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Our 2020 Review of the Husqvarna 555 Chainsaw

When it comes to chainsaws, Husqvarna is a name that everyone knows a little bit about these products is already familiar with. Today, we’re going to look into one of their models, the Husqvarna 555, and learn more about its specification and provide you with all the info needed to make an informed shopping decision.

About Husqvarna

Husqvarna is a Swedish company founded way back in 1689. Historically, it produced firearms and had a factory that employed about 1,000 people. The company produced its last rifle in 1989. Throughout the years, Husqvarna was a company that expanded its consumer durables list of products by making sewing machines, bicycles, lawnmowers, motorcycles, power cutters, demolition robots, etc. course, chainsaws.

Husqvarna Chainsaws

The company started producing chainsaws in 1959 when the company saw a decline in consumer demand for motorcycles in bicycles. Back then, the forest industry witnessed an expansion, and Husqvarna has the knowledge for making quality engines by then. They shifted their knowledge to create this powerful motorized tool that quickly became one of the products that the company was most well-known for.

An In-Depth Look at the Husqvarna 555 Chainsaw

Husqvarna 555 Chainsaw
    Wield the horsepower you need to conquer any project. Featuring groundbreaking design and robust power, the Husqvarna 555 is engineered for landowners and tree care professionals. Thanks to Husqvarna’s innovative AutoTune™ technology, this chainsaw is ready to work in any and all conditions.



Husqvarna 555 Engine

The engine of the Husqvarna 555 chainsaw uses what the company called X-Torq® petrol chainsaw engine technology. This particular technology is designed to reduce fuel consumption as well as exhaust emissions. If you’re interested in the technical specification of the engine, here are some figures that might be of interest:

  • Power output – 3.1 kW
  • Cylinder displacement – 59.8 см³
  • Max engine/motor RPM – 13600 rpm
  • Fuel consumption – 438 g/kWh

The 555 chainsaw comes with a two-stroke engine and requires a combination of two-stroke oil and petroleum to function properly. The manufacturer advises the users to make sure they obtain the correct mixture between the two (the ratios are all mentioned in the operations manual that comes with the purchase of the chainsaw but is also available online).

The company recommends using its two-stroke engine oil designed for the engines placed on their chainsaws. If you create your mix, make sure that you use a clean container dedicated to fuel. The correct way to create this mixture is to add half of the amount of petrol, add all the oil, mix them, and add the oil’s remainder. Make sure you give everything a good mix before adding it to the chainsaw’s fuel tank.

Husqvarna 555 chainsaw details manufacturer

Bar Length

When it comes to the bar length, most people choose to purchase the 18-inch version of this 555 chainsaw. However, the company’s official website gives you multiple bar choices to select from, such as:

  • 18-inch bar, 3/8-inch pitch, .050-inch gauge – 966 45 19-04
  • 18-inch bar, 3/8-inch pitch, .058-inch gauge – 966 45 19-05
  • 20-inch bar, 3/8-inch pitch, .050-inch gauge – 966 45 19-06
  • 20-inch bar, 3/8-inch pitch, .058-inch gauge – 966 45 19-07
  • 24-inch bar, 3/8-inch pitch, .050-inch gauge – 966 45 19-08
  • 24-inch bar, 3/8-inch pitch, .058-inch gauge – 966 45 19-09

In case you’re not sure which option to go with, here is what we can tell you about the different bar lengths that chainsaws are equipped with:

  • Bars that measure between 18 and 22 inches are right at the limit between regular use and professional territory. They are good for homeowners, and 18-inch is often the most sought out options. A chainsaw with an 18-bar is useful for almost every branch you can find in a domestic setting.
  • The 24-inch option of the 555 chainsaws is way more suitable for professional use. This is the bar length that a lumberjack would be comfortable in using. It is not a suitable option for people who can’t handle heavy-duty operation because of mobility problems.

Husqvarna 555 Oiler

Lubrication is an essential part of having a functional chainsaw for many years to come. If chainsaws weren’t lubricated, there would be a lot of hot metal-on-metal friction between the chain and the guide bar, and this can lead to a level of damage that renders the chainsaw useless.

