LeafFilter Review [2020]: Pros, Cons, Pricing & Installation
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An In-Depth LeafFilter Review

leaffilter cutout of guard with water pouring into eaves

LeafFilter Gutter Guard

The LeafFilter is a great solution when you’re experiencing problems with gutters being clogged due to all sorts of debris, but they are great systems to put in place even in other situations.

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No one is enthusiastic about cleaning the gutters. Dead wet leaves, dirt, and dead insects are not on the list of things we enjoy spending our time touching. But that’s okay. There is a system that filters rainwater and keeps debris out of the gutter! The LeafFilter makes sure your gutters will be forever clean, and with a very professional service crew that makes sure it happens all year ’round.

A Review of LeafFilter Gutter Guards

Dried up leaves in a gutter in the fall

The LeafFilter is one of those products you never knew you needed until you found out about it. We’re pretty sure that the inventors were often facing clogged gutter problems and started brainstorming a solution for all their fellow sufferers. It’s a gutter guard that helps you keep your gutters clean and have nothing but water flowing through them. What sets LeafFilter apart from other types of gutter protection systems? We’re going to show you and give info on how and where to ask for a quote, which services are included in the total price, and discover some general customer opinions as they share their experience with the LeafFilter.

Sometimes, your gutters can be improperly pitched, thus causing water to accumulate or overshoot. In other cases, gutters may leak due to holes resulted from wear and tear. Sagging is also a common problem with old gutters. Whatever the case, LeafFilter is the best gutter solution we’ve ever come across so far.

Pros of the LeafFilter System

  • Efficiently works to keep out all types of debris from your gutter.
  • The estimate is good for one full year.
  • Estimates are free.
  • LeafFilter installs directly onto existing gutters.
  • Installations can be done in less than a day.
  • LeafFilter eliminates gutter cleaning.
  • LeafFilter works with every type of existing gutter.
  • Made of durable materials.
  • Buyers can opt for financed payments.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.

Cons of the LeafFilter System

  • Must be installed by a LeafFilter professional.
  • The installation team doesn’t always respect the pre-established schedule: they may come ahead of time or too late.
  • After installation, cleaning doesn’t always lead to a satisfied customer (check the “Customer Opinions” section to learn more).

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Features & Benefits of LeafFilter

3 circular images of the features of the gutter guards. One with water pouring right through, the other showing the pitch and the last showing leaves bouncing off.

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There are several alternatives to installing the LeafFilter, but how efficient are other types of gutter protectors?

Brush inserts are a type of gutter guards that look to keep debris out. However, due to the wire brush material, debris can get stuck and lead to damaging your gutters. These systems require ongoing maintenance.

Fallen Autumn leaves on the roof of a home with rain gutters no guardDIY screens are also a known type of gutter protection, but with several downsides compared to the LeafFilter. As you first set up your screen filters, you may have to install the product underneath your shingles or bolt/nail them down, leading to shingle damage. Most of these protectors don’t even include a warranty.

Hood gutters are similar to the DIY screen: they may damage the shingles upon the initial setup. Their one-piece design isn’t a match for just any type of gutter and may require replacement altogether. Their design features an opening at the gutter’s lip, turning out to be inefficient at keeping debris out.

Foam inserts are probably the most efficient when it comes to keeping out debris. Still, as time passes and they are exposed to moisture, chances are the foam will encourage the apparition of mold and eventually cause plants to grow inside.

Micromesh products require questionable installing methods and don’t usually come with a no-clog guarantee.

LeafFilter is the most trustworthy option out there. Installed in three easy steps by a LeafFilter professional, made of durable materials, and features a lifetime transferable warranty.

LeafFilter Efficiency

Since the LeafFilter is designed to avoid gaps or large openings, it can filter even the smallest and trickiest types of debris out there. It will prevent everything from getting in your gutters: from leaves, dirt, seed pods, moss, pollen, pine needles, and even insects and pests. As promised, it will eliminate the tedious and dirty chore of gutter cleaning forever, giving you more free time to do the things you enjoy.

How to Order

The price you end up paying for LeafFilter varies from one home to another. You are free to ask for a price estimate. You can do that by visiting their official website, giving them a call or filling out the designated form, and having a sales representative call you. One of their experts will measure your gutters and then work with you to determine what you need and how much it will cost.

