70 Jingle Bells Decorating Ideas
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70 Jingle Bells Decorating Ideas

What does Christmas sound like? During this holiday, all you can hear around you is laughter, festive music, and colorful jingle bells!
No sound is more intertwined with this holiday season than the sweet tinkling of Christmas bells. Not only do these bells sound delightful, but they’re also great at dressing up your home.

Learn the different ways you can jazz up your house with these jingle bells decorating ideas!

1. Mini Holly-Days

merry christmas
Image credits: 3 stop down via CreativeCommons

Even the simplest bells can be decorated! This classic silver bell ornament was enhanced with a polka-dotted red ribbon and tiny holly berries topping it off. This straightforward trick gives it extra flair and its vibrant colors and interesting patterns will also help it stand out from dark green Christmas trees.

2. Hang in Pairs

christmas bells tockholes
Image credits: jack berry via CreativeCommons

Instead of just using one bell, why not opt for two? Get a pair of identical bells and subtly attach them to each other before decorating them as you wish. Hang them from ceilings or from garden trees using a pretty plaid ribbon and it’ll neatly act as a pseudo-chandelier for your outdoor parties.

3. Ribboned Christmas Chimes

Ribboned Christmas Chimes
Image credits: danielfigueroasr via Pixabay

These little bells are tied to the ends of Christmas-themed ribbons. These are meant to be hung from tall places, allowing the bells to dangle and move freely. Doing this, especially outdoors, has the bells behaving like delicate wind chimes and creates cheerful jingling sounds perfect for the Yuletide season.

4. Mantel Accents

Mantel Accents
Image credits: hudsoncrafted via Pixabay

Your bells don’t just have to be hung from a height, they can also serve as design accents! These jingle bells are strategically placed together with pine branches, red fruits, and Christmas lettering that all look lovely on the mantle. These bells add character and are great for entertaining fidgety guests.

5. Yuletide Door Bells

Yuletide Door Bells
Image credits: Magda V on Unsplash via Unsplash

Modern doorbells are powered by buttons and electricity but you could switch it up for the holidays using a literal door bell? Just hang a bell by your entrance and leave instructions to ring it when guests arrive. This creates a fun and engaging home environment that smoothly moves festivities along.

6. Chiming Stars

Chiming Stars
Image credits: Sarah Vombrack on Unsplash

Stars are incredibly symbolic of the season and are frequently found in holiday decor. To incorporate them into a design, mix them with some jingle bells and alternate them on a rope of wire. Hang this on any empty wall to fill it and create a lovely backdrop for photos and videos.

7. Beaded Bells

Beaded Bells
Image credits: Sidonia via Instructables

This gorgeous bell is handmade using lovely beads and wire. It’s a project that’s meant to give you more ways to customize the different elements of your holiday decor. This brings tons of personality to a space and can be fastened from trees, ceilings, or garlands. These are also fantastic conversation starters!

8. Silver Jingle Bells Wreath

Silver Jingle Bells Wreath
Image credits: AnnaD on Pixabay

If you don’t have a Christmas wreath prepared yet, consider making one entirely out of jingle bells! Jingle bells wreaths are endearing pieces that bring out a lot of charm for your home. These pieces are sure to call everyone’s attention when a door opens and the wreath rings sweetly.

9. High on a Beam

High on a Beam
Image credits: Sebastian Spindler on Unsplash

Don’ leave any of your exposed beams bare! Tie them in together with your Christmas decor by attaching evergreen garlands to each beam. Keep the design balanced by attaching a pair of large bells at the center and slowly adding embellishments around it for a uniform and impressive design feature.

10. Golden on Trees

Golden on Trees
Image credits: Shi Min Teh on Unsplash

Although red and green are staple Christmas colors, gold is not far behind! It’s featured often in holiday decor and, thanks to the diversity in bell designs, you can easily find the right jingle bells for you. These work best when you’re able to closely match the different gold tones in other design elements.

11. Rustic Ringing

Rustic Ringing
Image credits: Alisa Anton on Unsplash

These jingle bells are dangled off of a Christmas tree to make it more captivating. Bells serve as amazing tree ornaments that blend in with other Christmas balls while adding sound to the experience. When your tree gets nudged or moved, the camouflaged bells make a delightful trilling sound that gets everyone curious!

