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45 Amazing Indoor Garden Ideas: #27 is So Easy!

45 Amazing Indoor Garden Ideas: #27 is So Easy!
Do you have a dream garden in mind but can’t seem to find the space to make this dream a reality? Despite popular belief, you really don’t need a huge yard to have an amazing garden. With the recent growing appeal of tiny homes and smaller, minimalistic spaces, there are so many ways to achieve a wonderful garden area without having to take up too much space.

Whether you live in a small apartment and have a side garden or call a studio home that has no planting areas, there is so much you can do by way of pots, planters and even custom-made garden areas. If having a beautiful garden seems nearly impossible given your living arrangements, fret no more! We’ve got a perfect list of examples on how to make the most of your space and get your dream garden flourishing in no time!

Indoor Garden Ideas

1. Cupped Plants

Don’t let the thought of taking care of potted plants scare you. In this nifty idea, the plants are basically set into tiny little cup holder looking planters. A wide misconception with potted plants is that you need to have large pots in order to keep the plants healthy. It is true that plants do tend to grow bigger and stronger in larger pots, but depending on what you want to plant, tiny pots should work, as well. Herbs and other tiny plants and even some vegetables do very well in small pots.

2. Indoor Atrium

If you have a spare room or area to utilize, you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous indoor atrium. Even a home or apartment that has a porched area could easily be turned into an atrium. You really just need a covered area that you can easily close off. If you don’t already have an existing room, you can add some trellis or fencing along the edges to give the illusion of a closed off garden room. Atriums are as elegant as you want to make them and can be decorated up or down depending on your décor preference.

3. Window Herbs

Herbs do exceptionally well in small planters. Anything, even a mug, can be used to house herbs, basically. In this photo, tiny colored pots hold delicate herbs basking in the sunlight on this windowsill. You could place as many planters as your windowsill could hold in this case. Since the planters are also in an area you’d see everyday (a good spot is the kitchen sink window) you would easily remember to water them and look after them on a day to day basis. Some herbs need less water than others, so make sure to keep that in mind as well.

4. Herb Wreath

This just goes to show how versatile herbs are. You can literally house them in a wreath and they’ll do just fine! This is a really creative concept, actually. All you’d need is a decorative, sturdy wreath, tiny pots, seedlings or seeds and any type of decoration you’d want to use on the wreath. Hot glue should work well enough if the pots are tiny, but it’s always a good idea to enforce anything on the wreath with some garden ties or wire. Imagine guests coming to your front door to see a lush garden wreath greeting them? It’s a fun, creative idea.

5. Cup Garden

I love this idea! Using a simple mug or cup, you can create your very own tiny garden! This would be a great idea for a kid’s party or for some kind of crafting event. Since cactuses and succulents do very well with minimal water, utilizing these plants could be your best bet, especially if entrusting a child to watch over the cup garden. You can get as creative as you’d like with a cup garden. You could even choose a jumbo sized cup or the tiniest tea cup you can find. The possibilities are endless with this creative concept!

6. Zen Garden

Don’t have a lot of luck with living plants? No worries at all with this unique garden idea. A Zen garden uses elements from nature without having the responsibility of actually having to water a plant or take care of something. Zen gardens typically call for sand, rocks, moss and mini statues depending on the look you’re going for. Zen gardens are pretty simple to make and are really great because they are so versatile. They also instill a sense of peace and calm, which is always a good thing!

7. Mini Gardens

This great DIY article gives wonderful information on how to create your own mini gardens. Adorable and affordable, these darling little gardens can be filled with all kinds of plants, rocks, statues and other decorative elements to make this a tiny piece of nature right in your own home. Since the garden can be as tiny as you need it to be, there’s no need to worry about where to place it and no need to worry about spending too much.

8. Water Garden

This is a fantastic water garden that incorporates your own fish friend into the mix! Using a plant, such as a fern, it’s roots can withstand complete water submersion can add an interesting garden element to your space. The roots of the plant create a natural food for your fish, while the fish’s waste acts as natural nutrition for the plant. It’s a symbiotic relationship that is not only really cool, but your guests will love it. Of course, feeding the fish his or her normal food is highly, highly suggested.