You will then have a full year to decide if you want to accept the quoted cost (usually ranging from $22 to $28 per linear foot), a year in which the price won’t change at all. Should you decide that the LeafFilter suits your needs, an installation expert will come to your home and install the protectors for you. After having the product installed, visit the manufacturer’s website and get the product registered to benefit from the lifetime warranty.

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How LeafFilter Works

Made of 275-micron steel mesh, the LeafFilter blocks out even the tiniest form of debris that could end up in your gutters. The mesh is dense enough to keep everything out while allowing rainwater to pass through the filters, even if it’s raining cats and dogs outside. The surface tension will pull water through the screen, even in harsh weather conditions. The 11-angle pitch was designed to allow as much water to pass through as if the gutter was open. The product is made from a uPVC material that’s sturdy enough to last you a lifetime, without warping or deteriorating, even when exposed to several weather conditions. So, whether you’re facing high heat or low cold temperatures, the LeafFilter will stay strong and keep your gutters protected. The structural hangers added upon installing the LeafFilter are invisible, yet they will do an excellent job at keeping the gutters attached firmly to the fascia board.


Man installing LeafFilter with a cordless drill into the eaves.

Leaf Filters offers a professional installation service, as they have a team of trained experts that know their way around gutters and the actual product. Aside from having the filters installed, these professionals will also inspect your gutter for weak spots to ensure that the system you’re purchasing will truly work at full potential. They will also install new gutters if it turns out that your old ones have any faults or are inefficient. If your old gutter system is ok, the professionals will clean it and make sure that everything is to begin the product’s actual installation. The gutters will be realigned and sealed with silicon to make sure no water damage occurs. As part of the installation process, you will also have professionals install hidden hangers that act as a reinforcement, securing them to the fascia board and making sure that won’t pull away from the house. Depending on your gutter system’s complexity and length, installation can take anywhere between a couple of hours to an entire day. The LeafFilter team will also make sure they don’t leave a mess behind, cleaning up debris, materials, and whatever other gutter-related items may be lying around.


If there’s one thing LeafFilter underlines repeatedly, it’s the lifetime warranty they provide to all their buyers. If the system fails to deliver, you can get free repairs or your money back. As advertised, the LeafFilter will ensure that no water damage occurs to your home due to clogged gutters. They also promise that the protective filters will keep out any debris and keep your gutters clean for many years to come. If, at any point, you decide to sell your house, the warranty is transferred to the next homeowner, giving you one additional benefit to focus on as you’re advertising to sell. To benefit from this lifetime warranty, you will be required to fill out an online form on the manufacturer’s website, specify your contact info, the installation date, and LeafFilter job number (an eight-digit alphanumeric code found on the warranty instruction sheet).

Customer Opinions

With more than 16,000 Trustpilot reviews, customers are vocal when it comes to their LeafFilter-related experience.

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Purchasing Experience Reviews

We couldn’t help but notice how pleased people were with their interactions with the LeafFilter professionals who came to their home to estimate and inspect the gutters. Often described as “real gentlemen” and “very knowledgeable,” we have to give kudos to the great customer-representative experience. However, some negative experiences with installation time have been reported. These involve either arriving ahead of schedule or too late for the pre-established time. Timing issues are a definite no-no, especially if buyers have to leave work to be home when the team arrives.

Product Quality Review

There’s no doubt that the Leaf Filter will deliver as promised. Almost every negative customer review had something to do with another part of the installation service, but rarely anything to do with the product’s quality. Even people who live in wood-thriving areas and often face the problem of leaves falling all over the place are glad to report that the product does the job as promised.


We were pleased to discover that so many people were happy with their technicians. However, we never imagined that they would be so happy to request that the same technician be available to perform any future services related to the Leaf Filter. Technicians were called out by their names and commended for the great jobs they did in most customer reviews. Outstanding!

Cleaning Service Reviews

LeafFilter advertises that their team of professionals won’t leave any mess behind after having installed your system. As far as the customers’ experience is concerned, opinions are divided. Some technicians did the job, while others didn’t, leaving a bitter taste amongst consumers who paid thousands of dollars to benefit from this product and its adjacent services.

Bottom Line

Rain Gutter Cleaning. Scooping leaves from gutter. Clean and Repair Rain Gutters and Downspout with roofer hands. Step by Step.

