43 Landscaping Timber Ideas You Need to Find Room For
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43 Landscaping Timber Ideas You Need to Find Room For

Landscaping timber provides the ability to turn overgrown yards into well organized garden beds, boring home siding into something to talk about, steep hillsides into graceful walkways, and also provide landscaping ornamental value through endless project possibilities. In short, it’s a great addition to any landscaping plan you have in mind and can fit well into any decor as you will soon see.

Plus, I have a confession to make: despite growing up in the suburbs of a large city, I have always been drawn to a more natural outdoor look. Raised wooden flower beds and gardenscapes created with the native tones found in the surrounding environment are much more aesthetically pleasing in my opinion. The more rustic the better, and landscaping timber is often featured in my landscaping designs. But what many people don’t realize is how versatile it really is, and how it can be used in everything from home siding to stairways, and I suppose if you are really into DIY, you could even make your own.

Are you ready for some amazing ways to bring the natural look of wooden timbers to your landscape? Landscaping timber comes in a variety of shapes (think boards, posts, blocks) and lengths. They are also made of different materials, and can be stained or painted to fit your needs.

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Although the use of natural materials brings to mind a more rustic approach to decorating, landscaping woods can be used in much more contemporary design in both outdoor, and indoor living spaces. The natural grains and hues of timber lend a warmth to modern living spaces without sacrificing the clean edges and colors typically preferred.


Outdoor Living

Blend your indoor living spaces to the outdoors using wooden flooring to create a rich, warm, and inviting space for entertainment and relaxation. Stained timbers make up the floor of this covered patio, and work effortlessly up a wall to provide further privacy.


High and Low

Enclose the outdoors in the warm stains of timber and textures with this rooftop decking design that both protects from outdoor elements, while allowing an unprecedented view from above.


Desktop Paradise

Surround yourself with the inviting tones of natures with the unique placement the clean lines timber provides. This patio pool is separated from an outdoor lounging area with clear panels, but the decking and overhead details provide flow between the two separate spaces.


Mix and Match

Concrete, pond features, and timber decking bring together a luxurious facade highlighted by carefully placed lighting. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your materials and textures to create a feel that is all your own.


Bright White

The lack of color surrounding this deck design brings a minimalist approach to your outdoor living area. Let the natural hues of your timber be the highlight of your space to better enjoy the nature around you.


Bring the Outdoors In

Conceive a space that brings the amenities of the outdoors within your own walls, but still provides the feel of your own private patio. Landscaping timber provides the perfect touch to this vision through modern usage.


Towering Pillars

Height is used to an advantage as towering pillars, mimicking the long trunks of trees, overlook an in-deck pool. Varied usage of timbers bring a rustic feel to a contemporary patio.


Building with natural woods may not be as popular as it once was when it was one of the only materials available to shelter under, but in recent years it has made a strong comeback to lend an artistic, and unique, touch to present day architecture. Whether you prefer a rustic approach on a cabin home, or in a more modern context, timbers can be used to fit into your ideal decor.


Decking Extension

Timber may be a perfect choice for decking projects, but what about as a siding option? Consider mixing wood tones into your siding, and extending your decking as part of a house facade. This elegant choice pairs an upper level deck with a covered patio below.

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Terra Cotta Coverage

Terra cotta tile roofing pairs well with timber siding for a rustic overview along this main street town. Consider a similar look on a bungalow, guest houses, or sheds on a multi structural property.



Stucco walls top the long board lengths of the first storey outside this rural home and garden. The warm tones of these stained boards provide the perfect backdrop to a blooming landscape, and calming pace to enjoy a cup of coffee.


Vintage Appeal

Pieced together boards give the desired vintage feel in this antique inspired sitting area. Wide timbers can be weathered and painted with ease as part of an overall appeal, and long boards cut to give a wall surface more texture.


Going Up

Rather than conform to a contemporary office front, these owners choose the rich reds of stained woods to compliment the modernized windows on this building. Warm tones are inviting, and provide a welcoming atmosphere to arriving clients.


Pergolas are an open air decking and patio cover design popular in the American Southwest inspired by Native pueblo and Mexican influences (although there usage can be traced back to medieval European times). Stylized timbers are a part of the artistic expression found in the designs, and can be found as an extension of homes both traditional and modern alike.


