70 Jingle Bells Decorating Ideas
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70 Jingle Bells Decorating Ideas

25. Dinner Chimes

Dinner Chimes
Image credits: hudsoncrafted on Pixabay

Though it doesn’t affect the taste of your meal, a good holiday table setting says a lot about homeowners and can make guests more excited to dig into the dinner you’ve painstakingly prepared for the festivities. Make your table setting more striking and unique using sanitized jingle bells as part of your setup.

26. Hear Those Clay Bells Ringing

Hear Those Clay Bells Ringing
Image credits: sandrartes in Living on Instructables

This charming bell is handcrafted and brings a wonderfully personal touch to your holiday decor. By making this stunning craft project, your home will be filled with wonderfully chiming bells made from your own effort and hard work. Creating your bells ensures that your home is adorned with one-of-a-kind pieces that you can show off and be proud of. You can even customize it to include sprigs of greenery for added freshness!

27. Mini Jingle Wreaths

Mini Jingle Wreaths
Image credits: Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

If you wanted a jingle wreath but already have a different type of wreath prepared, you can use a miniature jingle bells wreath instead! They look the same, make similar sounds, and leave the same charmed impression on your guests— the only difference is that these hang from Christmas trees instead of front doors.

28. Cardboard Cutouts

Cardboard Cutouts
Image credits: Victor Dementiev on Unsplash

While these bells don’t make a sound, they do leave a lasting impression on people! These are two-dimensional bell ornaments with sophisticated laser-cut details. Using these help your Christmas tree look chic and modern while still paying homage to traditional Christmas decor. These are simple but incredibly classy and tasteful.

29. Pinecone Rattlers

Pinecone with Red Ribbon and Bells
Image credits: Damon Johnston via Canva

A unique way of incorporating your bells in your design is to attach them to your ornaments. These beautiful bells have been stuck onto a pinecone and are dangling from a Christmas tree branch. The bells give it more dimension and create a unique ornament that’ll definitely pique curiosity. If the need for it arises, you could also pull this off of your tree and use it as a jingle bells rattle to accompany your Christmas carols!

30. Snowflake Bells

Snowflake Bells
Image credits: Bell-shaped ornament on Picspree

These silver bells are made with an elaborate and attention-grabbing cutout snowflake design that elevates your Yuletide decor. These look fantastic as ornaments around even the simplest tree designs and, to make it more interesting, you could also attach a little bell within it to help it ring like a traditional festive jingle bell!

31. Lamps and Lighting

Lamps and bells for decoration
Image credits: ABHISHEK KUMAR SAH via Canva

When you see a breathtaking view of a tree lit up with hanging vintage lamps, wouldn’t it be better if you could also hear a chime of bells from it? This is a lavish and elegant outdoor design that’s sure to turn heads. It’s simple but impactful — although this might not do well in extremely windy areas!

32. Vintage Collections

Vintage Collections
Image credits: aprajita from Burst

If your latest trip to the flea market showed off a gorgeous collection of brass beauties, here’s one idea that could justify you buying several vintage bunches of bells! Wrap some red ribbons around it and hang them outdoors in bunches to create a picturesque rustic backyard. Doing this makes your home look helplessly full of character and history.

33. 3D Cutouts

3D Cutouts
Image credits: Laura James from Pexels

This bell ornament is another cardboard cutout made with some bright seasonal colors and a fold or a slit going halfway up its center. Those are there to help you transform several flat pieces into a 3D cardboard or paper ornament. They’re adorable and are more affordable and sustainable, especially if you replace your decor each year.

34. Santa’s Here!

Santa’s Here!
Image credits: Squirrel_photos on Pixabay

Santa is a huge part of Christmas lore and traditions, with children loving him and adults enjoying a harmless reminder of one of the faces of the season. Make your cute jingle bells more unique by transforming them into Santa Claus and other holiday figures through clever paper crafts and use them to decorate whatever you like!

35. Under the Candle Cover

Under the Candle Cover
Image credits: AnnelleArt in Living via Instructables

If you love to light up Christmas candles but aren’t comfortable with a flame freely flickering in your home, consider making and using this quirky bell-shaped candle cover. This adorable decoration idea is made of clay and gives some holly berry details on top. It’s an adorable addition that keeps your home safe, especially from your candle flames.

36. Clear as a Bell

Clear as a Bell
Image credits: paulabflat via morguefile

This Christmas bell is unique because of the material it’s made of. Although bells are usually made with metal, this is smooth glass shaped like a bell. These blend well into the background while simultaneously reflecting light very brightly to still remain somewhat visible at closer inspection. As ornaments go, this is one of incredible sophistication.

