Landscape Industry Statistics: Why Hiring a Service May be Right for You
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Landscape Industry Statistics: Why Hiring a Service May be Right for You

Home ownership comes with a healthy amount of responsibilities. Keeping your investment looking its best, and allowing for a stable resale value is part of this job- especailly since curbside appeal is often what grabs the attention of potential buyer interest. When you let your landscaping fall into neglect, you often have your work cut out for you to get it back in shape.

Lawn and yard care can add up fast, not only in reference to financial cost, but also to the time it takes to properly maintain, cut, trim, hedge, rake, and care for it all– let alone plan out your landscape. Because of this landscaping companies have become widely popular to help regularly take on these responsibilities. The lawn care industry has grown in leaps and bounds, and are an invaluable service to many homeowners. The following overview of landscaping industry statistics support this growth, and highlight the companies that may be best for you to consider.

Top 5 National Landscape Companies Comparisons

Logo Company Background
byb2-table__imageLawn Doctor
  • Years in Business: 40+ years
  • Annual Revenue: ~ 118,000,000
  • Locations: 460+
  • How Many People Hired: ~ 1,350
  • Services Offered: Full Lawn care plans, pest control, event services
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  • Years in Business: 40+ years
  • Annual Revenue: ~ $1,347,221,842
  • Locations: 200+
  • How Many People Hired: ~ 13,675
  • Services Offered: Full lawn, pest, commercial
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byb2-table__imageWeed Man
  • Years in Business: 45+ years
  • Annual Revenue: ~ $158,673,380
  • Locations: 150+
  • How Many People Hired: ~ 4,400
  • Services Offered: Detailed lawn care, pest management
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  • Years in Business: 80 years
  • Annual Revenue: ~ $2,260,000,000
  • Locations: ~ 200
  • How Many People Hired: ~ 44,000
  • Services Offered: design, lawn, water, winter, insect, and commercial offers
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byb2-table__imageU.S. Lawns
  • Years in Business: 23+ years
  • Annual Revenue: ~ $170,605,000
  • Locations: 260+
  • How Many People Hired: ~ 2,150
  • Services Offered: Full lawn care and maintenance, winter management, and commercial
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Landscape Industry Size

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The landscape industry, and the careers they support, is highly influenced by economic factors and grows exponentially as the housing market becomes more active. Current industry market research dated through the spring of 2019 state the industry is in bloom and is expected to continue to do so. With over one million people hired by these services, and well over a half million businesses available for landscape care, this business is booming. So what do these trends mean for you? The landscaping industry is growing to provide even more career opportunities and support to help keep your property looking its best.

Landscape Career Availability

Most people wrongly assume that landscaping services start and end with lawn care and fail to realize just how many services are offered through these companies. They also have some pretty lucrative career paths for those who love working an industry that surrounds itself with the design and care of the land.

Administration and Account Management

As with any business you will have any amount of administration and account management. These types of jobs deal with the everyday support and business development to attract clients and help keep current clients coming back for more. Everything from number crunching for profit, to offering the best products for client needs, is often covered by these types of jobs.


Arborist are your tree specialists. They not only know what trees are best to plant in your growing zone and climate, but they know which branches need to be removed for urban growth and trimming, can diagnose disease, and pretty much can provide any information you might need about tree growth and care.

Landscape Design

Landscape architect design backyard plan for villa

Designers won’t only suggest what plants should be placed where, but also be able to provide suggestions for decking, patios, water features, pathways, and even how to overhaul terrain to provide topographical changes. They also are experts in the care of the plans and plants they include in their designs, and can provide what future maintenance will be required to keep everything looking its best.

Irrigation Specialist

Vegetation needs water, and unless you plan on doing a lot of hand watering or moving around a sprinkler you may want to have an irrigation system. An irrigation specialist knows what you need to ensure you get water when you need it, and also can be helpful in planning and supplying any water features you may have in your landscape.

Lawn Care Technician

This is the job most people think of when they are considering a landscape career, but there is much more involved with it then cutting grass. Technicians know which grasses grow best and under which conditions, how they should be watered, and what sort of schedule they need on for cutting, fertilizing, and aeration. They also are experts on bush and small tree trimming, weed control, and even how to eradicate insects in the yard.