Summertime Abode

This pergola inspired design encloses an outdoor sitting room complete with greenhouse and canvas shade awnings. An inspired way to spend time outdoors year round, this abode can be enjoyed without the fear of overheating, wintery winds, or annoying summer insects.


Decking Detail

This timbered decking is further detailed with an overhanging pergola that provides shade to a garden window during the height of the day, and can also serve as a fantastic place to hang plants from, as well as garden lighting.


Modern Pergolas

Wide timbers create this modern take on a pergola as a sharp contrast over an outdoor sitting area. Straight lines, well measured right angles, and perfectly spaced plantings complete this cutting-edge look.


Wide Beams

Wide, Pillared beams cover the width of this entryway and complement the well groomed vegetation and xeriscaping as a the perfect balance of simple, complementary textured materials, shape, and color.


Outdoor Oasis

Kick back and relax in this backyard oasis complete with wooden boards warm against your bare feet, and the bright shade of a covered pergola. Create your own island nook with the use of sun warmed timbers and simple, natural furniture.


Timbers provide an obvious material for a variety of fencing, for both privacy and aesthetic purposes. Shaped boards, unique placements, and a never ending selection of colors and stains available to address your specific needs and wants- consider the use of natural woods when planning out your perfect fence.


Board Feet

Natural boards combine with metal siding to create a unique, airy fence that looks just as home in a contemporary landscape, as a in a rural country setting. Choose your stains to match your environment, and create a fencing plan that stands as a decorative piece within your yard.


Blond and Brown

The rich red tones found in the blond and brown stains of these boards complement each other in a horizontal layout, and serves well as a tall privacy fence. If it isn’t height you are looking for, consider a half wall, or even a combination of materials that further compliments the colors found in this design idea.


Natural Boards

Natural boards top a concrete foundation of an outer fence to a housing compound. A design traditionally found in Japanese architecture, simple lines and balance create a supportive facade to compliment the courtyard within.


Long Timbers

Long timbered posts and natural boards complete this traditional privacy fence that spans the length of property along a rural dirt road. Using timber in fencing options doesn’t have to be complicated or even designed with pure aesthetics in mind since even functional arrangements are pleasing to the eye.


Natural wood porches are a traditional go to in planning an outdoor living space due to cost effectiveness, the ease of the material to work with, and the many ways it can be shaped, carved, weathered, stained, and painted to fit the overall decor. These unique takes give a new perspective to how timber can be utilized in both small, and very large spaces, to make a location worthy of calling home.


Textured Walk

Wooden boards don’t always have to be smoothed to perfection. Instead, try a textured surface, such as this ribbed choice that provides both walking traction and a fun take on a porch surface.


Living Extension

Extend your home into the great outdoors through the use of large covered porches that frame the surrounding landscape. This log cabin utilizes building materials and is surround by a beautiful walk around porch that overlooks the river and landscaped yard.


Incomplete Perfection

Although this porch looks like a combination between an unfinished pergola and entryway extension, the true beauty of using timbers is illustrated through this unique, and open, design that welcomes people into a well planned passageway.


Landscaping timbers are not only for large building design. They can serve a multitude of creations, furniture included. Well planned, and functional, furniture creations are sure to be not only uncommon- but serve as a conversational piece no matter where you choose to place it.


Time for Dinner

Matching table and chairs compliment one another on this tiled concrete poolside patio. The use of wood provides a balance of the surrounding vegetation, and brings a softness against the contrast of the white concrete and bright blue of the pool.



Strong wooden bases provide the perfect frame for thick, comforting pillow topped benches, and compliment the boards of the decking beneath on this poolside patio. Contemporary pool tiles are mirrored in the pillowed details and right angels of the materials used to lounge upon


Using timbers for walls (both inside and out) instead of more traditional materials opens up a whole new world of possibilities and can be used in such a manner to provide both privacy and light to your living zone. As mentioned, the use of natural woods also bring a new dimension to the colors and textures used in decorating, and so don’t rule out walled design ideas.


Timbered Combination

Spaced wooden siding is combined with both brick and stucco to provide both garden gateways, and privacy walls along an enclosed sitting room. This type of design provides light into an indoor living space, but also protection and privacy from passerbys.


Evening Sun

This pergola has a walled extension to help shield the deck from late afternoon and evening sunlight that sits at an uncomfortable eye level. The use of timbers still allows for the sunlight to pass through and illuminate the sitting area, but provides the restrictions needed for lounging comfort.


