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Grow a Revolution in Your Backyard: How to Redefine Your Kitchen Garden

“In the midst of an obesity epidemic”, Roger Dorion speaks of a way to both take responsibility for your diet, and power over your choices through a simple concept: growing your own kitchen garden. He explains further that taking this step opens up your experiences to learning more about yourself and your health through more involvement with the food movement. Namely, fresh food storage, preparation, and other means of food productions, such as when your local farmer’s market is open, are all lessons to learn when you begin to own your own “subversive plot”.

Interestingly enough, dynamics show that as obesity rises within the world, so does hunger and poverty, as well as world food prices- marking a stark contrast to the powers that are held over food. In a world that is increasingly urban, concerns about where food is coming from becomes a very real problem.

Through this eye-opening presentation, Dorion suggests that we “redefine what good food is” through our own ownership of that food by growing our own gardens. His company, Kitchen Gardens International, provides educational materials and help to get started to increase access to foods that are “healthy for us, (our pocketbooks), and the planet”.

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Danielle McLeod

Danielle McLeod cuts a tragic figure in the High School English classroom teaching literature by day, and moonlighting as a writer and graphic artist by night. Published in a variety of travel magazines, and now a blog, Danielle enjoys coming up with home and garden projects to complete with her two young boys. A native of Michigan, she resides in Southeastern New Mexico with her variety of horses, poultry, and variable mix of rescue dogs (there’s a cat or two in there as well). In her free time she enjoys travel, art, photography, and a good book!


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