9. Chicken Garden

Spice up your mini garden by adding tiny, adorable miniature chickens into the mix. Not only is this a super fun concept, but these would surely become really trendy in shops or boutiques. Once you have a chicken garden or two set up in your own space, everyone is going to want one! They bring all the charm of a regular mini garden with that added fun flair of the tiny chicken charms. What’s even better is that these are multicolored and can match any type of decorative setting.

Indoor Fairy Garden Ideas

10. Fairy Garden Kit

This all-inclusive fairy garden kit takes out all of the hassle of finding things to fill your fairy garden with. This would be a great gift for a loved one or even a wonderful purchase for someone who has never built their own fairy garden or doesn’t know where to start. The adorable little fairy house comes complete with warm glowing lights that burn throughout the night as its tiny fairy occupant looks out onto her vast realm. This would be a fun project to do with a child or a kid at heart.

11. Fairy Garden Varieties

There are so many ways to make a fairy garden and this article is chock full of fantastic ideas. No matter what size pot or container you use, you can easily scale up or down depending on the bulk of the project. Succulents are used often in these idea concepts since they are typically pretty small and are super easy to take care of. They require very little water and flourish in almost any type of environment. Fairy gardens look especially great on a covered patio or in between garden rocks outside in a sort of out of the way area. They are fun for guests to stumble upon.

12. Indoor Fairy Gardens

Indoor fairy gardens are great because they’re easy to care for and you can basically fill them with whatever you want. Since these gardens are protected inside instead of left out in the elements, you can use all sorts of decorations or plants you’d typically want to keep indoors. Anything from decorative scarves, candles or delicate tiny furniture can be used since you won’t have to worry about these things getting rained on, sun bleached or carried away by little critters. These also make great conversation pieces in a kitchen or breakfast nook area.

13. Fairy Garden Furniture

You can’t have a fairy garden without plenty of fun furniture for your miniature guests to use! Almost like a doll house, your fairy garden can be stocked with all kinds of fun décor and furniture. Instead of having to buy all the furniture (which you could totally do if that’s what you prefer) it would be kind of neat to make all the furniture with elements from nature, much like the things actual fairies would use. Make a table out of stones and sticks, create a hammock out of some twigs and moss, or create your own tiny little fishing pond.

Indoor Vegetable Garden Ideas

14. Herb Planters

Many people just assume in order to have a decent garden you need to have the outdoor space for it. When it comes to gardening your own vegetables, you can easily do it indoors, you just need to choose the right plants for it. Herbs and most root vegetables can be successfully grown indoors, no matter the size of the planter. Green onions, peas, dill, cilantro and green beans are just a few of the vegetables and herbs that can do really well indoors. Just be sure to have their pots in a sunny area and water regularly.

15. AeroGardens

AeroGardens are incredible because they make growing indoors so easy and mess-free. These amazing, compact little greenhouses monitor all the levels in sunlight, water and food your plants would need. All the guesswork is taken out of planting and the prolonged care of your plant because these nifty machines come with little touch screen monitors to let you know just how well your plants are doing. If anything is insufficient, the AeroGarden will be sure to let you know before your plants start to wilt and die. Basically anyone can care for a garden, green thumb or not.

16. Tiered Mini Greenhouse

Using a tiered mini greenhouse in your space can not only help your plants grow in the perfect temperatures, but they are so easy to use and setup. These particular greenhouses are meant to be moved around, so they come with wheels you can attach to the feet of the greenhouse. Keep in mind, these greenhouses are light, so you may want to enforce the shelf racks with some zip ties if you plan on equipping it with heavier pots to prevent your pots from falling through. Other than that, these are amazing little greenhouses that definitely get the job done.

17. Vertical Indoor Garden

This vertical indoor garden uses a network of tiny pots to help your plants grow to their fullest potential. This design comes with a patented flow through design which helps ensure that all your plants receive sufficient amounts of water. This no-hassle concept is perfect for the gardener who prefers to garden as a hobby. Gardening can take a lot of time, after all, so this is a great idea for the person on the go who still enjoys having fresh herbs or vegetables to use. Plant anything from herbs to strawberries in this nifty gardening idea.