Some people may be disappointed by the Leaf Filter system’s high price tag. At $22 to $28 per linear foot, the system can be expensive for large homes and cost prohibitive for some. But if your time is more valuable spent not cleaning gutters, then the investment is worth the cost.

The service is simple to use. You don’t have to worry about anything except making that initial phone call and filling out the estimate form. The thorough inspection process will give you a clear overview of what needs to be done and how much it will cost. A team of professionals comes to your home and takes all necessary measures to deliver a high-quality end product. From cleaning out your gutters, replacing or repairing any faulty spots, and even cleaning up after having done the job, it seems like LeafFilter has thought of everything. And if that doesn’t convince you, maybe the lifetime transferable warranty will.

As we’ve come to learn, the major customer concerns were not with the product itself but rather with experiences related to customer service, technicians, or sales representatives. While there are some individual complaints related to how they interacted with professionals, buyers of the LeafFilters seem to be happy with the product’s high quality.

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49 thoughts on “An In-Depth LeafFilter Review”

  1. The problem with Leaffilter is snow. When it snows, it covers the gutter, so the gutter is just an extension of the roof. Subsequent melting creates a cover of ice over the gutter. Then you get icicles all along the roof line and water dripping everywhere. You might as well not have gutters. In the early spring, we had several large snowstorms, and I had to climb up a ladder to clear the ice off the gutters so the water from the melting snow would go into the gutters instead of over the edge.

  2. How do I get any service because I have had three appointments set up and no has arrived or called. In fact I had to cancelled my appointment with my back doctor because there was a scheduling conflict.

  3. I don’t think there are as good as advertised, I’ve had to clean stuff off the top of them already & they’ve only been on for about 3 – 4 months. they told me most all debris would blow off, but that’s not true. I have had water running over the top because of stuff on the top.
    I wish i would have went with Gutter Guard.

  4. There are too many issues, but I agree with everything that Gerald Franklin stated- not only do needles, leaves, and other tree debris stay on the “filters”, the “filters” start accumulating the tiny stuff and then the moss moves in when the rain starts. I had to clean the moss from the filters three times this winter and that’s no easy task as it grows through the filters… The gutter filters that I had on one portion of my gutters that I bought at Home Depot worked much better.

  5. I agree with everything that Gerald Franklin stated- not only do needles, leaves, and other tree debris stay on the “filters”, the “filters” start accumulating the tiny stuff and then the moss moves in when the rain starts. I had to clean the moss from the filters three times this winter and that’s no easy task as it grows through the filters… The gutter filters that I had on one portion of my gutters that I bought at Home Depot worked much better.

  6. I just received a quote for 70ft. Of leaf filter. $4615 After some discounts and nego the price was down to 1715. Wanted me to decide right then. No sale

  7. As a former manager their only concern is $$ and not customer satisfaction which goes against everything I stand for. Definitely Buyer Beware!!!!!

  8. I agree with all of the negative comments about the filters getting clogged with snow and ice. I kept trying to get them to fix the filters, and in doing that they ruined one of the gutters. They replaced it but the filters were still a problem. I finally asked them to remove the filters, but before they would do that they tried to get me to sign an agreement not to disparage then in any way. I refused to do that, and I had to hire somebody else to remove the filters. STAY AWAY!!!

  9. Didn’t feel comfortable with the price wasn’t told about coupons. I felt I was taken because i’m A senior. At least 5 calls and messages to various numbers as well as emails, no answer to anything. Then trying to get my warranty via the internet I had trouble. Called the help number and had to leave a message. Again no calls returned. Not happy!

  10. Stay away! The filters will clog with moss, mildew, mold, general debris, making them impossible to clean. This is simply a scam. I had o remove them. Replaced with inexpensive roles of gutter guard. Very inexpensive and simple to install. Spent about $25.00 for 150 feet.

  11. Stay away from this company. Plain and simple. They will give you a big list of things they will do like clean your gutters and downspouts, realign and seal your gutters, etc., but when the guy shows up to do the work, he will slap on the covers and leave, and won’t do any the things promised. And, when they get your money, they are gone and you will never hear from them again. You cannot reach your salesman or the main office and no one will call you back. I would do it myself before I would do business with these guys again.

