14 Ideas For Landscaping with Cacti
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14 Ideas For Landscaping with Cacti

When it comes to landscaping, there are a host of choices for creating the perfect setup. Of course, our climates highly regulate our options, at least if we don’t have an indoor greenhouse or an entire wing dedicated to plants that need shelter during the bitter months. In some cases, landscaping with plants that do best in arid climates is required. However, that doesn’t mean that aesthetics go down the tubes.

Landscaping with cacti can be a brilliantly beautiful choice for folks in arid and semi-arid climates. We’ve even seen some success in areas like North Florida and the lush parts of Texas with careful tending.

Today, we want to share with you the 14 ideas for landscaping with cacti so you can find something suitable for yourself!

Cacti Container Garden

Xeriscaping isn’t restricted to planting your cacti and succulents in the ground. In fact, in some cases, planting them into containers and situating the containers more precisely may be the better solution all around anyway. They look gorgeous and are easy to care for and maneuver as landscaping plans change.

House Borders

In some cases, your best placement of cacti is going to be along the edge of the house. In the image shown, this means a hint of xeriscaping with large pebbles and wooden edging. You can take this idea and run with it, mixing in succulents or keeping it strictly to cacti species of the same or varying types for a uniform or blended look, respectively.

Cacti Palm Rock Garden

If you’re in a climate where palm trees can thrive, you may want to consider mixing your “media” even more by not only planting cacti into a rock garden. However, adding some palms and succulents for a multi-height adds an exotic feel. The beautiful palms offer shade, while the cacti, succulents, and others give that ground-level beauty you’re looking for.

Vintage Props

It is a great idea if you love the Southwestern vintage style that’s pretty easy to recreate. Plant your cacti in the graveled ground, add a few simple props like a rustic wagon wheel and some clay pots – and voila! Easy, simple, beautiful cacti landscaping old style.

Raised Bed Cacti Garden

For those with limited space for xeriscaping, a raised bed cacti garden is the perfect solution. They allow you to sculpt your landscaping just how you like and provide control over the soil as you need, especially in less arid climates where cacti might not thrive in your natural soil.

Stacked Pot Garden

This picture features succulents, but the same concept can be applied to cacti. Find a large clay pot and crack out the side, then insert smaller, tiered pots (with some gravel or soil for support) to build up a unique look like this tiered stacked pot garden. It’s perfect for patios or highly manicured garden spaces.

Mini Cowboy Cacti Garden Pots

For something a little different – and perfect for small spaces, patios, and not as arid climates – you can create your version of a fairy garden with potted cacti in a micro-landscape design. Just add cowboy and horse figurines for your own Wild West mini garden!

Cacti “Pocket” Garden

If you’re tight on space, you can still decorate your yard with some cacti of varying sizes. You’ll want to create a definite border with rocks or wood or some similar texture that blends well with the rugged xeriscape style most cacti call for. And then plant a few select cacti and other plants that fit the space without overwhelming it.

Artificial Desert

If you have the space, you could create your imitation desert right there in your backyard. With the proper sand and fine gravel laid out, plant your cacti and succulents or other plants in a distinctive “wild” or “natural” design like this one. It’s a beautiful use of the space that won’t require much attention from you!

“Wild and Free”

Take a page from this Dutch gardener and plant your cacti landscaping design without much design. Plot out your space for the plants and start digging! There’s something incredibly beautiful and freeing about this kind of wild landscaping that’s worth considering for sure.

Mini Drive Riverbed

Something you often see in the Southwestern states, if you hit up the open country, is dry riverbeds. They’re beautiful, natural occurrences in a dry landscape – and could be just the inspiration you need for your own. You’ll need some gravel and rocks to shape the riverbed in your landscaping, you’ll want to edge the bed with cacti and similar plants that blend into the scene.

Mix It Up

In this case, you may want to mix up your planting with a variety of trees, cacti, succulents, and even flowering shrubs. Edge the space with rocks or wood to create a nice bridge between the “worlds” of plants you’re using for an attractive cap.

DIY Vertical Cacti Garden

If you’re tighter on space or simply want to keep things compact, you can always consider a vertical cacti garden like this one. Build it with whatever materials you prefer (treated wood, concrete blocks, recycled pallets), and build your tower as high as you like.

Cacti Privacy Wall

Finally, you can find some of the taller species of cacti and create yourself a “wall” of privacy using the cacti planted closely together. They can provide a bit of shade as well as privacy in this situation or simply a lovely look to an otherwise bland space.

So Many Ways to Landscape with Cacti

Cacti are such a unique and versatile plant species that you can create practically any kind of mood for your landscape designs. From vintage and rustic to elegant and classy, these prickly plant pals add intrigue to your garden space. Be sure to wear proper protective gear as you plant and ensure the cacti species you’re using will do well in containers versus ground plantings.