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The 10 Best How to Make a Snowman Wreath Tutorials

Christmas may be over, but winter is still trekking on. Even if you’ve long taken down your tree, you can still decorate your home with winter-specific décor. And what’s more wintery than a snowman?

Looking for that perfect holiday décor that is an homage to both the winter season and the holidays? Want to test your creative side and see if you can make your own decorations without breaking the bank this holiday season? Do you fancy the thought of making your front door a welcoming sight during the holidays for wayward travelers and visitors? If you’re agreeing, or you are intrigued enough to learn a new skill, then you want to check out this DIY snowman wreath compilation.

You’ll need some supplies, time, and an open workstation to complete these projects. However, you might be surprised by how easy some of these DIY snowman wreath crafts are.

10 Tutorials for How to Make a Snowman Wreath

Spice up the rest of the season with one of these easy tutorials.

Tulle Snowman Wreath

A snowman wreath made from tulle.
Image Credit: Kremena Ruseva via Deavita

Supplies needed:

  • 2 wreath forms (a small and large)
  • White mesh
  • Orange felt
  • Styrofoam or plastic hat (cut in half)
  • Cardboard
  • Black paint
  • Hot glue gun

This cute and warm little snowman wreath idea is perfect if you’re looking for something more jovial and less artistic. The tulle snowman wreath uses wreath forms to create a traditional snowman face and is both adorable and lightweight. This craft is also easy enough for children to make, but parental supervision is recommended.

DIY Snowman Wreath Décor

Supplies needed:

  • 2 rolls of 10-inch white deco mesh
  • 8-inch wreath frame
  • White pipe cleaners
  • 10-inch or 12-inch roll of deco mesh or burlap for the scarf
  • Black stiffened felt
  • Glue gun
  • Black felt from the bolt
  • Burlap for the nose
  • Poly fill
  • Ribbon
  • Decorative pick
  • Felt to cover the back of your wreath
  • Zip ties

Similar to our first snowman wreath, this cute little creation from Julie’s Wreath Boutique takes the initial simple concept and transforms it into something much more detailed and unique. The beauty of this tutorial is that you can get pretty creative with your color choices and little details. Pick out the tulle and foam colors that you want to play with, and get creative with the hat accent pick. The result is a soft, fluffy, and fun snowman wreath that looks great indoors and outdoors.

Deco Mesh Snowman Wreath

A volumous snowman wreath made from garland and mesh.
Image Credit: Southern Charm Wreaths via Hometalk

Supplies needed:

  • Wreath form
  • Twist ties
  • White garland
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • 2 10-inch rolls of white deco mesh
  • Orange chenille stems
  • Black hat or red bow

Got a ton of leftover deco mesh from Christmas? Put it to good use and make a deco mesh snowman wreath! This tutorial is ridiculously easy to follow and doesn’t take a ton of work. If you’ve already got a ton of tulle around, you probably have most of the additional supplies required. Like our last handful of wreaths, this one focuses more on creating a traditional snowman face and is very lightweight. The difference is that this snowman wreath has a more wispy, flashy appearance and has the consistency of a tutu. Adorable!

Rustic DIY Snowman Wreath

Three grapevine wreaths topped with a felt black hat and donned with a red scarf to look like a snowman.
Image Credit: Heather via Local Mom Scoop

Supplies needed:

  • 18-inch grapevine wreath
  • 2 12-inch grapevine wreaths
  • Foam
  • Felt black hat
  • Red wide ribbon
  • Bells
  • White pipe cleaners $1.19
  • Silver pipe cleaners $0.99
  • 1 can of white spray paint
  • Scissors
  • Over-the-door wreath hook
  • Hot glue gun
  • Additional accessories of your choice

Are you a fan of minimalist décor? Perhaps you want to make a snowman wreath decoration that’s a bit more on the rustic side and less on the Christmas side? This tutorial is definitely for you, and it’s unbelievably easy. Even if you aren’t particularly crafty, you’ll have no problem making this snowman decoration in less than an hour. The basic components of this rustic wreath are grapevine wreaths, which have a natural appearance. You don’t even have to spray-paint the wreaths if you want to opt for something a bit more forest-like. However, the spray-paint can add some unique dimensions and textures.

Winter DIY Snowman Wreath

A DIY snowman wreath made from grapevine wreaths, holly leaves, and paper mache.
Image Credit: Angie via Darice

Supplies needed:

  • 3 Darice grapevine wreaths
  • Black craft paint
  • Red ribbon
  • Holly leaves
  • Iced branches
  • Darice paper mache hat
  • 9-inch wide plaid ribbon
  • Dowel rod
  • Hot glue and a glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Paintbrush

This lovely and simplistic little wreath tutorial results in a natural-looking snowman decoration similar to our last project. This version, however, has a jolly and more Christmas-like appearance. Holly leaves are used as arms and attached to the center grapevine wreath to give it a very woodsy vibe. If you’re looking for a snowman wreath that will be aesthetically pleasing despite Christmas trends, go for this one.

