Large Chicken Coop Plans: Instructions to Build Your Own

Large Chicken Coop Plans: Instructions to Build Your Own

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Keeping chickens isn’t a difficult task, however you do need to ensure their safety and health by providing a space for them to live and roost. Although there are many prefabricated chicken coops from which you can choose, sometimes building your own is a better approach, especially if you own a large flock.

Chickens need approximately 2 to 3 square feet of space in their coop, and at least one nesting box for every 3 to 5 hens. Even though this space can be measured vertically since they roost, many coops available for purchase only hold a limited amount of birds. Luckily, large chicken coop plans are easy to find online and are generally very easy to make. If you have been wondering how to build your own, read on below for some of our favorite ideas!

Large Enclosure

Chicken Coop Plans DIY Poultry Hen House with Run Kennel - 3D presentation

When looking for an extra large chicken coop, sometimes building your own is the most affordable choice. This fully enclosed design has a simple style and easy instructions for a secure, safe, and roomy coop option.

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Art Deco

Modern Walk-in Chicken Coop Plans16'x10'

Create a protective, contemporary coop with these awesome plans that showcase an art deco design that is one of a kind. Complicated in looks, but easy to build, let your chickens live in style with this unique hen house.

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Shed Extension

Chicken Coop With Run at the backyard in winter season
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Take advantage of an existing shed, or build your own and add on a well supported run that provides protection from all types of seasonal weather. This is a great option for northern climates to help protect against excessive moisture and still provides excellent airflow.

Decorative Shed

Gopherboyfarms Chicken Coop in red white paint color
Image Source:

This awesome coop has a ton of great ideas to take advantage of. Alter a prefab shed or build from the ground up to create this unique, and well thought out, detailed chicken home. The instructions are pretty hilarious as well!

Simple Lean-To

largest chicken coop design (twice the size of The Garden Coop)
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This arily, light filled lean-to style coop is perfect for protecting your chickens all while allowing them the exposure to the great outdoors. Spacious and comfortable, this design provides a free range experience without the fear of predators.

Attached Run

Very large red chicken coop at the farm
Image Source:

Although not everyone includes a run with their coop plans and prefers to allow their chickens to range on their property, it doesn’t hurt to have a back up plan for their safety. Attaching a simple, enclosed run is not difficult and gives you peace of mind, especially if you are not home to come to your chicken’s rescue when needed.

Cottage House

Trevor's chicken coop plan
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Could this cottage inspired coop be any cuter? Spacious, with easy to access nesting boxes and a short run for predatory protection, these building plans make a big impact on your landscape.

Rustic Home

Rustic Covered Lean-to Coop and Run
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A large, rustic enclosure is not only simple, but also may often be built for free depending on the type of materials you may already have on hand. Lean-to style coops are a great solution to providing a large, protective area and are generally a quick build.

Basic Enclosure

Wondering how to make a large coop? This basic enclosure is a great option to help keep your hens comfortable each night and makes it easy to collect eggs each day. Watch this step-by-step tutorial to see how you can make this vision your own.

Little Coop in the Woods

The Coop in the Woods - white painted chicken coop
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Looking more like a little playhouse, this adorable coop is the perfect size for a healthy sized flock. Paint to match your home decor, or allow it to be a highlight of your landscape, this style of design is the perfect option for your hens to live in cute comfort.

Multi-Functional Coop

This huge coop may be one of the best designs ever concerning the safety and care of your chickens. Roosts, nests, and plenty of space to run around defines this stylish home that will have your chickens living in style.

Hoop Coop

Permanent Hoop Coop Guide built with wires
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This traditional hoop coop is perfect for climates that receive a lot of snow. Avoid a pile up and keep your chickens well ventilated with this spacious run and vertical height to allow both indoor and outdoor roosting without fear of predation.

Simple Coop

Chicken coop at the backyard in winter snow season
Full build tutorial here

Put your chickens to bed each night in this raised option that also includes a small run that you can easily open and close for safety measures. Raised coops are often easy to clean and maintain and provide a spacious area for laying and roosting.

Secure Coop

Sunrise Chicks Chicken Coop Plans
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This coop looks like the perfect backyard escape for both humans and animals alike. Look over these easy to follow plans to make a secure, predator proof housing for your flock, and also provide a comforting space for nesting.

Pallet Creations

a smiling woman holding a chicken with a yellow chicken coop at her back
Image Source:

DIY your way with cheap (or free) pallets to create the chicken coop of your dreams. These plans are easy to follow and help bring your chicken housing passion to life! The great thing about this idea is you can customize the size to fit your needs.


If you have a large flock,  or simply are not interested in the coop styles offered for sale, you may want to build your own. These many coop instructions and ideas provide plenty of creative tips for you to make your own personalized hen house. Although designed for a large flock, these DIY tips can be altered to fit your needs.

If you have any questions or comments, or want to share your own coop picture or plans, please do so below. And, as always, please post this article for everyone to see!

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