  12. If you live in a place where it snows do not purchase! We are sitting on a bill for thousands of dollars and a product that doesn’t work in the winter which is half the year… Leaf Filter Company and warranty do nothing to help. Buyer Beware!!

  13. I don’t know how the product works because they showed up several hours late and couldn’t finish the job. Only got about half of the back of the house done but assured me they would be back in the morning to finish with a big crew. Iys now afternoon and no call no show. They put a hole in one cutter for a downspout. So now I have to deal with that also. Can’t gey ahold of anyone.

  14. Leaf Filter installed an unorthodox filter on my gutter – not shown in any of their materials of advertisement. The filter is against my pool cage and therefore “leaves” don’t blow off the filter – they collect on my roof. I have a handyman blow off my roof at least once a month but in less than two years my roof was damaged from the leaves and debris left on it. The filter was screwed to my gutter without a cover piece and therefore there are places where the filter is snug to the gutter and places the filter is away from the gutter.

    I have had an employee come and inspect the gutter and roof. He took pictures of the damage. There are at least 4 places the roof has rotted out. I have been trying to contact the company to get someone to either remove the gutter covers or reimburse me for having the work done. I am very disappointed with Leaf Filter and will be sure to let friends and neighbors know to stay away from their product.

    I have tried to reach customer service but been left on hold for hours at a time. Terribly disappointing.

  15. Highly disappointed. Salesman assured me that ice wouldn’t build up on filter. It does. Salesman assured me that water would not flow over filter onto sidewalk below. It does. After several attempts to get my money back, I was told that they don’t give returns. Filed complaint with BBB. Buyer beware!.

  16. Tammy they are trying to keep my refund and I cancelled the next day! Should have read reviews first! BUYER DEFINITELY BEWARE!!

  17. We had LeafFilter installed on our home in the Seattle area. After 4 months the filter became clogged with a fine green moss. When I contacted LeafFilter about the issue, their solution was to send me a brush to clean the screen. After three years I was spending more time cleaning the filter than I would cleaning the cutters and I cut the filter off. I would be careful installing this product in a moist environment like the Puget Sound area.

    On 23rd of June 2020 I signed a contract with Cliff Washburn of Leaf Filter. He said they may have to trim the metal roof to ensure water capture. On 26th of June 2020 the installers put the gutters up and installed the filters. Over the weekend it rained and the water overshot the gutters. The gutters was installed 2-2.5” too low. On Monday 29th of June I texted Cliff Washburn and Cliff said please call the main office number on the contract and they would dispatch a technician to fix any issues. Thanks for reaching out. On 29th of June 2020 I texted Cliff two more time and called the office for him with no response. 6th of June 2020 I called office and texted for Cliff but with no response. Same day I called Leaf Filter Service Department and they said they would send someone out on 31 June 2020. It took 3 days to installed but 25 days to send someone out from the Service Department. The Service Department sent young kid out, Brian Hoerner and told me they wouldn’t move the gutter up.
    I would not recommend Leaf Filter to anyone with a metal roof. They could have installed them 2” higher and they would capture the rain water but now the rain water over shots the gutter.

  19. don’t want to say anything bad yet waiting for a call back from customer service. So far I have been pleased but once again just waiting for a call from them. If I don’t hear from them after Monday I’ll tell you if you want to use their product.

  20. Leaffilter is way overpriced. I have had pliable grid/screen filters for years and they work great. No need for complicated install, no debris gets through and they last a lifetime. Do your own research before jumping into this. I also do not accept ads showing scripted pictures of people falling off ladders, getting serious inuuries, broken bones etc. And not one iota of credence or believability to any testimonial advertising on television, this is totally out of control. Every ad on TV these days … if it works then the genereal population are gullible idiots. If the “everyday persons in the ads are not paid “actors” they are paid “people” who are given a lot of money to read a script (whether or not they are genuine customers). I don’t understand how the FCC/ FTC allow this phony balone … notice that they never looko into the camera but are reading a script 45 degrees off of the camera line. Are consumers this GULLILBLE?

  21. Leaf filter is perhaps the worst service ever. It’s a total money grab by misinforming and overstating issues like: “ladders are way too dangerous” really then why do so many of us own ladders and climb them constantly with no issues. My mom in her mid-sixties who was a civil engineer was climbing ladders on to roofs for inspection and never had any issues. So please stop the misinformation and false information and making ladders a scary and frightening scene.