12. Mini Baubles

Mini Baubles
Image credits: Cris DiNoto on Unsplash

Jingle bells come in various sizes and colors. If you need to decorate a miniature Christmas tree, use tiny jingle bells as baubles! This dresses up your tree for the holidays and will ring pleasantly each time it’s moved. They’re also adorable enough to quickly lift your spirits after a long day.

13. Candle Trinkets

Candle Trinkets
Image credits: Lucian Andrei on Unsplash

These jingle bells are used as shiny trinkets scattered around Christmas candles on a fancy tray. Although it’s simple, they’re amazing accent pieces that beautifully reflect the brightness of lights and candles. It’s an effortless way to jazz up these pieces and add some more texture and character to them.

14. Elaborate Silent Bells

Jingle Bell
Image credits: Kameleon007 via Canva

While these bell ornaments don’t actually jingle, they sure do look pretty on a tree! These are made with an elaborate yet lightweight design that decorates your tree without any danger. They’re also a clever way to break up any patterns you might have accidentally made with your other ornaments.

15. Strung on a Ribbon

Strung on a Ribbon
Image credits: Debby Hudson on Unsplash

These Christmas bells have been strung through an elegant sheer ribbon. It’s a straightforward ribbon garland that can be hung wherever— around a tree, from a ceiling, or draping along a tableside. Using dainty ribbons makes the bells look more feminine and soft, which works wonderfully in largely female households.

16. Charmed Wreaths

Charmed Wreaths
Image credits: Laura James from Pexels

This simple circular wreath is made out of a ribbon-wrapped wooden ring that’s accented with a fluffy bow, a large star, and a tiny bell charm. The little bell completes this wreath and makes sure that it won’t only be a treat for your eyes but also terrific for your ears too!

17. Blue Bells

Blue Bells
Image credits: Gabi Agu on Creativecommons

When nature can’t add color to your home with bluebells anymore, turn to blue-colored Christmas bells instead! Blue bell ornaments are lovely additions to cool-toned designs and give these spaces a modern twist. Though the color is less conventional, they blend in seamlessly with traditional Christmas decor that most people already have.

18. Candy Bells

Candy Bells
Image credits: lovini via Pixabay

Christmas always looks better with some faux peppermint candy accents! Add them to your space by decorating your bells with simple red and white patterns. They immediately pop out against the deep green color in most traditional holiday decor and can bring a touch of playfulness to the space too.

19. Christmas Shadowboxes

Christmas Shadowboxes
Image credits: Amandascreations via Instructables

Shadow boxes are fantastic living room decor perfect for showing off your personality and creativity. Luckily, you can make your shadowboxes more holiday-appropriate (or make new Christmas-themed frames!) with a generous bunch of miniature bells. Just fill in its empty spaces with colorful bells and you’ll be good to go!

20. Picturesque Jingles

Picturesque Jingles
Image credits: Soren Wolf via CreativeCommons

These bells have been specially made with Christmas-themed pictures around their surfaces. These eye-catching pieces come with colorful and charming designs to make it easy for you to decorate your home. Even with no design plan in mind, hanging up bells that already come with unique designs are enough to elevate a space.

21. Overhead Bells

Overhead Bells
Image credits: Peggy_Marco via Pixabay

Ceilings are free real estate for holiday decor and one gorgeous technique uses chains and hooks to hang several bells from there. It’s a design-savvy look that helps these bells gently sway in the wind and ring beautifully with a strong breeze. This is best for partially covered outdoor areas that can be fully covered when not in use.

22. Twinkling Presents

Twinkling Presents
Image credits: Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

When you start setting your Christmas presents under the tree, these gifts become part of your holiday decor. To ensure that your presents blend into the space well, add a bell or two to each gift, especially those with ribbons. This also makes it more fun for opening gifts on Christmas day!

23. Jingles and Charms

Jingles and Charms
Image credits: Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

If you have kids who love arts and crafts, try doing this project with them! Simply have them cut different Christmas-themed shapes from board paper. Laminate their crafts before hanging them on a string with jingle bells between each cutout. Now, your holidays will be decorated with this sentimental string garland!

24. Ringing Posts

Ringing Posts
Image credits: blende12 on Pixabay

Your porch posts need some Christmas love too! Deck them out with a cluster of bells for a quirky piece in this outdoor living area, with empty spaces filled with tinsel. By doing this, you’ll turn this space more visually appealing while also engaging your guests with the unique sound of these bells.