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12 Indoor and Outdoor Herb Garden Design Ideas

12 Indoor and Outdoor Herb Garden Design Ideas

As a cookbook developer and home cook, I’ve learned the value of a good, accessible herb garden. But I’ve struggled to find the right kinds of herb garden designs for my needs. I don’t have a lot of space (apartment dweller here!), and I have a cat who thinks herbs are for shredding, not cooking!

If you’re looking for some good ideas, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve done a bit of searching and found some great options for both indoor and outdoor herb garden ideas. I hope one of them suits your needs, as well as some, have suited mine.

Outdoor Herb Gardens Ideas

Converted Pallet Planter

Colorful pallet leaning against wall
Image credits: Matt Seymour via Unsplash

Did you know you can turn a used pallet into a beautiful vertical herb garden. It’s one of the most space-saving and attractive options out there for a low-key herb garden.

Vertical Wall Hanging Garden

plants in baskets hanging from square mesh on wall
Image credits: Reija Hirvonen via Pixabay

Short on space? This DIY hanging garden works for anyone with a wall to which they can adhere some metal fencing. Just plant your herbs in the rustic baskets and hang with hooks. Voila! A gorgeous garden in less than a day.

Recycled Bottle Fence Garden

Plants growing out of recycled plastic bottle on chicken wire fence
Image credits: via

If you like recycling old bottles, this DIY idea is perfect. Collect a bunch of bottles, grab some potting soil and seeds. Plant and hang them on any existing fence, and for way less than average, you’ve got a beautiful, easy to care for herb garden.

Bonus: using clear bottles allows you to monitor water levels, root growth, etc.

Simple Wooden Wall Garden

Plants growing in simple wooden box wall garden
Image credits: dieneves via Pixabay

This vertical herb garden is easy to create. You can convert an old mail sorter or pick apart a pallet and rebuild it. It’s an easy plan that only requires a little paint or stain to look as good as the photos.

Table Plants on a Covered Patio

Herbs growing in pot on table top with 2 clear glass jars behind
Image credits: cocoparisienne via Pixabay

For an easy herb garden that boosts the looks of your patio, deck, or other covered structures, going for a portable container garden is a great choice. You can use uniform clay pots, mixed and matched styles, tin pans, galvanized steel buckets, or anything else that matches your outdoor patio style.

Bonus for this is that they’re super close to the house for easy plucking for that meal tonight.

Raised Box Garden

Raised planters for various types of plants in garden
Image credits: Sincerely Media via Unsplash

If you’ve got a bit more space and want to dedicate a good bit of it to grow the most incredible herbs around, you can use the raised container concept. Whether you use rustic, upcycled wood like the picture above or not, it’s a great way to keep the plants accessible and happy, even in less than ideal soil regions.

Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

Hanging Planters

Hanging planters
Image credits: Angèle Kamp via Unsplash

So, if you have a cat anything like mine, the hanging herb garden is probably the best idea available. It allows the plants to grow freely, gaining sunshine and natural light and providing you with more oxygen and some lovely greenery around the home.

Hang the herb planters in the kitchen, living room, or dining room window, wherever you like, and in as many locations as you like. Just make sure kitty can’t leap onto something nearby for a nosh!

Mason Jar Planters

Herbs growing in mason type jars
Image credits: freestocks via Unsplash

For those who like upcycling, creating a portable mason jar herb garden is a great indoor project. The jars just to be cleaned, planted, and given plenty of light and water. They work on counters, on shelves, in indoor greenhouses, and more, too, making them super versatile.

Indoor Greenhouse Herb Collection

Indoor greenhouse, lit up with green, purple, and pink lights on inside
Image credits: Backyard Boss, author

For anyone who wants to grow herbs year-round, an indoor greenhouse herb collection is a great idea. This is what I do, along with hanging plants, to keep the herbs growing and fresh for all my cooking needs.

AeroGarden Herbs

AeroGarden with young plants
Image credits: Chris F via Flickr

For those interested in investing a little more, the AeroGarden is a great option for growing herbs quickly and easily with almost no maintenance. All you have to do is insert the pods and check on the water and plant food levels, as indicated by the lights.

Kitchen Countertop Garden

Plants on a kitchen counter top
Image credits: Pexels via Pixabay

For those with a good length of countertop in the kitchen, an herb garden makes for a perfect “barrier” between rooms while still leaving the air open in that open concept design. You can plant your herbs in gorgeous matching pots like these or mix it up with some funky ones with fun designs. The best part? The plants add some beauty while also being super convenient for when you’re ready to pluck some basil.

DIY Wall Garden from a Baking Pan

kitchen pan on stovetop
Image credits: Marco Verch Professional Photographer via Flickr

Recycling is a great way to get some unique décor and planter items in your home. Use a baking pan and some plexiglass to create a gorgeous wall garden for your herbs in just 10 minutes.

The Right Herb Garden Design for You

There are tons of designs out there for your herb garden ideas, whether indoors or outdoors. However, the ones I’ve found are the best I can tweak to fit my precise living space. Hanging gardens, wall gardens, indoor greenhouses, and vertical patio gardens are the best fit for me. If you have more space or don’t have a cat who’s bonkers about plants, you might find the countertop garden is your best choice.

Whatever you choose, be sure to grow the right herbs and learn how to dry herbs properly for best results year-round.