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10 Insect-Eating Birds To Attract To Your Garden

Insects can cause a lot of damage to your garden if you don’t take preventative measures. However, you can attract many insect-eating birds to help reduce damage. Insect-eating birds can remove those pesky bugs and keep your garden pest-free.

In this article, we will share 10 insect-eating birds that are beneficial to attract to your garden so they can help you get rid of these annoying pests!


cardinal perched in a tree
Image credits: Jesse Ribeiro via Unsplash

Cardinals mostly eat plant material except during the summer when they feed insects to their hatchlings and use bugs to supplement their diet. Attracting cardinals to your garden while your crops are getting ready to harvest can help remove damaging insects. There are several plants you can plant to attract cardinals to your backyard, so without any doubt, you will be able to find something suitable for yourself!


Swallow in a tree
Image credits: Hans Veth via Unsplash

Swallows are one of the most loved birds by gardeners due to their appetite for mosquitos and other flying insects. Mosquitos can make gardening and spending time outdoors less enjoyable, so attracting this bird to your yard will help you take care of it with less discomfort. 

Swallows enjoy bird baths, so if you want to attract these birds, building or buying a bird bath may do the trick. Having a bird bath filled with clean fresh water can attract insect-eating birds to your garden. Running water can keep bird baths fresh, otherwise, make sure to clean them every two to three days to ensure freshness and optimal bird health.  


yellow warbler in a tree
Image credits: Patrice Bouchard via Unsplash

Warblers come in different varieties, all with beautiful plumage and a ferocious appetite for bugs. To attract these birds to your yard, you can place organic and natural peanut butter outside or even pieces of orange. Warblers include wasps in their diet, which improve a peaceful gardening experience for those afraid of these insects!


sparrow with brown feathers
Image credits: Cedric VT via Unsplash

Similar to cardinals, sparrows feast on insects to feed their hatchlings during summer. Sparrows enjoy a variety of insects, seeds, and food, so one way you can attract these birds to your garden is by having a bird feeder. Luckily, bird feeders are easy to create, and you can even build a simple bird feeder at home.  


Bluebird perched on a tree branch
Image credits: Joshua J Cotten via Unsplash

Bluebirds have a giant appetite and particular living conditions. If you would like to attract this insect-eating bird to your yard, you can build a birdhouse. Bluebirds help reduce the number of grasshoppers, moths, and larvae in your garden.

These birds love mealworms and berries, so if you would like to attract them to your garden, you can place mealworms in your bluebird feeder and plant berry-bearing plants.


Chickadee bird on a branch
Image credits: Brandon via Unsplash

Chickadees are non-migrating birds that feast on insects and larvae all year-round. One wonderful thing about chickadees is that they even harvest insect eggs during the wintertime and reduce swarm sizes in the spring. 

Since chickadees stay during the winter, having a suitable bird feeder is essential to attract these birds to your land. 


wren bird in a tree
Image credits: Amee Fairbank-brown via Unsplash

Wrens eat harmful insects such as beetles, caterpillars, and gastropods like snails. Snails can eat large sections of your perfectly ripe low, hanging fruit and vegetables. Attracting gastropod-eating birds is essential in reducing snail damage. Beetles and caterpillars can also damage stems and leaves needed to sustain your crops.


Titmouse bird in a tree
Image credits: Mark Olsen via Unsplash

A titmouse or titmice can help remove aphids, caterpillars, and beetles from your garden. Titmice typically have a scratchy bird call or soothing song and sweet head feathers. To attract these birds, you can plant fruit trees for them to perch in and set up a bird feeder with their favorite seed.


Nuthatch in a tree
Image credits: Karl-Heinz Muller via Unsplash

Nuthatches are efficient in eating insect eggs and larvae from tree bark. They can be helpful to attract to your garden and yard to decrease insect damage to your crops and trees. If you have fruit trees and orchids, this bird is a wonderful species to welcome to your land. Pine trees and sunflower seeds can help lure these birds to your property.


grosbeak eating insects
Image credits: Joshua J Cotten via Unsplash

Grosbeaks feed on both flying insects and ground-dwelling bugs. These birds typically have red, yellow, or orange chest plumage and can be found happily perched in trees. To attract these birds to your garden, it is important to have trees planted in your yard that they can perch and live in.

Bonus: Ducks 

Duck in garden
Image credits: Mike_Boyland via Canva

Although slugs aren’t insects, they can cause serious damage to your garden. If you have the land for it, ducks can be a beneficial bird to have on your property, as well as an enjoyable bird to watch.


Now that you have learned about 10 insect-eating birds, you can create an inviting environment to attract them to your garden. As with all things, moderation is key. Insects have their purpose in our ecosystem, and it’s important not to upset the natural balance.

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