18. Corner Garden

This wonderful garden design only needs to take up the space of one corner. Acting as its own greenhouse, this garden area utilizes heat and condensation to keep your plants healthy and happy. The best part is you can fill the space with as many plants as you want. This unique concept is a minimalistic approach to a full blown greenhouse where you can plant all sorts of vegetables, herbs and plants. Not only is it a great concept, but it’s actually pretty adorable to look at, as well. Surely all your guests will be impressed by this nifty greenhouse concept.

Indoor Cactus Garden Ideas

19. Cactus and Succulent Gardens

Cactuses and succulents go hand-in-hand on the ease of gardening scale. These are great plants to have for a beginner gardener or just a cactus enthusiast because they require minimal water, can grow exceptional well in all types of sunlight and really just do well on their own. These are the kinds of plants where the more you ignore it, the more it will flourish. They know what they’re doing and would prefer to be left alone. Cactus and succulent gardens are perfect for a busy person or someone who is not home on a regular basis.

20. Boxed Display Garden

This boxed display case contains inside it a cute menagerie of cactuses. Since cactuses can stay pretty tiny, you can use the tiniest, most adorable pots you can find and arrange them in a display like the one depicted. This is a great idea for a patio area with a large garden table or just to have as decoration on a windowsill overseeing a yard. This will basically look great anywhere you place it. And, the best part, you won’t have to worry about watering it all the time since cactuses are pretty self-sufficient. Double win.

21. Air Garden

An air garden is a super cute way to house a succulent or cactus in a suspended ball of glass. Since succulents and cactuses require minimal care, you can easily place them inside a thin, blown glass vase, tie some twine through the top loop and have it suspending in a covered patio area, garden or windowsill. These types of glass vases are extremely delicate, but they would look absolutely fabulous hanging in different areas of your house. You might want to make sure, if using several of these vases, to make sure they are spaced far apart from each other if using them outdoors since an especially windy day could lead them crashing into each other and breaking.

22. Indoor Cactus Garden

Cactuses are great to use indoors in a wide, well-lit space, such as depicted in the picture. They aren’t messy, don’t require much work and always look fantastic. This concept would look especially great in an office or home that has a sort of southwestern theme since cactuses are heavily used within these settings. Whatever the décor may be, having an indoor sort of atrium looking garden naturally draws the eye over to the area because it is peaceful and serene. Guests will love it and you won’t have to worry about maintenance.

23. Windowsill Planters

These windowsill planters will make succulents and cactuses look so great! They are slightly rustic and completely charming. They will liven up any space, indoors or outdoors. Using repurposed wood, such as the wood in the photo, makes the planters look even more quaint and interesting to look at. You can fill these up with your favorite tiny succulents and cactuses, or even both. The link features a DIY you can either follow or use to create your own sort of trough windowsill planter. Such a great idea and a wonderful project to do by yourself!

24. Succulent Garden Bowls

These succulent bowl ideas seriously look good enough to eat, but that is highly unadvised. These are absolutely adorable to use as a decoration on a kitchen table, breakfast nook or even to set upon an outdoor garden table. Since succulents are so great at sustaining themselves and require minimal care, you don’t need to worry about draining or watering these little guys. They will most definitely thrive well in a bowl where other plants would need adequate drainage. This DIY covers all the bases when it comes to creating your very own succulent bowl planter.

25. Creative Concepts

There are so many places you could plant your succulents. Flat bottles, corks, picture frames – these are just a few of the creative concepts you can try when utilizing your very own succulent garden. The fact that succulents don’t require much fuss makes them a highly versatile plant that are popularly used in cute decorative ideas like the ones depicted. Even someone who is not very garden savvy could successfully sustain a succulent garden. Take some of these ideas and try them out for yourself or come up with your own creative concept entirely!

26. Tiny Landscape

This idea is so creative and absolutely adorable! Create your own succulent mini landscape with lights that actually turn on! Talk about a great conversation piece! These mini landscapes could feature anything you’d like. The landscape depicted features a tiny camper nestled within a succulent forest encircled by little garden lights. It’s such a cute idea and would make an absolutely fabulous project to do with kids or as a craft idea for a party. Everyone will love this concept and you can easily make these as individualistic ad you’d like.