Services Offered

Landscaping Business. Gardener Mowing Backyard Lawn. Green Gasoline Lawn Mower

Landscaping companies offer a very wide range of services indeed, and if you decide to take advantage of one you most likely will be pleasantly surprised at how many options you have for year round maintenance of your yard. Commercial landscaping services make up approximately 50% of the industry, allowing business owners to have a very large range of companies to choose from. But this is followed by a strong percentage of homeowners at 31% taking advantage of residential care and maintenance, as well as 13% of hires surrounding actual landscape design and construction.

Some of the most popular services include:

  • Lawn cutting and hedging, fertilizing, weed and insect control
  • Sod installation and grass seeding
  • Irrigation services and maintenance
  • Landscape design
  • Tree and bush trimming
  • Winterizing
  • Snow shoveling and plowing services

These services are often offered as one time options, or can be set up on a regular rotation. Many times there are also package deals in order to help you save money and time. A company that offers a wide selection of various options often may have various locations as well, and be an industry leader in their knowledge, professionalism, and expertise.

Why You Might Want to Consider a Landscape Care Service

Those driving the industry as consumers include homeowners and property owners who require landscaping design and lawn maintenance. If you feel you fit into any of the following categories, then a reputable service may be right for you:

  • You do not have a vision, ability, or tools to create your own landscape design. Or you have a vision, but are unsure of where to start.
  • You are a new homeowner who wants to reclaim the property as your own.
  • You are looking to sell and need curbside appeal.
  • You are a commercial property owner and need to have a regular care service available for various changes and maintenance.
  • You are frequent traveler and need your property to look cared for when gone.
  • You are incapable of physically caring for your property.
  • Those who have more than one home and spend time in each seasonally.
  • You do not have the time to spend on your landscape as you wish you did, or are not interested in doing the maintenance yourself.
  • You do not have the knowledge to properly care for your lawn and various vegetative plantings.

Top National Landscape Companies

To provide you an idea of what services may be available to you, we have reviewed some of the most competitive industry leaders on the market. These companies are widely available in most urban areas and drive many of the statistics often seen in lawn care market analysis trends.

Lawn Doctor

lawn doctor logo

In business for almost a half century, the Lawn Doctor is present in 40+ states and in over 460+ locations, and is always looking to expand. This full service lawn care company provides everything from seeding, weed eradication, fertilization, aeration,and tree and shrub control. And has also expanded their services to include applications for the health of your family and pets through pest eradication to remove moles, voles, ant, and kill dangerous pathogen carrying insects such as mosquitoes and ticks.

They also offer soil testing, as a healthy lawn starts with the ground. Although they won’t cut your lawn for you. They will help you maintain your lawn mower so you can either take care of that chore yourself, or hire locally for basic lawn mowing. They also offer one time special services, such as insect spraying prior to events you may hold in your yard.

Why Choose This Business?

Each Lawn Doctor branch is owned and operated locally, meaning they know what is best for your climate and growing conditions. They also can personalize a program just for your specific needs pertaining to grass growth and care, and be able to check for pests to set you up on a regular schedule to keep your lawn, trees, and shrubs looking their best.

What Customers are Saying

The company has high customer service ratings on third party service sites. Dependability, plan customization, and value are all rated extremely high by those who take advantage of their programs.


  • Full service, year round lawn, shrub, and tree care
  • Ability to choose programs for specific needs
  • Special event services
  • Lawn mower maintenance
  • Locally owned and operated


  • Do not cut lawns (but works with local services to provide suggestions)


truegreen logo

The TRUGREEN Company is one of the largest lawn care companies in North America. With over 200 locations that service over 2.3 million customers, they are a popular, and affordable option for those who need either residential or commercial lawn, tree, and shrub support or pest control. With a wide variety of plans to choose from, you can pick from simple soil amendment for fertilization and healthy lawn analysis to aeration, tree and shrub care.

Grub, flea, tick, and mosquito control plans are also available for a safe, year-round environment for your pets and family. TRUGREEN also offers comprehensive services for commercial properties that includes a wide range of lawn care management, specialized pest control, and various landscaping techniques.

Why Choose This Business?

Highly specialized for lawn care, and with a very detailed commercial plan, this company is a top industry leader and regularly generates more revenue than 98% of its competition.

What Customers are Saying

Both residential and commercial property owners praise the professionalism and knowledge of TRUGREEN’s technicians. They are considered dependable and the many choices of care provided are budget friendly and easy to personalize for specific lawncare needs.


  • Full service, highly specialized offers
  • Wide range of options for personalization
  • Huge range of commercial services


  • Not locally owned
  • No lawn cutting service

Weed Man

weed man logo

With over 45 years in the lawn care business, the Weed Man Company continues to grow and thrive and currently offers business in 35 US states in 150+ locations. They also provide services in Canada and the United Kingdom. The company truly embraces a specialization in lawns and offers a huge selection of services specific to natural lawn health, including education on natural lawn care and even uses organic applications.