If you aren’t keen on adding timbers to your personal abode, consider using the materials for outlying buildings, such as storage sheds or gardening rooms. The use of whole building timber design concerning property structures blends well into many landscaping plans due to the natural look it lends.



This simple, and practical, flat roofed garden shed is the perfect addition to an enclosed yard for the storage of maintenance materials. Added windows create a multi-purpose use as well, since early garden seeds could easily be started and stored within prior to planting.


Backyard Barn

This barn style shed is a welcome addition in a spacious landscape, and provides a relaxing sitting area amongst a country garden. Instead of using a shed simply for storage, make it an integral part of your backyard view!


Rustic Blend

Just large enough to hold the materials needed for the care of the surrounding herb garden, this little rustic shed blends right into the surrounding landscape with it’s planted, green rooftop.


Duel Storage

These twined storage sheds serve dual purposes in their design to keep both gardening and maintenance materials protected from the elements. The more contemporary lines and paint also incorporate well into a well manicured yard.


Most likely the most popular way to use landscaping timbers, raised garden beds benefit from the edging strength and shape they lend to flowering vegetation. This is a common technique to use to add height and depth to landscape, as well as a practical solution to issues that may arise from surface planting- such as a reduction of weeds, and digging animals. Raised beds also are easier to maintain and cause less back stress on the gardener.


Boxed Beds

Decorative boxed beds put your plants within arms reach and lessen the stress on a gardener. They also serve well as an ornamental piece that lends visual appeal year round.


Timbered Divisions

Divided vegetable gardens are a great candidate for square foot gardening techniques, and also yield more produce. The wide boards used along the edges of these gardens provide a finished look, as well as a convenient surface for gardening tools.


High Herbs

Timbered boxes can be used to plant a variety of materials, but if you are looking to add only one, consider using it as an herb garden for a steady supply of your favorite seasoning. Take cutting and dry them to use year round.


By now you realize that timber can be used in many ways from architectural design, to gardening go-tos. Don’t feel you always need to go big, however. Consider adding a touch of natural elements through the use of crafts both around your home and garden. Whether created or upcycled, it’s sure to add a touch of whimsy.


Recycled Rowboat

This old planked boat may have no future on the water, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be retired. If you have the space, surprising elements such as these are a fun addition to your gardenscape.


Hanging Beds

You may have heard of hanging baskets, but what about hanging garden beds? Small palleted version of a raised garden bed holds your favorite cascading flowers, and even a series of small herb pots if you so desire.


Refurbished Uses

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and thus you can find many unwanted garden gifts tossed to the side by keeping an open eye out in antique shops and flea markets.


Well shaped and stained, or placed au naturale in a hillside, post and boards have a long history of use to provide ease of access to thing below, and above you. Depending on the look you wish to achieve, little effort is involved with placing timbers for a rustic effect as the nature shapes and inconsistencies are part of the allure.


Weathered Walkway

Bleached and weathered boards lead you up through paths of green on this hillside stairway. Solid, treated timbers should last a lifetime even when exposed to severe elements.


Manicured Pathway

Well manicured boxwood frame this carefully constructed stairway through an open landscape. This is a well planned design to allow a gradual incline up a hill to prevent fatigue and allow your company to enjoy their surroundings.


Hidden Paths

This hidden path is gracefully framed in greenery as it meanders up a hillside. Achieve this desired look through the use of posts set into the soil, and then packing down the spaces between for a flat walking surface.


Beach Stairs

Need some inspiration for a currently inaccessible areas? Here’s an idea: a long trip down on these salt weathered boards by the sea provide the means, and the look, often desired along waterfront property.


Terrain Trails

Even difficult terrain can be conquered with the use of well placed boards. This rocky outcrop boasts both a timbered walkway, as well as a stairway, to explore the surrounding landscape without fear of a rocky crash.


I already couldn’t pass by a design that used timber, and now I am definitely on the search for even more ideas to incorporate into my ideas and decor. Indoors or out, landscape timber can be used in such a versatile way that I’m sure there was something shared you can’t wait to use in your own plans. Could you pick just one favorite if you were asked to? I can’t (although those pergolas are calling my name), and would love to hear what you can’t wait to try below!

We’d love to see your uses of landscape timber, or ideas you have in the works. And as always, feel free to share the love!