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John Deere Unveils Autonomous Tractor at CES 2022

John Deere took to CES 2022 to introduce new technology to the future of farming. The new autonomous tractor is built to improve productivity, profitability, and sustainability. In an ever-changing and growing world, the demand for crops rises as time, efficiency, and labor suffer on farms. This innovation minimizes the pain points farmers face each day and allows them to focus their expertise on the data and logistics needed to provide us with full, healthy crops.

Best part –  the autonomous tractor will be available later this year. It’s not a demo or concept!

John Deere farming tractor
Image credits: SweetyMommy via Canva

Farming is a time-sensitive, 24/7 job. With that said, labor is demanding and also very skilled. It requires long days that are physically and mentally exhausting and consistency. The autonomous tractor will ultimately improve farmers’ quality of life as well as the farming operation as a whole. This machine can run all day and night, refueling every 8 to 10 hours, while being monitored by the farmer on the John Deere Operations App.

John Deere tractor logo
Image credtis: SweetyMommy via Canva

The autonomous tractor uses 6 stereo cameras and sensors. It knows where it’s at, what it’s doing, and where it should be and has a 360-degree obstacle detection system. Among the many features this powerful farming tool possesses, it features real-time data sharing that even monitors the quality of the job being executed and allows the farmer to make adjustments as needed.

The remote monitoring system allows the farmer to proactively manage the day and run a more successful and efficient farm.

The Future of Farming

While automation has been on the farm for some time now, the combination of automation and autonomy brings a whole new level of technological innovation to farming. Farmers will now have more tools to do fewer physical tasks and in turn, feed the world  – and spend more time with their own families!

Autonomy will transform agriculture!