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32 Ways to Create the Best Indoor Herb Garden

Nothing completes a dish you’ve made with love than fresh herbs and spices to finish off your culinary masterpiece. Of course you can buy what you need, dried and jarred, at almost any store, but wouldn’t it be nice to have some of your favorites year-round? Fresh?

Now you can! The following ideas should spark your inner chef to making tasty, and freshly seasoned meals at any time of the year, especially if you are looking for a little taste of summer during the colder months! Not to mention the ambiance it lends to your indoor spaces.

#1 Self Watering Herb Gardens


For simple, year-round culinary flavor additions, consider planting your own herb garden. This self-watering design allows you peace of mind and the ability to walk away from your garden without worry of it wilting or going dry. Of course, you will need to [periodically care for and water, this makes things much easier.

#2 Window Gardens


If you have a sunny window, you may want to consider taking advantage of the power of the sun and place a few pots with various herbs and flowers to brighten your space. Growing kits are perfect solutions for helping bring these spaces to life as they often have everything you need to get up and going.

#3 Revive the Shelf


All you need is an hour and about $20 to make this super cute wooden shelf planter. Supplies include some cut pieces of pine (a lumberyard will cut your wood for free if you bring measurements), paint, nails, wood glue, small clay pots, and a bit of rope to create this adorable hanging planter for indoor garden freshness!

#4 Keeping it Vertical


Whether you hang it or prop it up, this awesome little vertical garden will make a big statement in your kitchen space, all while providing you with cooking yumminess. Personalize your buckets with a little paint, or replace handles with a bit of rope to make a rustic statement.

#5 Endless Flavor: Grow Garlic Indoors!

Who doesn’t LOVE garlic?! This is a staple in my household and I hate when I buy a whole bulb and can’t use it all right away, or end up not having any at all. Never go without using this great indoor bulb growing technique. And perhaps, you can also put it to good use throughout the house with a variety of other plants!

#6 Put That Empty Windowsill to Good Use


What exactly IS the use of a windowsill anyway? I’m assuming it’s purely aesthetic, (go with me here) and it’s otherwise wasted space -and so therefor you MUST spruce it up even more. A series of small, colorful pots, decent light, and a selection of your favorite herbs and plants is exactly what it is crying out for.

#7 Caddy Up and Create a Transportable Garden


Words do not describe this simple, genius utensil caddy hack, but I’m going to try anyway. Born of a totally unplanned find, the mother of this idea walked into a store to purchase plants and walked out with a total reinvention of her original idea after spotting a cute, galvanized utensil caddy. Follow her simple steps to create your own portable indoor herb extravaganza!

#8 Get Another Handle on Recyclable Favorites


Seriously, what can’t you make from an old pallet and mason jars? This dainty little table top planter fits as many, or as few, mason jars (or any other type of container) as you want for your garden favorites. Paint to match your style, screw on a couple drawer handles, and you have the cutest planter whatever side of the Mississippi you live on.

#9 Chalk it Up to a Great Idea


Whoever invented chalkboard paint deserves a medal. I mean seriously, you can now paint on almost ANY surface and make it your own artistic creation. And that’s why this simple indoor garden hack using clay pots is pure crafting ingenuity. Tie on a little raffia and you have a cute, country planter.

#10 The Power of Light


Grow lights are an excellent way to provide everything your indoor plants need to thrive even in the darker winter months. Grow kits that include everything you need for the health of your plants are excellent options for beginners and take the stress out of choosing what is best.

#11 Stackable Solutions


If you are hard pressed for space, but still want to attempt some indoor gardening, take advantage of tiered planters that allow you to grow your herbs vertically, and thus take up less space. Many herbs require very little space as long as they are well watered and occasionally fertilized, and can thrive in small planting conditions, making this an excellent option.

#12 Clothespin-able Planters?


Yet another DIY favorite, the clothespin has been used for ornaments, puzzles, picture holders… but what about a plant pot? It’s rather quite simple and I can’t figure why I didn’t think of this. Using a simple tuna can (or small cat/dog food can) and some clothespins you can make a unique little planter that looks like it took hours (but only takes minutes) to make!

#13 Let Your Rainy Days Just Drip Away…


Once you see these planters you can’t unsee them ever again. For the life of me I am unable to figure out what’s NOT to love about these delightful rainy cloud planters. Totally eclectic and fun for any age, hang these on your walls for the perfect miniature herb garden in no time! To find where to purchase, click here.

#14 Within Reach


Don’t let winter blues get you down! Using some supplies you probably have already lying around the house, along with some plastic lidded coffee cans (or tea and hot chocolate), you can create your own hanging herb paradise to last you through the coldest months. These are great if you are short of space and want something unique and personalized to fit your decor.

#15 It’s All in the Details


Fairy gardens are all the rage as an added addition to your garden beds, but why not bring them indoors and bring an eclectic pop of interest to your decor? Find a cute base or two, pick out your favorite herbs, and bring your garden to life with a few cute necessities for a happy fairy household.

