree, you can make the most of your favorite artificial Christmas tree. Instead of replacing your tree every time it gets crooked, you can easily fix your existing tree. With this guide, you can get extra years out of your tree. Learning how to fix a leaning artificial Christmas tree may be one way to save money, or at least to spend more on your Christmas gifts!

What has your experience with artificial Christmas trees been? Comment below and let us know how you’ve tried to straighten your tree.