37. Wine and Chime

Golden Christmas jingle bells
Image credits: Christina Vartanova via Canva

These upturned wine glasses hold jingle bells inside and are lovely centerpieces for holiday parties, especially if you need something quick and easy. Simply fill your old wine glasses with clusters of jingle bells like normal and place a sheet of paper on top. Carefully flip it over and slide out the sheet once you’re in the ideal spot — no expertise needed!

38. In the Neon Lights

In the Neon Lights
Image credits: Clock bells on Picspree

These neon lights are shaped like bells and offer several design benefits. These fixtures work to both brighten a space or enhance the Christmas ambiance of an area. At night, this fixture helps you stand out and differentiate yourself from the rest of the block, especially if you place it in a strategic position.

39. Bells and Tinsel

Bells and Tinsel
Image credits: Julia Freeman-Woolpert from FreeImages

Tinsel play a huge role in Christmas decor and, fortunately, they go fantastic together with colorful jingle bells. Attach your little bells to tinsel garlands to create a hassle-free and versatile design feature that you can drape or wrap around any blank areas that need a little bit more help.

40. Beaded Lights

Beaded Lights
Image credits: Nennieinszweidrei on Pixabay

Something that’s always been part of Christmas decor is string lights, both indoors and outdoors. Rather than sticking to the standard tiny bulbs, you can decorate them with some beaded bells. These gorgeous bells are formed with a wire body and finished with translucent beads that diffuse light and improve an area’s ambiance.

41. Glittery and Golden

Glittery and Golden
Image credits: Hans on Pixabay

What makes this Christmas bell special is the simple fact that it’s been covered in glittery gold! This makes it pop out against all the other colors, especially with table decoration. If glitter gold isn’t for you, paint any bell you have in your favorite metallic shade or glitter paint to give you the same standout effect.

42. Christmas Showers

Christmas Showers
Image credits: blende12 on Pixabay

A stunning way to decorate your overhead space is to make it look like your decor is showering down from the ceiling. When doing this, be experimental and mix different styles of bells and ornaments to give it variety and texture— just remember to stick to a color palette to keep everything cohesive.

43. Quick Bells

Quick Bells
Image credits: Yannis Cotsonis on Unsplash

These LED lights are designed in the shape of a bell decorated with some sprigs of holly. It’s a fuss-free fixture that immediately casts a comfortable brightness on any area it’s installed in. These are great for those who want a quick and easy way to illuminate their home in seasonal lighting.

44. Gingerbread Trinkets

Gingerbread Trinkets
Image credits: Jakub Kapusnak on foodiesfeed

Have you ever considered going on a more edible design route? Gingerbread creations used to be a favorite for holiday decor and made way for boatloads of creativity. Gingerbread treats are strong, moldable, and fragrant too. Bake gingerbread bell ornaments and cover them in a non-edible coat to preserve them for more long-term pieces.

45. Rough Ringers

Rough Ringers
Image credits: two bells on Picspree

Bells usually bring very smooth and reflective surfaces into the space they’re in but turning to more textured finishes can make your overall design more distinct. Do this using interesting ribbon bows or even through paper mache or glue gun techniques that help revamp any classic bells you already have.

46. Honey Jar Ornaments

Honey Jar Ornaments
Image credits: vinukrishanmj on Pixabay

If you have old beehive honey jars laying around, convert them instead into glass bell ornaments. The softly ridged surface of these jars creates alluring light refractions and easily mimics the look of frost from afar. With this easy craft, you can boast a marvelous Christmas tree without sacrificing an entire weekend to complete it.

47. Holiday Bouquets

Holiday Bouquets
Image credits: ProFlowers.com via CreativeCommons

When you have fresh flowers in your possession, help them find a new home in holiday-themed planters. If you’re looking for a creative decoration idea, the sky is the limit with these items, but it’s best to do what makes you happy. That said, just like these elf shoe-inspired containers, sometimes your flower pots would look much better with tiny jingle bell details, especially if you’re looking for a creative handmade gift idea!

48. Spider Bells

Spider Bells
Image credits: justjimAZ on Instructables

Christmas is reserved for cheerful celebrations but you can’t help it if you adore a creepier side of life. When looking for a happy balance between these two sides, spider bells might fit the bill! These bells have fuzzy wire legs and can be attached anywhere in your home, making them truly incomparable to other homes.