Lawn seeding, fertilization, aeration, disease control, soil testing, organic applications, pest eradication and control and more are offered as single and package services. They are also constantly in a state of growth, offering franchises to locally own your own business, and provide customers with a referral program for even better deals.

Why Choose This Business?

Weed Man specializes in lawn care, offering the information you need to grow a healthy, natural, sustainable lawn. Their organic options is widely praised for those with children and pets, and their franchising allows the company to stay more local for specific area needs.

What Customers are Saying

The smaller, more personalized attention provided by this company is a big reason why they are often chosen. Their huge range of lawn care specialties result in healthy, lush lawns that are highly praised. The knowledge they share with homeowners for continual lawn health is also appreciated.


  • Highly specialized care
  • Organic applications offered
  • Local franchise control
  • Knowledgeable training for long term care provided


  • No grass cutting services (but works with local companies)
  • No Commercial services


brightview logo

Formerly known as ValleyCrest Landscaping Company and the Brickman Company, Brightview is a merged entity and is considered THE industry leader. It generates more than 2 million in revenue each year and with over 44,000 people employed through North America. This is a true, all season, full property landscape service that provides design, development, maintenance, snow and ice removal, irrigation management, and tree planting and care. It also offers commercial services, golf course, and turf planning and maintenance programs. These services include everything needed for a beautiful yard, including lawn mowing, as well as taking care of details such as deck and patio cleaning and sealing.

The company is compiled of merged landscape companies, and offers over 140 years of landscape experience. The business has been growing since it was first founded in 1939, and continues to expand with close to 200 locations currently employing 44,000 workers in everything from management and design to lawn care and irrigation.

Why Choose This Business?

When you need a company that offers a full range of services from start to finish, this is an excellent option. Design landscape and all season property care helps cover all your needs, and if you own commercial properties, or need a dependable golf and turf management business, Brightview has you covered.

What Customers are Saying

Brightview has stayed in business and continues to grow due to its wide range of services that provide professional and dependable care for both residential and commercial properties. Consumers find them to be an excellent choice to use for landscape design and follow up care, and prefer to use a company that offers a full range of services rather than having to depend on multiple companies for a full property care.


  • True, full service and care company
  • All-season landscape and property care
  • Detailed design and development services
  • Huge range of careers available


  • Slightly limited in reach, but still growing

U.S. Lawns

u.s. lawns logo

With over 260 locally owned locations, U.S. Lawns is a popular pick for homeowners looking for all-season, full service lawn and property care. Not only will they provide soil testing, fertilizing, and pest management, they also know how to beautify your lawn with a proper maintenance schedule to include cutting and trimming. Landscape planning, irrigation, tree and shrub, snow and ice management and removal, as well as hardscape planning and care are all part of the service packages offered by the company.

In business for almost 25 years, U.S. Lawns can be found from one coast to the next, and is constantly growing with locally owned franchises. Their specialized care services are widely used as a full service offering for those who want more than just care, but dependable maintenance as well. They also offer full service commercial business care, and are widely recommended for this purpose.

Why Choose This Business?

Full service companies that are locally owned on such a scale know your climate and specific area needs to provide you the personalized care required, whether it be weed and pest control, or snow removal. many landscaping companies can provide the care, but not the regular upkeep a landscape requires, but U.S. Lawns does it all for both residential and commercial properties.

What Customers are Saying

U.S. Lawns is a very popular choice with homeowners as they provide a very detailed service to pick and choose from for lawn care and property maintenance. The personalized plans are detailed for local needs, and each franchise allows for comprehensive care that is highly sought after by their customers.


  • Full lawn care plans and maintenance schedule
  • All-season property management
  • Locally owned for personalized plans


  • Not as widely available but still growing


The Landscaping Industry, although closely tied to the economic success of the housing industry, has continued to grow to provide a wide variety of services for both residential and commercial property owners. Whether you are looking for specialized care for your lawn, or need a full-service maintenance schedule, the highlighted companies can provide the various needs you are looking for.

Choose from locally owned franchises or larger scale, industrial giants – these options are considered amongst the best for widely available, industry leaders in terms of location, hire, and revenue. If you have taken advantage of any of these businesses, or need more information, let us know below. And, as always, please share.


Infographic - Landscaping Service Statistics and How They Can Help You