Indoor Wall Garden Ideas

27. Modern Art

Indoor wall gardens are not only super cool to look at, they can also act like a living, growing modern art piece. These would look great in a minimalistic or modern apartment since it’s an interesting design concept. Not only do these look great, but they are easy to take care of since most wall gardens have built in watering systems. Even if you utilize a wall garden that does not have one of these nifty watering systems, these are easy to care for anyways since most of these have a cascade watering effect that makes sure all the plants are watered at once.

28. Garden Wall Boxes

Kind of like a concept of a shadow box, these garden wall boxes are a great way to grow plants in your own living room or bedroom. The design is so great and interesting to look at. These would definitely be interesting conversation pieces to have throughout the house. Since air plants or succulents do so well with little maintenance, these would be the ideal plants to have in this sort of setup. Use several different plants in all shapes and sizes to create a truly unique look in your living space.

29. Simple Wall Planters

Wall planters not only look super great to have around your house, but they are super easy to make, too! Using items as simple as painted pails and wire could transform your living space from boring to flourishing in no time. The best part is you can use any type of color, shape of pail or plant you want to match any existing décor. Change it up and add funky bold colors to make the space interesting and unique. You can do so much with his fun idea and it’s a really inexpensive way to transform a room or patio area.

30. Garden Rods

Utilizing an indoor garden has never been easier by way of these super cool garden rods! Using anything from a coat hanger rod to a curtain rod, you can easily adjust the rod to hold hanging planters and pots. These hanging plants can be set anywhere throughout your home or even your outdoor area and provide an interesting, fresh concept everyone will absolutely love. Plant your favorite flowers, cactuses and succulents in these nifty pots and watch them flourish where they hang. It’s a really simple project that will continue to reward you.

31. Zen Bathroom Wall

Imagine being able to relax in a tub and gazing at this wonderful wall of plants after an especially stressful day? There is just something relaxing and peaceful about live, growing plants and a bathroom would be one of the best places to have them. In this concept, the wall just behind the bathtub has sprung into life by way of all these vibrant green plants. If you’d prefer not to cover up the entire wall as depicted, you could easily make some of those great wall garden boxes we saw earlier to create a more subdued approach to this concept.

32. Terrarium Glass Planters

These hanging glass terrariums are a great way to add some intrigue and living plants into a room. Since they are so tiny, they look especially good in a large number. This could even be considered a modernistic art piece because of how uniform and interesting they are. You could easily fill these with decorative rocks or shale to go along with your plants for an even more interesting look. These are highly versatile and will no doubt be the center of attention in any room you choose to set these up in.

33. Hip Herbs

Make a super hip herb garden with this funky DIY concept. I love the idea of using tiny mason jars as planters and adding some vibrant paint to the backboard for added décor. This is a great way to have fresh herbs all year long and add a contemporary art piece to your living space. What’s even better about this idea is that you can easily customize it to fit any particular tastes. To keep it more minimalistic, keep the wooden backboard raw or stained to add a classy look to a kitchen or side room area.

34. Wooden Palette Garden Design

Make the most out of a large wall space by utilizing a wooden palette frame. Wooden pallets are so great because they are highly customizable, are easy to find and can be transformed into so many great home DIY projects. This particular palette frame incorporates tiny plants in clear votive vases while warm string lights twinkle on. The incorporation of the wood, vases and lights all work so well together, making this piece original and absolutely stunning. This would look great near a breakfast or brunch nook when gathering with friends.

35. Plastic Bottle Planters

How do you stay eco-friendly while making space for your favorite indoor plants? Utilize all those plastic bottles, of course! This is a great DIY idea that is awesome in itself but even better because it’s earth conscious. Recycle all those old soda or drink bottles and create your own hanging wall planters. These are cute, fun and will no doubt be impressive to anyone who has the pleasure of seeing it. Plus, you’d be setting a great example for friends and family to be greener, too.

Indoor Hanging Garden Ideas

36. Freestyle Plants

Half the beauty about having plants indoors is that they can still grow the way they want. Anyone who has had creeping vines or ferns can attest to this. These plants simply look better when left to roam as they please. I’m not saying make room for a jungle in your home, per se, more like make sure you carve out some space you don’t mind these kinds of plants creeping on. Vines are the best because their natural instinct is to latch onto their surroundings, so this creates some pretty interesting textures to whichever area they’re in.