The 555 chainsaw comes with an adjustable oil pump. When these adjustments are required, you can use a screwdriver to turn the screw (set by default to the middle position). If you turn the screw anti-clockwise, you will be increasing the oil flow. Naturally, turning the screw clockwise reduces the oil flow. If you’re unsure which setting is the best, know that medium flow is required for the 18-inch bars, while 20 and 24-inch bars need maximum flow.

husqvarna 555 2020 review wide glamor shot chainsaw atop a neat stack of clean cut logs wide diameter

Husqvarna 555 Chainsaw Maintenance

Here is one of the most awesome things about the Husqvarna 555 chainsaw: when it comes to maintenance, this baby is a low-profile tool. Experts have praised this particular chainsaw model for its ability to literally stay out in the snow at freezing temperatures and still be able to perform time and time again.

While we recommend leaving the chainsaw in the shed or the garage when not in use, those who have tested it before claim that this is one of the most low-maintenance tools they ever bought. It does require quality fuel and new filters as per the manufacturer’s instruction, but there is no unusual or difficult task involved in Husqvarna 555 chainsaw maintenance.

As long as you handle it just like you would handle any other power tool that cost hundreds of dollars (don’t throw it against the walls or hose it down in the garden type of stuff), this product should be able to outlive a lot of other mainstream chainsaws out there.

However, we can’t simply ignore the manufacturer’s recommendations in terms of daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance. You must follow these guidelines because failure to do so can void the warranty.

Daily maintenance of your 555 chainsaw requires you to do the following:

  • Cleaning the outside of the machine.
  • Making sure the throttle’s components work safely.
  • Cleaning the chain brake.
  • Making sure the chain and bar are oiled properly.
  • Sharpening the chain and making sure the tension and condition are correct.
  • Check for cracks and other visible signs of damage.
  • Making sure there are no fuel leaks.
  • Making sure that all nuts and screws are tightened.

Husqvarna 555 Chainsaw Warranty

Husqvarna offers a 1-year professional warranty for the 555 chainsaws. This means that during the first year of use, the company decides if any defects are subject to repair or complete replacement of the product. The warranty does not cover normal wear to parts or engine; component damage due to adjustments that were not performed according to the manufacturer’s instructions; or other types of damage caused by improper use of the chainsaw.

Why Choose the Husqvarna 555 Chainsaw?

husqvarna 555 chainsaw in use commercialThere are plenty of things that make the 555 a chainsaw worth of your money. It is designed with the X-Torq technology, promising up to 75 percent fewer emissions and using 20 percent less fuel compared to other chainsaws. It is designed with a 59.8cc engine that works hand-in-hand with the 18-inch bar so that you can comfortably work with timber when doing both professional and around-the-home jobs.

Unlike other chainsaws, the 555 is very comfortable because of its details that make a difference. The anti-vibration dampeners are there to make sure your arms are comfortable even after using the chainsaw for long periods. The AutoTune system, something that Husqvarna is well-known for, is here to make sure that the engine settings are automatic to optimize the chainsaw’s performance. That means you won’t need to manually adjust the carburetor, as you can rely on the company’s Smart Start technology.

The chainsaw is designed with a forged three-piece crankshaft that promises a greater lifespan for the product. There is also the magnesium crankcase that deserves an honorable mention because of its capacity to face up to high RPMs without compromising the chainsaw’s life.

The Husqvarna 555 is also designed with a centrifugal air cleaning system that ensures you can use the product for longer before you have to clean the filters again. The adjustable oil pump grants you more control over the chain lubrication. A special round of applause should go to the inertia activated chain brake, a safety measure that causes the chainsaw to stop in care of upward motion detection.


Many homeowners and professionals consider the Husqvarna 555 chainsaw as one of the most reliable products in its price range. It comes with multiple bar length options so that both categories of users have a suitable product that meets their needs.

But there is much more to the 555 chainsaw than its engine, even if it manages to reduce exhaust emissions by 75 percent and consumes 20 percent less fuel when operating. The low vibrations feature is designed to make it easier for people to maneuver the chainsaw and use it for a longer time without feeling exhausted. The quick-release air filter makes it easier to clean it and replace it.

Other features that make this chainsaw a worthy purchase include the transparent fuel level indicator, the adjustable oil pump (for easier chain lubrication), and the side-mounted chain tensioner (so you can easily adjust the tension of the chain).