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Brighten Your Backyard with These Landscaping Light Ideas

People spend so much time lighting up their interiors that they forget that exteriors need lighting too. Landscaping lights are a great way to “outline” your area. Outdoor lighting is a valuable addition to any yard. Not only does it help streamline your backyard, but it also adds value to your home. There are limitless benefits to incorporating different lights in your backyard.

Of course, you don’t want to overwhelm your backyard, but whatever kind of lighting that makes sense to you and matches your home theme is a great addition to your yard. Installing strategic lighting gives you the ability to appreciate your landscaping even in the dark of night. Lighting also can transform your space and create a beautiful atmosphere.

Lighting in any space sets the mood and creates a personalized ambiance that appeals to you. Not only can outdoor lighting look fantastic, but it can also serve a practical purpose. If you ever want to have an evening get-together or go for a nighttime walk, having lights in your yard is essential.

Brighten Your Backyard with These Landscaping Light Ideas

1. Pathway Lights

This design illuminates a stone walkway leading to an intricate gate. They placed small lights on alternate sides of the path. This ensures there is plenty of light shining across the path so that you can clearly see where you are walking. However, it also creates a cool look of mini spotlights glowing on the ground. The edges of the lights are bright enough to show off the green of the grass. You can find solar lights to illuminate your landscape, too.

2. Garden Bed Glow

Are you a fan of warmer light? This light feature emits a golden glow across the pebbles of a garden bed. Between the pebbles of the garden bed and the grass of the lawn, there is a brick border. They installed this lighting beneath the edge of the bricks. This way, the light bulbs themselves are hidden, creating a soft orange glow. This is great for showcasing garden features at night while allowing the rest of the yard to be shadowed in darkness.

3. Bollard Lights

One common way to incorporate light into a backyard is to install bollard lights. Bollard lights are short posts installed on the ground of a pathway or yard with a light on top of the post. A good way to think of them is to imagine them as mini street lights. If you have a walkway that you want to be visible at night, this is a great option, as it provides subtle warm light that radiates across the ground.

4. Stair Lights

Here’s a unique outdoor lighting idea to get the ball rolling! They carefully placed these lights underneath each step of this staircase. This is great for navigating your backyard in the dark without worrying about any trips or falls. In addition, this layout uses warm lighting to match the warmer tones in the stone that they made the staircase of. Placement is an important element of this design to consider. In this example, they placed the lights in the middle of the staircase, which creates a beautifully balanced look. However, if your stairs are structured differently or have a banister on one side, it may make more sense to place the lighting towards the left or right of each stair.

5. Floating Orbs

If you have been searching for a unique and dreamy way to incorporate lighting into your backyard, look no further! This yard features LED floating lights that appear like large orbs floating on the grass. This option is great because it adds shape and body to the landscaping. In addition, the orbs are large enough to illuminate the space, making rocks, trees, and grass come to life at night. It also makes the backyard landscape appear more contemporary and elegant. Here’s a nifty tutorial to DIY floating orb lights.

6. Paved Lighting

This design is perfect for fans of modern, sleek landscaping. Rather than adding lights to the yard, they built these lights into the pathway itself. The lights are the same size as the rectangular blocks that make up the walkway. This offers a unique way to make the lights blend in seamlessly with the ground. The bluish glow of the lights compliments the light and dark alternating shades of gray in the walkway. It looks like this can’t be maintained or repaired, but that’s not the case. Unlike bulbs and posts, you’ll need to, however, hire professionals for this light’s upkeep.

7. Overhead Glow

Are you looking for a more structured way to incorporate light into your backyard? This open-concept canopy is perfect for emitting a glow from above. If you have a seating area, garden bed, or water feature that you would like to highlight in the evening and night, this overhead lighting is the perfect way to make the best features of your backyard sparkle. Another way to incorporate these lights would be to have them shine across a walkway, creating a perfect path for a romantic evening stroll. This goes to prove that lighting doesn’t need to be close to the ground to create a magical effect!

8. String Lights

If you are a fan of trendy, yet timeless designs, these light bulb string lights are sure to please. One impressive aspect of these lights is their versatility. Because they are not directly installed in any of the foundational materials of the backyard, you have the freedom to move them around the yard and redesign your space whenever you feel like it. All you have to know is how to hang outdoor string lights, and you’d be able to whip up magic every time! This example incorporates posts that you can easily stick into dirt, grass, or pebbles in your garden beds. The ends of the posts are hooked, making the perfect design for hanging string lights. If the look of light bulbs doesn’t appeal to you, there are countless other types of string lights in all shapes, sizes, and colors available on the market! However, the light bulbs have a stunning vintage look that gives a unique pop to the backyard.

9. Modern Stair Glow

This is another great option for those who love modern architecture. These stairs add a minimalist flair to the backyard. They are made of a simple white slab with no extra pattern or texture to them. They hid the lights under each stair in the area where the higher stair overlaps with the lower one. This creates the illusion that the stairs are glowing without revealing where the light is actually coming from. It creates a subtle yet radiant glow. This design looks simple and clean, but it also keeps the stairs illuminated in the dark, serving a practical purpose.

10. Round Boardwalk Lights

If you are looking for lighting to enhance what is already in your backyard without overwhelming the space, these small round lights are a fantastic option. This deck is structured in a way that is reminiscent of a boardwalk, with stunning dark wood. Choosing very small rounded lights gives a slight twinkle to the walkway without taking away from the rich color of the wood. Notice how the slightly larger lights at the end of each section complement the smaller lights paving the way? This ensures that guests and families will not trip on the different levels of the boardwalk. Here are some solar deck lighting ideas, if you’re looking for solar options.

In Summary

Landscaping lights are a great addition to any backyard. The beauty of landscaping lights is that they can transform the space. There are options for any budget, there are designs for those who love the sleek look of modern architecture, and there are designs for those who like a quaint and cozy backyard setting. Whether you are looking for an eye-catching way to showcase your garden at night or simply a way to navigate your backyard in the dark, there are countless options for any purpose.