37. Hydroponic Garden

Creating a hydroponic garden space is a great way to have your own hanging garden. Hydroponic gardens stimulate root growth on their own, so there isn’t much you need to do as far as care and concern. You do, obviously, need to make sure the water supply is sufficient and that the space you are using has adequate sunlight, but other than that, these types of gardens take care of themselves. This would look great in a corner or against a kitchen wall for fresh herbs all year long.

38. Hanging Vegetable Baskets

Using those great recycled drink bottles, you can easily create your own hanging garden. You can set this up in either an indoor pantry area (one that has sunlight, obviously) or even against a bright kitchen wall. This is a fantastic way to watch over your herbs and have them easily accessible for whenever you need some fresh thyme or cilantro. People are discovering the joy of harvesting their own fresh herbs more frequently these days, and this idea brings the concept easily into your own home.

39. Wall Planters

Here’s a great idea for an indoor wall garden – easily create your own wall of planters that exude ambient light from behind them. This is fantastic because if you’re willing to put in the time and money to create the space, you can set this wall up anywhere. Due to the ambient light, the planters will be able to hold all kinds of plant that can get sufficient artificial sunlight. This type of wall would look great across a foyer or even down a hallway.

40. Light Planters

Incorporate lights and planters with this interesting concept. By adding a planting reservoir off of a hanging lamp, you can easily set up your own hanging garden that is a sight to behold. Obviously you’d have to make sure nothing can cause any sort of electric current going where it shouldn’t be, but this idea should be relatively simple to setup if you’re careful. Since the planters are located right beneath the light, there’s no need to worry about your plants not receiving adequate light.

41. Hanging Baskets

You just can’t go wrong with hanging basket planters. You can easily fill these types of baskets with any kind of plant or flowering plant you prefer. What’s great about these concepts is how easily you can customize them. You can fill your space with huge, flowering plants or keep it simple with smaller, hanging votive vases that house fresh herbs. Whatever your preference, there’s a reason why hanging planters are such a huge hit and a typical go-to when it comes to fresh greenery indoors.

42. Vertical Garden

Here’s a great idea for a vertical garden that not only looks unique, but will surely provide you with all the fresh herbs you want! Even if you prefer to use a garden idea like this for something other than herbs, it’s a great look that will draw much attention. I appreciate the bold blue color of these particular planters, but of course you can switch up the colors for whatever you like best. This would look great in a kitchen or dining room area – almost like a living spice rack!

43. Earth Bowl

Many people prefer to use these natural looking earth bowls as planter holders because they look absolutely fabulous. In these planters, the plants are basically suspended in soil wrapped by either moss or natural elements such as roots. These look particularly great in an outdoor garden area or hanging in an indoor garden space. Even about your kitchen sink, these planters are truly unique and bring so much décor into the space. You can find a variety of shapes and sizes in most garden stores or online.

44. Upscale Light Bulb Planters

This is a great idea for a planter, but definitely a project that you’d have to go about carefully. I’m assuming you can’t use just any kind of light bulb for this project. You’d probably have to use a heavy duty bulb with thick glass in order to make a circular opening without shattering the light bulb completely. This is another great project to execute when you’re feeling green and just want to recycle something to create something beautiful.

45. Hanging Pots

Hanging pots are adorable and so easy to create. In this picture, a double rod planter setup is taking place as the sun beats down gently on these potted plants. This is another great way to incorporate those easy to use rods and make your own planter space. This is an idea that would look best in a kitchen window or maybe even in a bathroom window. Whatever the space, these pots can be easily customizable by shape, size and color. The possibilities are endless.


So, which of these ideas are you planning on trying? Are you going to try a totally unique concept or pick and choose a few ideas to string together? All of these ideas are so cute and creative, it’d no doubt be hard to pick just one concept to go for!

Whichever idea you prefer, you can always make everything you see here pretty customizable. Mix and match or just go with the flow and create a living space area you and your family or friends will enjoy. All these great ideas just go to prove how easy it is to incorporate your own indoor garden into the mix. Have any suggestions or ideas of your own? Let us know in the comments! Good luck and happy planting!

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