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How To Pet-Proof Your Lawn

Your backyard is an important extension of your living space. It should be a place where you and your furry best friend can run, play, and enjoy the sunshine. However, your pets can do a lot of harm to your lawn that can make it look unattractive if you do not protect it well. 

In order to save your lawn, you need to know how to pet-proof it. There are many ways to prevent its destruction. That’s why today we want to share with you some of the best ideas so you can enjoy your beautiful-looking lawn.

Use Proper Fencing

Dogs in a Fence
Image credits: Ali Peterson via Canva

If you don’t want your pupils to have any contact with your lawn, the best thing you can do is to enclose the whole area. Before letting your pet out at the start of the season, take the time to walk the perimeter of your property and check the condition of your fence. Pets are masters of finding any opportunity to sneak out and explore the world around them. If you don’t already have a fence of some form installed on your property, this is a good time to consider adding one. There are many different dog fencing options depending on the size of your yard, your budget, and (of course) the dog you are trying to contain.

Use The Right Seeds

Grass Seed
Image credits: AnthonyRosenberg via Canva

Sometimes it is almost impossible not to let your dog onto the lawn. No matter what you do, your pet will always find a way to get there and do some damage. In that case, you have to choose the hardwearing grass seeds. Thanks to them, you will minimize the damage to your lawn. Whenever your pupil destroys a part of the lawn, it will recover fast, covering the demolished space. There are numerous hardwearing seeds to choose from, so make sure you conduct proper research before picking anything.  Also, make sure you know how to correctly plant grass seeds to not make even more damage to your lawn.

Overseed The Lawn

Grass seeds
Image credits: schulzie via Canva

Going out to your garden and seeing patches on your lawn can be a terrifying experience. If your dog has already damaged your lawn by leaving many bold spots, the best method to repair it is by adding plenty of seeds in these areas. If you want it to recover even quicker, it is recommended to add some lawn fertilizer. Thanks to that, you will be able to have fresh grass in less than two days. If you use the fertilizer, make sure your dog doesn’t have contact with the place where you utilized it for a few days so it can get under the surface of the soil.

Clean Doggy Do-Do Immediately

Woman Gathering Dog Poo in Park
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You might think that your pets’ poo is beneficial for your lawn, but it is far from being true. Even though it contains nitrogen that can make your grass have more vivid colors, with time, it can harm your lawn significantly. If you don’t want this to happen, you should always clean after your pupils as soon as possible to not only protect your grass but also your neighborhood from the unpleasant fragrance.

Get Rid Of The Urine

Dog peeing
Image credits: Capuski via Canva

Your pupil’s poo isn’t the only thing that can be destructive to your lawn. Unfortunately, its urine also has a very negative impact. What you can do, is take a small water container with you every time your pet is peeing on the lawn. After it finishes, just pour some water on that spot. This way, you can dilute the acidity of the pee. However, if that method seems a bit complicated, what you can do is add dog rocks to your dog’s water. They will naturally lower the pH of its urine, making your lawn less exposed to its harmfulness.

Enjoy Your Backyard with Your Best Friend by Your Side

As much as you love your pup and want it to have a lot of fun in your yard, you also need to protect your precious lawn from it. We are confident that if you follow our tips on how to pet-proof your lawn, it will always look spectacular no matter how much time your pet spends running, playing, or rolling on it!

Let us know which method you found the most useful, and as always, please share!