Silly Deco Mesh Snowman Wreath

A snowman wreath made from mesh.
Image Credit: via FDC

Supplies needed:

  • White metallic poly mesh
  • White pipe cleaners
  • Wire wreath form
  • Brown felt sheets
  • Red felt sheets
  • Pompoms
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

If you’re looking for a snowman wreath to keep the kiddos occupied, rather than to create aesthetically pleasing décor, this craft would be a good one to consider. This snowman face wreath is quite minimal and doesn’t require too much cutting, so even young children can enjoy taking part in this fun craft. When you’re finished, these wreaths can be hung anywhere, but we recommend keeping them indoors.

DIY Tulle Snowman Wreath

A DIY tulle wreath with eyes, nose, a black hat, and red scarf.
Image Credit: Dawn Wade via Fun365

Supplies needed:

  • White large tulle roll
  • Christmas top hat
  • Bright foam sheets in green and red
  • Large felt sheets in green and red
  • White craft cups
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Sponge paintbrushes
  • Glue gun with sticks
  • Tennis balls
  • White styrofoam wreath

This unique take on the traditional snowman face wreath is so cute! Rather than focusing on filling the center of the wreath with materials to form a snowman face, this tutorial opts to use the actual wreath itself to portray a snowman. You’ll need quite a bit of tulle for this one, so we recommend this tutorial if you have a lot of leftover tulle from Christmas.

Fluffy Snowman Wreath

A fluffy wreath with a hat.
Image Credit: via Baby Rabies

Supplies needed:

  • Top hat
  • Small scarf
  • Corn cob pipe
  • 7 white feather boas
  • 13-inch styrofoam wreath
  • 18-inch styrofoam wreath
  • Scissors
  • Optional glue
  • Pins

This special snowman wreath is very different from other tutorials on this list because it doesn’t use traditional holiday materials like ribbon and tulle. It’s also ridiculously fluffy, which is pretty satisfying in itself. A more minimal and simple take on traditional snowman wreaths, this awesome wreath is made from feather boas, rather than tulle or ribbon. If you’re having trouble finding a corn cob pipe, we recommend looking online at craft stores that sell Christmas materials for DIY projects.

Super Easy Snowman Wreath Tutorial

An easy snowman made from grapevine wreaths and chipboard.
Image Credit: Linda via Craftaholics Anonymous

Supplies needed:

  • Magic tape or washi tape in light blue and dark blue
  • Orange masking tape
  • Scissors
  • 2 5-inch grapevine wreaths
  • 8-inch grapevine wreath
  • Hot glue gun
  • Twine
  • Thin chipboard
  • Tongue depressor
  • Craft knife
  • Self-healing craft knife
  • Wood triangle

Do you want to make a snowman wreath but don’t want to deal with extremely detailed and difficult DIY tutorials? We get it, it’s been a rough year. There’s no reason to stress over a little snowman wreath. That’s why this tutorial from Craftaholics Anonymous is so awesome. This fun activity doesn’t involve a ton of material curation or even creativity. Just grab some glue, twine, colorful tape, grapevine wreaths, and scissors. You’re basically good to go, and the result is simply adorable.

Crocheted Snowball Wreath

Crocheted wreath with a snowman sitting on top of snowballs and a blue arc covering the two.
Image Credit: Sarah via Repeat Crafter Me

Supplies needed:

  • 12-inch styrofoam wreath
  • Blue, white, red, black, and orange yarn
  • Size H crochet hook
  • Poly-fil
  • Yarn needle
  • Red felt
  • Hot glue gun and some glue sticks

Are you a fan of crocheting? You can definitely take this skill to the next level and make a crocheted snowman wreath! This super cute creation will definitely take a lot more time and energy than the other snowman wreath tutorials on this list. However, if you like to crochet anyway, it’ll be a breeze. This tutorial from Repeat Crafter Me details each and every chain and pattern in very simple language, so you’ll be able to follow along with little issue. Because of the composition and material used in this wreath, we recommend keeping it indoors and away from the elements.

Which DIY Snowman Wreath Will You Choose?

How ridiculously cute were these snowman wreath tutorials? You definitely don’t need to break the bank just to make new holiday décor for your home this holiday season. Instead, you can use a combination of items found in nature and your local craft store to create stunning pieces that capture the spirit of the winter season. Bring Christmas and winter together with a snowman wreath that is welcoming, stunning, and completely handmade. When visitors in your home ask where you purchased such a charming front door wreath, you will be able to tell them you made it. Perhaps they might commission you to make them one as well! Crafting can definitely be quite addictive.

Another bonus about these snowman wreaths? You don’t necessarily have to hang them on your front door if you don’t want to. You can hang the snowman wreath of your choice on a wall or fireplace mantle in your home. As long as you are able to hang this wreath, then you can display this wreath.

When you’re ready to take your craft skills outdoors, try one of these snowman ideas.

Featured Image Credit: sputnik via Flickr