  22. Thanks to everyone who has left a comment. We just had a salesman here. He was extremely friendly until my husband said we wanted to think about it and get back with him. The salesman turned into a high pressure fiend. He offered to reduce the price twice. Fortunately, my husband held firm to his position. Based on what I have read here, we will not make a purchase.

  23. I have been trying to get in touch with them for 3 weeks… they will not return my calls…they owe me $300.00 for a portion they could not do…. and i cannot get my money back..they were suppose to credit it back to my card…and they haven’t …..I am tired of calling.. i am 70 years old… i am calling the better business bureau .. bad customer service…

  24. 8 Sept 2020 1 PM Appointment – Sales person Arrived early @ 1220 – working from Home under COVID so no time issue. I did have paint up to my elbows from an over lunch project. Sales person went into the hard sale to close the sale before he left (before even measuring gutters). When he went into sales pitch on best price today and he was sure he would get my business today I informed him that there would be no sale today but that I would compare to the other quotes and make a choice of job quotes provided by email. He went into the hard sale again on getting the best deal today before he left. I informed sales person that there would be no sale today. He continued to push on sale today (before even measuring) — at this point (as i stood with drying paint on my hands / arms) I said he had a choice to either measure the gutters and give me a price or get in his car and leave. He decided to leave. I tried calling the Leaf Filter Web # to complain about sales person but # didn’t work. Wish I had seen comments here on customer service and performance before I had set the appointment. Thanks

  25. After the salesman left I received an estimate in the mail. My eyes practically popped out of my head! The estimate was $2,800 dollars for a small 2 story home. The salesman called a day later and asked if I was interested to have the work done. I laughed, and I said not for $2,800 dollars! He then said they could install just the second floor for $1,800! Again I laughed, I told him for the small amount of work that’s needed to install the covers I was thinking the whole job would be around $800. I told him no thanks, I’ll probably buy some leaf screen covers at the local Home Depot and install them myself.

    Well I was right, installing the Home Depot leaf covers took only 45 minutes to do the 1st floor and about 2 hours to do the second floor. The second floor would have been done quicker if I still had my youth, lol. The total cost of the leaf covers at $3,50 each ran around $150.00 and the quality was very similar to the Leaf Guards. Considering my age and it only took 2 hours and 45 minutes to do the entire house, I find the price of installing Leaf Filters for the same job at $2,800 was exactly what I thought, simply outrageous!

  26. So glad we read the reviews! We just had Leaf Filter give us a quote and so thankful for these reviews. We cancelled the contract immediately. We will do more homework before deciding on any company!

  27. I recommend if somebody does not answer your questions at Leaffilter contact the news media. I’ve seen the news take action against them and exposed them

  28. I made a $4,000 purchase which was to install LeafFilter on the 280 feet of gutter at my home. I liked the product but the headaches dealing with the TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERICE far out way what you may think of the product. Lifetime warranty is only good if you can get service and some quality service at that! Respectfully; I SINCERELY RECOMMEND STAYING AWAY AND JUST KEEPING YOUR LADDER HANDY AS THIS IS A COMPLETE DISAPPOINTMENT!

  29. They will give you a price if you don’t buy will just take what you will give them I have seen 5900. Job be offered for 1000. In 30 minutes or lower the are hard up for cash !!!!!

  30. Leaf Filter Rep gave me the sales pitch. Reminded me of the Empire Today pitch, start high and then contact “manger” and lower the price. I signed, had 2 sleepless nights then canceled. Rep started at $6,100, $3k at signing. Spoke with Rep on phone after cancellation text. Price was reduced to $1,900. Scam artists, shysters looking to overcharge for an moderate product. Reviews here and on other sites are all negative with the exception of Trustpilot. Glowing reviews. One poster on yelp claimed his negative review was taken down on that site. Would trust “Trustpilot’s” reviews. Happy I cancelled my contract.

  31. Asked for the best price from beginning. I don’t like to bicker. After changing the price 3 times and explaining our budget, just got tired of the back and forth. Give me your best. I already had a good idea of the price prior to quote.

