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4 Indoor Garden Systems For Year-Round Gardening

Summer is already over, meaning you must wait at least a few months before growing your favorite plants, fruit, and veggies outside again. However, thanks to today’s technology, you can cultivate most crops inside the house with the proper device. 

This equipment will provide you with fresh and organic food all year round. No matter your budget, open space, or gardening skills, many products available on the market will be a great fit. To choose the one that will match your needs the most, discover this list of the four best indoor garden systems and pick one for yourself!

AeroGarden Bounty 

AeroGarden Bounty 
Image credits: AeroGarden Store via Amazon

AeroGarden is a well-recognized brand among indoor system gardens. The company’s main mission is to let people grow their favorite food inside their houses all year round and make them feel more connected to what they cultivate.

First, with AeroGarden Bounty, you can grow plants in water instead of soil, which makes your indoor gardening less messy. This product is technologically advanced, which greatly facilitates its use. It has Wi-Fi that allows you to control it from the AeroGarden app or Amazon Echo device! There’s also a Vacation Mode, thanks to which your plants can grow when you are not around. Not to mention it  comes with an easy-to-use control panel.

This system is a great choice for harvesting multiple large crops since it has room for up to nine different plants. Anytime you want to reduce the intensity of the garden, you can easily do that with the touch of a button so the lights can dim from full brightness to only 30 percent instantly.

iDOO Hydroponics Growing System

iDOO Hydroponics Growing System
Image credits: iDOO Store via Amazon

iDOO enables people to be more connected with nature by letting them grow whatever they’re pleased with inside their houses. They believe the most engaging experience is when you can learn through practice.

With iDOO Hydroponics Growing System, you can grow your plants 20 percent faster compared to standard soil planting. It’s because it’s equipped with a very quiet watering system with a pump that provides better circulation and boosts the oxygen level. The system comes equipped with LED lights in all spectrums that you can adapt to your crops’ needs, and an air system that promotes airflow while balancing temperature.

With this system, you can grow up to 12 plants simultaneously. It comes with smart soil sponge pods that help roots to absorb water. It also has a separate water filling spout to easily add water without spilling and a visual window so you can always know how much water is left in the tank.

LYKO Hydroponics Growing System

LYKO Hydroponics Growing System
Image credits: LYKOCLEAN Store
via Amazon

LYKOCLEAN is a company from Los Angeles that focuses on bringing nature back to homes in the 21st century. This technology allows people to enjoy nurturing their veggies indoors and prolonging the growing season. 

Lyko Hydroponics Growing System makes growing plants at home an enjoyable and effortless experience. It’s especially great for novice gardeners! It comes with a 3.5 liters water tank that doesn’t require refilling for up to 15 days. The device is very quiet since it operates at a low noise level of 20-35 decibels, meaning its sound will never wake you up at night. It’s also very energy-efficient because the pump hydroponics turns on for only 30 minutes every hour. 

Due to its innovative one-key feature, you can easily switch functions between different growing modes with the touch of a button! Plus, no soil equals no mess and hassle! 

QYO Hydroponics Growing System

QYO Hydroponics Growing System,
Image credits: QYO Store via Amazon

With QYO, you don’t need to wait for perfect weather conditions to grow your beloved plants. Its indoor gardening solutions allow you to grow herbs, vegetables, and fruits inside your house throughout the year so you can always have fresh food at hand.

QYO Hydroponics Growing System was designed with simplicity in mind. Just fill with water and grow 12 different plants up to 21 inches high indoors. Changing the water and cleaning the tank are uncomplicated tasks due to the drainage hole on the back of the hydroponic garden system. You can also change the plant mode from flower to vegetable with one simple click. On top of that, this system is equipped with a full spectrum LED grow light to meet the lighting conditions of most plants. 

The kit comes with 12 plastic rods that are perfect for your various young plants to support their optimal growth. It also contains 24 sponges that you can use as a replacement. You also get 12 labels that are waterproof and non-corrosive, so you always remember what you are cultivating. 

Grow Your Food No Matter The Season!

These days you can grow your favorite food no matter the season thanks to technologically advanced indoor gardening systems. These devices allow you to cultivate herbs, vegetables, and fruits inside your house without worrying about the weather conditions. What’s more, they’re quiet, do not require the use of soil, and you can place them anywhere around your place.

Which indoor growing system do you find the most interesting? Comment below, and as always, please share!