How To Prevent Your Outdoor Decorations From Being Stolen
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How To Prevent Your Outdoor Decorations From Being Stolen

Part of the holiday fun is dressing up your house to match the cheer of the season!

Decorating inside and outside of your home involves a lot of planning and, when you’re done, you experience a unique brand of satisfaction at seeing your finished work. But prepping your home for the holidays doesn’t just stop there — you also need to protect them even if you have a fence!

Unfortunately, there’s the very real possibility of someone stealing your favorite decorations during this time. Learn how to prevent Christmas decoration theft from your yard by reading on.

Why Do People Steal Lawn Decor?

Although Christmas is the season of giving, that doesn’t mean your lawn decorations are free for robbers to take! But why would anyone even do this?

Typically, holiday decorations are stolen for the thieves to resell them online and make a quick buck. It’s a sad reality that your lawn ornament pieces are at a high risk of being taken from you or tampered with, especially in the night, even if they’re inside your fence. Even if they didn’t take something expensive, it’s still a huge inconvenience and can easily ruin your day.

When thieves see something they like in your yard, they often grab it and make a quick escape before anyone sees it. Keeping this in mind, here are some tried and tested ways to prevent it from ever happening to you.

Best Ways to Secure Your Lawn Decoration

The most important thing is to make it difficult for thieves to get your holiday decoration. This means that you need to find the best ways to secure outdoor Christmas decor in your yard.

Heavy Decor

heavy decorations
Image Credit: C_Greengrass via Creative Commons

First of all, you can make the holiday decoration item itself hard to carry. Bulky lawn decorations and larger ornaments discourage thieves from taking them since they’ll be harder to lift out of your property. When choosing your holiday decor, be sure to check its weight, especially if you’re investing in something expensive that you want to use for many years.

Locking Cords

locking cords
Image Credit: davedehetre via Creative Commons

If you have any decorations that need to be plugged into an outdoor socket, you should look into locking cords. Locking cords secure your plugs and ensure they don’t randomly disconnect from power. This means that a thief will have a harder time pulling out and running away with your lights, projectors, or blowers. It’s a great item to have since it’s good for any outdoor electric item, not just for your holiday decor!


tie downs
Image Credit: GraceFamily via Creative Commons

Tie-downs like zip ties and lawn stakes help fasten loose items to more permanent yard features. Your zip ties are great for tying down your Christmas lights to prevent them from moving. You can also use your lawn stakes for standalone items that could get blown away by the wind.


Image Credit: ell brown via Creative Commons

Go the extra mile and lock in your decorations with a chain and padlock or a simple bike lock. This can serve as an additional line of defense for your outdoor Christmas decor. Unfortunately, these locks aren’t perfect and could still be broken into with a little time, effort, and tools. That said, they’ll make it harder for burglars to make a quick run for it and could be enough to discourage further attempts.


tape for decorations
Image Credit: 0xF2 via Creative Commons

Sometimes, all you need is tape. If you don’t have any special items designed to secure your outdoor decor, you use heavy-duty tape instead! Use these generously to lock in your plugs, secure your lights, and keep your other decorations fixed to your home. If you run out of tape, a thick layer of cling wrap around the female end of your plug could work too. Though it’s not fancy, they secure a vulnerable part of your decor.


weights for decoration
Image Credit: crusaderstgeorge via Creative Commons

Any hollow decorations you might have could be in danger of being blown away by the wind or being taken by some sticky fingers. Tackle this by anchoring them with some weights. Simply fill it with something heavy or attach it to a weight before placing it on your lawn. As long as you make it difficult to carry, your decorations will be much safer.

Protecting Your Outdoor Christmas Decor

While securing your decor makes it difficult for robbers to grab and go with your decor, you can take additional precautions to protect your property and retain the holiday spirit. While the most recommended direction is to install a home security system, here are some other measures!

Strategic Layout 

Image Credit: lundyd via Creative Commons

The way you set up your decorations makes a huge difference in what can and can’t be stolen. The closer your decorations are to your front door, the less likely they’ll be stolen. A good rule of thumb is to keep your more expensive items closer to your house because they’ll be harder for people to reach.

Personalized Designs

personalized decorations
Image Credit: via Creative Commons

Since the usual motivation behind stealing holiday decorations is to resell them, marking your decorations discourages these kinds of thieves. You can add stickers, write your name, or use a permanent marker on them to lessen their resale value and make them easier to identify, should anyone still take them. And don’t worry — these markings don’t have to mess with how your decor looks!

Security Signs

security signs
Image Credit: PinkMoose via Creative Commons

Funnily enough, the threat of home security is usually enough to put off anyone from carrying off your stuff in the spur of the moment. It’ll be good to put up signs and cameras that let people know your home is being monitored. It’s not foolproof but it could decrease the possibility of people spontaneously helping themselves to your decor.

Motion-Activated Alarms

motion detectors
Image Credit: Alessandro Vernet via Creative Commons

No one wants to get caught so take advantage of that! An affordable security measure to consider is any kind of motion-activated alarm. They don’t have to be high-tech, simply setting up motion sensor lights around your valuable decorations or by the entrance of your yard can scare off potential thieves. Just a quick flash of light, security cameras, or a noisy alarm tripped by the robbers coming near is shocking enough to grab attention and prevent a robbery.

Tracking Devices

tracking devices
Image Credit: U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service – Northeast Region via Creative Commons

Although this can be pricey, it’s worth it for big-budget items on your lawn. Flashy and expensive decorations are incredibly tempting and might be enticing enough for thieves to take them despite the other security measures in place. For these valuables, it’s usually worth it to attach small tracking devices to them so you can locate them wherever they may go.

In Summary

It’s a sad truth that your holiday lawn decorations can be stolen from you but, fortunately, you’re now more prepared to prevent this from ever happening. If you do it right, you’ll rest easy knowing your property is secure.

If you have any tips to share or questions that we can answer, drop them in the comments below, we love hearing from you and helping however we can.

After protecting your decor, we’re sure you’ll be greeting the new year with a box complete with all the Christmas decor you started the season with!