70 Jingle Bells Decorating Ideas
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70 Jingle Bells Decorating Ideas

49. Porch Garlands

Festive snow covered garland on porch railing
Image credits: Jason Finn via Canva

Don’t forget to decorate your porch railings! This massively improves your curb appeal and makes your home look more inviting and ready for the merry festivities this winter. The easiest way to do this is to wrap holiday garlands around your rails and attach Christmas bells to them when you want to highlight certain features.

50. Window Fillers

christmas bells and light decorations on window background
Image credits: stevechatterton via Canva

Large windows are gorgeous and bring in tons of natural light but can be difficult to style for the holidays. Fortunately, an easy way around this is to adorn them with large ribbons and bells. This makes your home look like a lovingly wrapped present and welcomes guests into your home in a memorable way!

51. Rustic Brass Rings

Brass bell Christmas tree decoration, ornament.
Image credits: Barbara Gabay via Canva

If you have any brass ring simple wreaths, match their aesthetic with brass bells hanging from it with thick twine. When adding embellishments, choose items that complement one another to help you end with an original look. One tip for this design— rustic themes thrives on unrefined minimalism, meaning that less is more!

52. Balcony Trim

Stylish christmas decorations, red jingle bells
Image credits: Bogdan Kurylo via Canva

Don’t leave your balconies out of your holiday decor! Surprisingly, many homeowners forget to add holiday vibes to their private spaces, including their balconies, since guests see these places least. But if you do take that step to dress up your private balconies, it’ll elevate your home and make everything look complete and picturesque.

53. Fairy Light Cage

Golden jingle bell
Image credits: Just2shutter via Canva

These bells are made from Christmas lights wrapped around a bell-shaped wire cage. Through careful application, wrapping, and twisting, you’ll be left with pretty blinking bells that are great additions to outdoor spaces. Just imagine your backyard Christmas party light up with pretty lights and given a warm ambiance thanks to your bell lights!

54. Stocking Trinkets

Christmas Stocking on a Wall
Image credits: Scukrov via Canva

When you hang up your stockings, give it a little more cheer by adding a bell! This rings in Christmas cheer and is a simple addition that goes a long way in lifting your spirits no matter how early it is. To make it more unique, you could customize each bell to different people’s stockings.

55. Up a Spiral

Christmas Bell Tree
Image credits: manley099 via Canva

Since space can be quite tight nowadays, many people have turned to more modern and minimalist Christmas trees that save space and time without sacrificing the joy of holiday decor. This can be enhanced with some Christmas bell ornaments that look pretty and sound even prettier, especially when they gently chime while air passes by them.

56. Bright and Vibrant

Christmas Bells on wood
Image credits: etorres69 via Canva

You can also choose bells based on how it contrasts starkly against a background, even if you have to pick unnatural colors. These neon pink bells stand out effortlessly against white evergreen branches for an amazing result. Though the colors are odd for Christmas, they’re incredibly trendy, fashion-forward, and worth a shot!

57. Pine Tree Bells

Christmas Tree Toy Blue Bell on a Christmas Tree with Balls
Image credits: Anna via Canva

If you really want some special Christmas jingle bells, look for novelty designs that look like iconic Christmas faces! Adding this is all the design you need for certain spaces since they’re so loud and unique enough on their own. They’re also fantastic conversation starters, especially if you’ve made these Christmas figurine bells yourself!

58. Ringing Hearts

Christmas card: Wooden heart and jingle bells
Image credits: izzzy71 via Canva

This gorgeous heart-shaped ornament is from reclaimed wood and hung from beaded twine and ribbon. What makes it stand out is the cutout circle in the center that features a small bell hanging inside, giving it more character and charm. It’s a straightforward ornament that fits in perfectly with simpler spaces and holiday decor.

59. Christmas Tree Bells

Jingle bells shaped like a Christmas tree
Image credits: sjhuls via Canva

If you love jingle bells wreaths but want something more unique, try for a tree-shaped one instead! The only difference between this one and traditional designs is that this uses a Christmas tree-shaped wire guide that, luckily, is very easy to find. With a single change, it makes your home more intriguing and lovely to look at.

