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8 Stunning Lavender Varieties To Grow in Your Garden

Curious about growing lavender (Lavandula) plants in your garden next season, yet struggling to choose the best one? The choice may not be as easy as it sounds, with several things to consider first. Things like the ideal location, fragrance strength, and even color preferences. Yes, not all lavender is purple!

Rich in history, lavender dates back 2500 years, at least! The fragrant plant held cultural significance to Egyptians and Romans, among others. Lavender was also a perfume in Elizabethan times, perfect for bed linens and clothing. With all this popularity, there sure is something appealing about growing your own!

Do not miss out on the beautiful blooms lavender provides and opt to include some in your garden plans. Take a look at these eight stunning lavender varieties to grow in your garden. You may find it hard to choose just one!

Lavender Classification

Lavender plants in pots
Image credit: congerdesign via Pixabay

There are four main types of lavender and all species fall within one of these groupings. English lavenders (Lavandula angustifolia), Lavandins or Hybrids (Lavandula x. intermedia), Spanish lavenders (Lavandula stoechas), and French lavender (Lavandula dentata).

If the lavender you choose does not thrive in your garden or climate, do not lose hope. Consider a species within another classification, as it may better suit your garden and thrive, whereas the other did not!

Find The Perfect Variety

Hidcote – English Lavender

Bees upon Hidcote English Lavender
Image credits: Acabashi via Creative Commons

Hidcote lavender has beautiful deep purple clusters of flowers and small bluish-green leaves. Not only visually appealing, but this species also has functional qualities for you and your garden! Hidcote attracts pollinators, has a long-lasting fragrance, makes great essential oil, and works well for culinary purposes.

Not only are they lovely during their blooming period from June to August, but this species holds its color well when dried. This quality makes it great for bouquets and table centerpieces after you’ve enjoyed it in your garden!

Munstead – English Lavender

Munstead Lavender
Image credits: amandabhslater via Creative Commons

Munstead has pretty and unique pale bluish-purple shaggy blooms and grows 1 to 2 feet tall. These blooms are easy to enjoy, as it is one of the heartiest varieties and an excellent plant for beginners.

This herbaceous perennial retains its color when harvested and dried. Another variety that you can enjoy well past the growing season!

This English lavender species works well grown in containers. If you want to adorn your front porch or pathways with lovely potted lavender blooms, munstead may be perfect for you! You can enjoy their blooms from June to August.

Jean Davis – English Lavender

Jean Davis Lavender Blooms
Image credits: Katrina Wright via Unsplash

Jean Davis lavender is a unique choice to include in your garden, due to its stunning mauve-colored flowers. This plant would look beautiful on its own or among other purple lavender varieties! Other colored varieties include pink Alba, Kew Red, and the white Edelweiss.

Growing 1 to 1 and 1/2 feet tall, Jean Davis is a dwarf variety and grows well in a container or raised gardens. This perennial shrub is wonderful at attracting pollinator like butterfly and bees. Not to mention it’s deer and rabbit resistant, meaning you can enjoy those blooms and not worry about them being eaten!

Thumbelina Leigh – English Lavender

Thumbelina Leigh Lavender Blooms
Image credits: The Greenery Nursery via Creative Commons

If you have a rock garden, Thumbelina Leigh is a great variety for you. A hearty grower and eager to please, Thumbelina Leigh has lots of stunning violet blooms for its gardener to enjoy! This plant is a compact dwarf and grows 1 to 1 and 1/2 feet tall. Containers are also great spaces to grow this variety, allowing the blooms to be enjoyed all over your yard indoors or out!

Grosso – Lavandin

Grosso lavender bloom
Image credits: Recherché Furnishings via Creative Commons

Grosso is a species falling in the lavandin/hybrid classification. This variety has an abundance of beautiful blooms and has one of the strongest scents! If you enjoy walking in the garden and enjoying sights and smells, this may be for you!

Growing up to 3 feet tall, Grosso makes excellent cut flowers due to its long stem. This variety also attracts pollinators and makes a great hedge in your garden.

This variety is not only drought and salt tolerant, but it’s resistant to those who may destroy your blooms, like deer and rabbit.

Provence – Lavandin

Provence Lavender blooms
Image credits: pasja1000 via Pixabay

Another beautiful hybrid variety is the provence species. With large 3-inch blooms and growing 2 to 2 and 1/2 feet tall, this plant is great for making an impact and taking up space in the garden! Provence also does well in a humid, hot climates, and like many others, dries easily. If

The dried blooms on this particular species make excellent additions to potpourri and sachets and have a great culinary purpose as well. After they flower in the summer, deadhead the blooms to encourage more growth. This is the flower that keeps on giving!

Fun Fact: This lavender is part of the mint family.

Kew Red – Spanish Lavender

Spanish lavender flowers on a bush in the garden. Lavandula stoechas. Topped lavender
Image credits: Rose Makin via Shutterstock

Looking for a unique lavender plant that may not be as well known? Kew red is an annual variety of lavender in the Spanish classification. This species has a beautiful raspberry-colored bloom with shorter stems than most.

Kew red is an early bloomer, allowing gardeners to enjoy this flower early in the season! They’ll be comfortable in three-gallon containers but if you’re growing this lavender from seed, know they take about eight weeks to germinate — Patience is key!

Goodwin Creek Grey – French Lavender

Goodwin Creek Grey French Lavender
Image credits: David J. Stang via Creative Commons

Goodwin creek grey is classified as a French lavender species. This plant is large and grows 2 to 3 feet tall and 3 to 4 feet wide and you can enjoy these blooms from spring all the way through to fall!

The purple blooms against a silvery green leaf are a beautiful addition to your landscape. Goodwin creek grey can thrive in containers, and rock gardens, allowing gardeners to get creative about where to place these plants!

Get Growing!

With so many different species of lavender to choose from, you’ll likely find more than one type to add to your garden next season! From unique colored blooms like the Jean Davis and munstead species to the fragrant grosso, lavender plants make excellent additions to home gardens.

Which species of lavender do you have in your garden and why? Share your lavender love in the comment section below!