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11 Indoor Hanging Garden Ideas

A hanging garden is a simple way to add dimension and life to your space. Hanging plants vertically on the wall or from the ceiling will draw the eye upward, creating the illusion of a larger space. Plus, the greenery and texture is aesthetically pleasing, and you can easily decorate with your favorite tropical plants or herbs.

Whether you want to keep your indoor plants out of reach of pets or children, or you need a better home for all your vining plants, an indoor hanging garden might be the solution for you. Below, you’ll discover 11 indoor hanging garden ideas that make use of vertical space, function well in your home, and add plenty of visual interest.

11 Indoor Hanging Garden Ideas

1. Classic Macrame

The first on this list of the best hanging garden ideas is a classic: macrame hangers. They’re rather simple to DIY, but are also readily available at garden centers. You can hang them from walls, ceilings, rods, and just about anything if you’ve got the right tools! They come in plenty of different colors and knot styles for a unique, natural, and bohemian look.

2. “Living” Curtains

If you’re looking for privacy and greenery in your space, try hanging plants on your curtain rods. Fuller vining plants like pothos and philodendron are great options. You can hang your “living curtains” at varying heights using macrame hangers to add texture and extra privacy, either replacing or adding texture to classic fabric curtains.

3. Unique Headboard

If you want to add more greenery to your bedroom and take advantage of plants’ air purification benefits, you may be interested in DIYing a hanging plant headboard. You can hang plants from the wall, ceiling, or a rod. Staggering the height of each plant will create a more tailored look. Plus, it’s easier than installing a shelf or classic headboard!

4. Tropical Shower

It’s no secret that tropical plants, such as maranta plants, love humidity. So why not add them to your bathroom and enjoy a tropical vacation every time you take a shower? You can easily hang them from your shower curtain rod, tiles, the ceiling, or install a DIY hanging shelf.

5. Rustic Touch

If you love the farmhouse aesthetic, a natural piece of birchwood will add the perfect rustic touch to your space. And if you’d like to liven things up a little, opt to hang a few plants along the piece of wood! This project will be the new talking point of any space, whether you choose to add it to your living room, bedroom, dining room, or even the bathroom.

6. Indoor Trellis

You may have a trellis or two in your backyard, but did you know you can install them indoors as well? You can opt to hang a variety of plants from the trellis, filling in plenty of empty space on a wall. Or, you can weave a vining plant through the trellis, training it to grow bigger and larger while creating a dedicated plant wall.

7. Urban Jungle

If you want to turn your home into a jungle, try hanging plants from your stairwell and banisters! This will fill in the traditionally negative space around your railings and add plenty of trailing greenery that will draw the eye upwards. Vining plants will work best here since they hang beautifully.

8. Hanging Herb Garden

If you’ve got an empty wall in your kitchen and often find yourself missing the best herbs from your favorite recipes, try installing a hanging herb garden. Keep things simple by hanging it in the window and attaching the plants to a curtain rod. They’ll get all the sun they need, provide you with added privacy, and be readily available for your next meal.

9. DIY Vertical Garden

If you’re an avid DIYer, you’ll be interested in this one! Rather than classic wall shelves, this vertical garden features hanging wood planks with cut-outs specifically designed to fit terracotta pots. It’s a great way to add plenty of greenery and life to any room, and you can fill it with any plants you’d like.

10. Repurposed Clothing Rack

If you’ve got an old clothing rack lying around or own a few tools to DIY one yourself, this is a great way to hang plants and fill an empty space in your home. It’ll also make the watering process easier, since you can just roll the rack towards your sink!

11. Propagation Station

If you’re always taking cuttings from your plants to propagate into new ones, a hanging propagation station is a great way to use vertical space. The propagation tubes slip perfectly into the hanging wooden planks and sit perfectly along the wall. You can add as few or as many as you’d like and swap out cuttings as often as you want. Plus, it’s easy to care for since you only have to top up the water!

Let Us Know How It’s Hanging!

Creating your own hanging garden is a simple process and usually quite easy to DIY! It’s a great way to add dimension and greenery to your home without taking up a shelf, floor, or table space. It’s also an excellent option if you have curious cats, or plants that need somewhere to hang. And the best part is that hanging gardens are functional, visually appealing, and a fun hobby.

So, will you be trying out any of these hanging garden ideas in your home? Let us know below! If you do happen to try them, you can fill them with the best hanging plants!