60. Mug Charms

Christmas hot chocolate
Image credits: FatCamera via Canva

Wine lovers are used to charms dangling off thin wine glass stems to distinguish between each drink. Since Christmas is more known for hot chocolate and eggnog, apply this concept with your mugs instead! Distinguish between each mug with unique bell charms assigned to each guest so that nothing gets mixed up!

61. Beaded Bell Strands

Bell tied around the neck of cattle.
Image credits: rupaghosh via Canva

These bells are attached to a beaded strand full of vibrant colors and chunky beads. It’s a quirky piece that can look unbelievably endearing if styled correctly with other items. An aesthetic that this would effortlessly fit into is the colorful boho flair that’ll look better with these garlands wrapped around tables and railings for a festive touch.

62. Jingle Curtain

christmas bells and stars
Image credits: super_harry via Canva

String curtains come in a variety and, if you want to use them for Christmas, you can use jingle bells string curtains to separate spaces and create breezy and joyful trills around your garden. Even if used indoors, these can hang from doorways and announce when someone has entered or exited a room.

63. Felt Bells

How to sew a Christmas felt bell ornament
Image credits: Zolotaosen via Canva

These bells are crafted from felt fabric and beautified with sequin beading. They’re great for homes with curious children that need to be kept away from potentially harmful Christmas decor. Using felt keeps everything soft and safe for kids and, if you want the bell sounds too, you could sew tiny jingle bells into the seam instead!

64. Popcorn Garlands

Handmade Popcorn Garland on Indoor Christmas Tree
Image credits: debbiehelbing via Canva

Although popcorn has long since been forgotten as a Christmas decor staple, that can work in your favor! Creating a string garland using popcorn and tiny Christmas bells can make your home more unique and eccentric and since it’s not as popular as it used to be, these will no doubt fascinate guests and be an amazing conversation starter.

65. Brass in Plaid

Bells and Plaid 2
Image credits: plherrera via Canva

If the reflective metal finish of bells isn’t for you, you can dress up your bells with colorful or burlap ribbon and fabric instead. This bell is covered in a plaid pattern with buttons lined down its sides to make it easier to distinguish. If that’s not for you, you could ruffle some ribbons together instead!

66. Twine and Twinkles

Christmas decoration, twine rope with Christmas bells and wreath
Image credits: Prostock-Studio via Canva

Twine is a fantastic rope to use for smaller items and decor in the coming Christmas since it’s affordable and comes in with fascinating texture. It adds a chic, almost luxurious, touch to holiday decor and, no matter where you are or how to use it, you can just tie up your loose ends with some jingle bells!

67. Bottle Charmers

Bottles of different champagne and golden Christmas bells
Image credits: gesrey via Canva

Dress up your wine bottles for your holiday parties too! Whether you have a wine pairing system or a free-for-all bar, labeling your bottles with jingle bells charms adds to the sweetness of the festivities. It offers an extra bit of holiday fun and is a subtle encouragement to get in the Christmas spirit.

68. Paper Crafting

paper christmas bell
Image credits: Natasha Yeresko via Canva

Have more fun with your holiday decor by bringing your kids in! Ask your kids to help cut paper ornaments by giving them bell-shaped paper, child-safe scissors, and firm instructions. Encourage them to fold and cut it however they want before unraveling and laminating each piece. This way, your Christmas decor will become incredibly personal and sentimental!

69. Tassel Hangers

Christmas bells
Image credits: Thinkstock Images via Canva

This wall decor mixes bells and tassels to dress up an area without detracting or taking attention away from the rest of the area. This proves how there is beauty in simplicity and, with the right accent pieces accompanying it, you could absolutely find yourself celebrating the holidays in a country-chic Christmas room!

70. Ribbon Trinkets

Christmas Bells and ribbon
Image credits: Devonyu via Canva

Almost every house will have red ribbons and rope as decor accents. To personalize these and make them more interesting to the eye, add some golden bell charms to their ends! Make full use of these bells by hanging them from areas with lots of movement, like doors and cabinets, to make the bells chime frequently!

In Summary

Those were 70 of our favorite jingle bells decorating ideas— and there’s more where that came from! After seeing all those ideas, we hope that you have a clearer picture now of how and what you want to do with your Christmas bells. Whether you end up making wreaths, garlands, or anything in between, we know that you’re all set up to take your neighborhood by storm this season. With these ideas under your belt, nothing can stop you and your family from getting into the Christmas spirit!