#16 Hang it Take Two: Add Lighting


This might be my favorite indoor garden hack of all time. Up the ante with your upside down favorites (see #10) and add them into a lighting piece of your own design. You’ll want to be sure to use bulbs that don’t put out a lot of heat, but this is sure to be an original crowd favorite

#17 Hanging Around Takes Tres


It doesn’t take long to collect the materials needed to create a recycled hanging plant display of your own using tin cans, old jars, thrift shop coffee mug finds, or even plastic soda pop bottles. Find your desired backdrop material, a collection of plants, and get busy!

#18 Modern Edges


This graceful towering style looks complicated, but couldn’t be more simple! A few hardware purchases, power tools, and a bit of innovation will give you this sleek, modern look that will wow your guests. Just cut, sand, screw, and plant!

#19 This One Takes the Cut


In order to complete this project to par, you’ll need to cut glass bottles either with a cutter, or one of the many techniques available (hint: just search online). But once you have those two halves, you have a simple, self-watering, hands free design for plants on your indoor surfaces. Use in windowsills (see #4), countertops, table tops – or even add into cute table top planter (see #6).

#20 Bring it on Back… WAY Back


Who doesn’t love a good thrift shop find? Or in this case, a few good thrift shop finds. Don’t pass up those old rusty kettles, pitchers, pots, and pans – instead get creative with your junk yard discoveries and create a one of a kind herbal garden.

#21 Harvestable Indoor Garden Solutions


Aerogarden indoor gardening solutions are a great way for even the most amateur of gardeners to get experience growing indoors. These are all-inclusive kits that can be used over and over, and even provide choices of the seedlings you can grow.

#22 New Twist on an Old Favorite


One way or another, Mason jars have a habit of popping up over and over again whenever a project idea list is in the works. And it doesn’t take much to see why. Mason jars are versatile and fun – often lending a quirky touch to any decor. This original jar set-up takes a new twist when you create your own table top garden.

#23 Re-clutter Your Gutter


Buy a short piece of new gutter and end caps, or recycle what you have, but either way you will have a singularly unique planter when you re-clutter this gutter with your herb garden. Mount it on rustic barnwood, paint a pattern on it, or take advantage of some chalkboard paint to get the look you want and need.

#24 Simplify


This uncomplicated idea is a no brainer. Find one big pot you can’t live without, put it near a patio window or other area that receives either good direct, or indirect light, and plant your herbs in all together. With enough depth for roots and good drainage (use a good 3 inch depth of pea gravel to keep water from pooling in large pots), perennial herbs can easily grow amongst one another without choking each other out. Plus your use of them will easily keep them under control.

#25 Window Space: Put it to Use


Grab yourself an adjustable shower curtain rod, some hooks or similar, and cute hanging pails – put it in a sunny window, add herbs, and viola! You have a beautiful hanging window garden! This is one project that I think I’m going to have to put to good use!

#26 Pots Galore!


Time to gather up all those dollar store planter finds, stashed away shed pots, and yard sale steals – and assemble into an eclectic collection of pots and herbs (maybe throw in a flowering plant or two) as an indoor garden. If you have an open table space that gets good lighting (consistent indirect lighting is fine), you too can create a garden table indoors!

#27 Aluminum Genius


Don’t crush those soda cans until you have as many as you need to create this inventive way to show off your indoor gardening skills. Spray paint, chalkboard stickers, and a little twine or ribbon finishes these mini planters. To complete the look, consider painting over old 6-pack holders and just add in your new ‘pots’ as a crafty way to show off your favorite herbs.

#28 Simple Love, Simple Label


Mix and match and play with this idea using small clay or ceramic pots and a little pea gravel in the bottom of a shallow basket. Create some cute planter stakes with some stamps and popsicles sticks, and you have a uniquely you little herb garden to pick from all year long.

#29 Care For a Spot of Tea?


Mismatched tea sets and old silver spoons make for a match made in heaven. Stack them, group them, set them on a tray- however you decide to display your “afternoon tea garden” is sure to be a favorite setting in your house. With a simple metal stamp set you can personalize your plantings even further.

#30 Shelving Update


Update an old shelving unit, or create your own, to bring to life a sunny wall with this unique dropped pot unit. The simple design can be actualized through your choice of wood stains and paints to provide a low-maintenance way to keep your fresh herbs and plants near at hand.

#31 Make Space!


If you have the space for this awesome ladder shelving hack, take it. I find this idea to be such a neat use of space and uncommon way to show off your treasures. And what better way to add in some of the above ideas to an equally artistic backdrop?

#32 The Indoor Herbage How To: Read This


If you’ve found a favorite way to display your indoor herbs from the list above, you still need to make sure you can keep them alive. This isn’t a very hard task, but there are a few helpful tips to remember to keep your experience as maintenance free as possible, and to get the most out of your favorite flavors. This handy infographic not only give you some great advice, it also provides you with the best plants to grow indoors, and their optimal harvesting time!


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Let’s Get Started!

How much fun were those choices!? I don’t know about you, but I’m unable to pick a favorite and can’t wait to try a few of them out with a mix of indoor plants and herbs.

Obviously there is no reason why you can’t keep fresh herbs indoors year round with the proper care.And as always,  I’d love to hear which were your favorites, what additions you might have, and see your indoor herb garden results! Please share and tag your friends!

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