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9 Indoor Garden Ideas for Small Spaces

Indoor gardening is an increasing trend and a great way to garden all year round, no matter where you live. You can grow herbs, micro greens, leafy greens, and some fruit trees indoors. Or if you prefer the aesthetic over the edible, succulents and many tropical plants can also thrive inside.

If you don’t have any extra room in your home or work with a small space, that you want to bring some life to, then you need to think small. Here are nine indoor garden ideas for small spaces!

1. Shoe Organizer

The shoe organizer is an ingenious idea that’s fashionable and perfect for gardening. You can secure these to a wall or hang them from a railing or door. Find a spot that receives lots of direct sunlight so your garden will thrive even in the cooler months.

For drainage, poke holes in each compartment, and fill with your preferred soil mix. Plant your seeds or seedlings and watch them grow. It is perfect for herbsmicro greens, leafy greens, or green onions.

2. Driftwood Hanger

No room left on the floors or walls? No problem, there’s room left on the ceiling! Here’s a stunning idea that combines gardening and art.

If you have a room that receives lots of light, the ceiling is a fantastic place to hang plants, especially ones that trail. The cascading leaves will be able to reach the light, achieving proper photosynthesis, and you’ll enjoy the feeling of living in your indoor jungle.

3. Go Vertical

When you’re organizing a small space, there’s no way to do it other than going vertical. This hanging gardening is perfect for the kitchen, or in front of a window that receives a lot of light. You can purchase many designs or make one uniquely for your space.

Depending on how many rows you decide on, you could fit quite a few plants on these hangers. Be sure to secure it to the ceiling with an anchor, and use light pots and potting soil to reduce the weight.

4. Cart

Want something mobile? A cart garden may be perfect for you. Wheel it out to your garden in the fall to collect all your must-save plants, and then have the flexibility to move it around your house as needed.

It will also be a cinch to rotate your plants weekly. Fill it up with houseplants, herbs, leafy greens, and dwarf fruit trees. The options are endless!

5. Herb Ladder

Do you have an old ladder that’s destined for the garbage pile? Reuse it by transforming it into a walled garden and save space.

If you lean it up against a wall, be sure it’s in a location that receives sunlight and rotate your plants regularly. In front of a window is also a great idea to maximize the light. For safety, secure the top and bottom of the ladder, so it doesn’t fall over.

6. Stay Tiny

One of the best ways to garden in a small space is to buy small plants and know which plants will stay that way. Herbs, micro greens, and leafy greens are the easiest edibles to grow indoors, and they don’t take up much space as you’ll continually be harvesting them. 

Popular small indoor houseplants include; nerve plantspeperomiasAfrican violets, echeveria, haworthia, and air plants

7. Mason Jar

Do you have extra mason jars that you want to find a new use for? You can make your very own mason jar garden for your home. Attach the jars to scrap wood or a pallet, and have fun painting your designs.

For proper drainage, you should drill a small hole in the bottom of each jar. To save space, secure these to a wall that receives adequate sunlight.

8. Trellis

Be smart about the space you use by utilizing a trellis for climbing plants. It’s also a spectacular art piece sure to wow your visitors. 

Pothos, philodendrons, hoyas, and ivy are all excellent houseplants for growing on a trellis. If well taken care of, they’re long-living, meaning you shouldn’t have to move this piece anytime soon.

9. Window Sill Shelf

When you have a small space, you need to utilize every window, even the small ones. If you have a small window above your kitchen sink, this might be the perfect place for a shelf for your herbs, micro greens, leafy greens, and other plants.

With some scrap wood, this is a relatively easy DIY, or there are many commercially available over-the-sink and window shelves for plants. Now when you do your dishes, you’ll be able to admire your garden.

Liven up Your Small Space

Small space doesn’t mean you need to compromise on your gardening dreams. There are countless ways to add plants to your indoor space without taking up too much room.

If you’re thinking about starting an indoor garden, you must try one of these ideas for small spaces.

How do you save space in your indoor garden? Comment below, and as always, please share!

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