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The Best Indoor Gardening Ideas for Beginners

So, you want an indoor garden but don’t know how to start? No problem!

The best thing about growing plants indoors is they’re easily accessible and often require little maintenance. Some of the best indoor plants are even forgiving if you forget to water them for a week, or two! Vegetables, succulents, herbs, and other houseplants are great places to start when it comes to novice indoor gardens.

Want to get growing? Take a look at these best indoor gardening ideas for beginners to inspire and encourage you. Over time, your home will overflow with vibrant and healthy plants. You may even start considering yourself a plant parent!

1 – Hanging Window Herb Garden

There is something so rewarding about going down the hall to harvest your very own home-grown herbs. Many herbs are simple to grow, and with a little love and attention, produce plenty for use in the kitchen.

For those with smaller spaces, a hanging window herb garden is the best solution. It keeps plants out of the way, and puts your herbs in a perfect sunny environment – the window! Once they have a spot with access to sunlight, make sure your herbs have a pot with drainage holes. Root rot and other growth problems are a result of sitting water and overwatering.

Some of the best herbs for these hanging gardens include mint, basil, oregano, chives, parsley, and more! Select your favorite fresh herbs to fill the pots hanging in your new oasis and watch them flourish.

For those wanting an extra challenge, grow your herbs from seeds starting in the spring. You can also transplant herbs out of their original nursery potting.

2 – Succulent Garden

For those beginner gardeners looking for easy houseplants to take care of, succulents are a great place to start! They’re forgiving and drought-tolerant plants that won’t mind a little neglect. What plant parents love about succulent gardens is the aesthetic appeal they add with their unique colors, sizes, and textures.

Succulent gardens will grow in terrariums, boxes, or any creative vessel that holds adequate soil and moisture. Pick your favorite succulents and grow them together for an eye-catching arrangement. Choose from succulents like jade plants, prayer plants, hens and chicks, Venus fly traps, and many more!

Pro Tip: Remember, succulents need well-draining soil to thrive. A mixture of potting soil, peat, and sand is the best combination for succulents.

3 – ‘Grow From Scraps’ Veggie Garden

If you’re like most home cooks, once you use up the bulk of your veggies, you toss the bottoms. But why? What if you were told these seemingly unusable bottoms are future plants?

One of the easiest and most sufficient ways to grow a garden inside is to start from scraps! Using jars, containers, cups, or bowls, fill them with water and stick your scraps inside. Vegetables like lettuce, green onions, red onions, celery, beets, and others will grow if given the chance.

To create your ‘grow from scraps’ garden, find a vase or glass of your choosing to set all your future veggies in. Place it somewhere in your home that receives plenty of sunlight, such as on a windowsill. Then all you have to do is change the water regularly, and watch them grow. Soon enough you will have fresh vegetables to use in your next meal!

Note: Some vegetable scraps will have to be planted in soil like potatoes. Others, like carrots, leeks, lettuce, and more, will need to be transplanted into soil once enough roots have established.

4 – Plant Ladder Shelf

For those with small spaces or limited sunlight, having all of your plants in one space is advantageous. Some plants are even happier to grow close to one another!

A plant ladder shelf is a simple DIY task for those who have access to basic tools and wood. In a few simple steps create a climbing shelf ladder that’s the perfect spot to hold your plants. Place your new plant shelf in a room where there is adequate sunlight, and always provide proper watering schedules.

Depending on the amount of light you have in your room, direct or indirect, always plan accordingly. Easy-to-grow houseplants like spider plants, snake plants, succulents, and aloe vera prefer plenty of sunshine. Whereas plants like ferns, ivy, and pothos plants do not require direct sunlight.

5 – Grow a Water Garden

Are you notorious for neglecting to water your plants? The solution is to create a garden that is growing in water all the time. All you need for water gardens are containers or jugs that match your style, and plants that love water!

Some of the best plants for growing directly in water include various herbs (basil, chives, green onions, lavender, etc.). These provide pops of green in your home as well as fresh produce to use in the kitchen. Other houseplants that do well in water include coleus, English ivy, and lucky bamboo, to name a few.

Beginner or Not, Time to Get Gardening!

Whether this is your first time getting into indoor gardening or your next attempt, have fun with it! There are plenty of easy-to-care-for plants that will brighten up your home.

Want something informal and pretty to look at? You can opt for succulents or low-maintenance house plants grown on shelves or windowsills. Want to reap the rewards of your gardening efforts? Try an herb garden or grow more veggies from your scraps.

Have you started an indoor garden of your own? Comment below on your favorite plants to grow, and share this article with a friend!