  32. Looking at the ads in the local paper in Austin, TX, it seemed like something I may want to know more about. However, time got away from me and I began to notice the ads were in the paper every day. Apparently, an exclusive 15% discount if I redeem today. Another 10% off if I was a senior/military and the first 50 callers will get another 5% off. So right off the bat, their is a 30% discount off their estimate. (Or a price inflated by 30%). I immediately was suspicious since they were advertising so heavily. Who pays for that? We do. In addition, redeem today means, any day and first 50 get 5% off? Against our better judgement, my spouse called. Immediately, the questions asked were off base… Are your retired? Are you married? Does your husband work? Can we come out today or tomorrow… what does any of that have to do with trying to get a quote. The operator, couldn’t provide us with any type of estimate or refused to let us know. Finally, my spouse told her, she would have to call them back when I was off my conference call. All I wanted was an estimate for cost per linear foot. Thank goodness we didn’t leave a phone number. Apparently, we could get an estimate on their website. Not. They want your email address/phone number to send out an estimator. A quick search brought us to this web page… and all my thoughts were on point. Massive high pressure sales process, followed by what seems bait/switch tactics. And pretty expensive it seems. Approx 150 Sq Ft of gutters, 1725 Sq Ft home single story, so not a massive house to do so, $3300 – $4200 for estimated cost?!? At $300 a year for twice a year cleaning, means I would break even in 10 ish years??? That is if we are still even living here. HARD PASS

  33. Very disappointed. Job not finished, estimator missed two small window gutters and asked for more money to complete the job,. Good product but terrible service

  34. Biggest scam made possible by massive tv and online advertising. Has anyone watched the tv ads. Coercive use of suggestion that people fall off their ladders cleaning their gutters … no I use a company to come in and clean the gutter and roof pockets … cost around $50 since my inexpensive grilles work great. The grilles are available everywhere … there is absolutely no need to have microfilters on your gutters geez almighty… what overkill !!!!!. Total ripoff.

  35. Oh wow. I wish I would have found these reviews before a scheduled my free estimate. They are supposed to come today, but I’m thinking of cancelling.

  36. A salesperson came in to our house and looked at our roof. After about 20 minutes, he gave me a quote for around $4,600. With the discounts (promo, military, commercial rate, etc.), the price went to around $1,200. The person, although very nice, was a bit pushy and suspicious. He wanted me to commit before I leave and threatened that the $1,200 quoted price won’t hold. I am glad I started googling and found this site. It’s great to know that there are so many others share the same ill feeling I have. Keep out folks! While their product may be the best in the market, I think Leaf Filter is an opportunist and borderline scam.

  37. Marketing is always paid by the customer in the cost of the product/service. Leaf Filter reps start their retail price (guaranteed for a year , LOL) at $40/ft, sometimes even more (FYI, there is no retail price – it is made up on how much the sales rep hopes to gouge you). Now from $40, the price drops come…all the way to 30-35% off their “regular price” – today only of course. The real kicker is that if you refuse the fantastic today only sale price, the rep will magically find some leftover commerical product that just happens to be available right now, and the price drops to $11/foot (Hint-LF has no commercial business). This is the real price of Leaf Fliter. And even more amazing, if you still refuse this price, the manager will call you in a few days and offer this “cost” price again, as they are desperate for volume to make their monthly goal. Bottom line is, Leaf Filter is a hard close sales game that any respectable homeowner should avoid. And the product is really not that good. There are better gutter guards out there from owner operators for half the price of Leaf Filter

  38. Price will go down to $11/ft due to a sudden availablity of “leftover commercial material”. Not even worth that much. Horrible customer service and accountablity after the sale

  39. Had all gutters and down spouts replaced.
    Never seen such a poor job.
    Awaiting till January 4 for someone to come and inspect.
    I can see I might be taking them to court
    Would never recommend their services

  40. Very dissatisfied with LeafFilter. Have had issues upon issues from day one. We live in a 3000 square foot house and the product installed was around 7000.00. From leaky seams to water runoff and debris sticking to mesh cover. We now are exhausted with dealing with this company and won’t a total removal and refund.

  41. This is the worst money I ever spent on a home project. The installation was terrible. The follow up by Leaf filter was unacceptable. The product during the winter months performs unacceptably.

    $2800 down the drain for, at this point, nothing but keeping a few leaves out of the gutter.

    The installation team was inexperienced and incompetent. First thing they told me was they didn’t know what the project entailed and they were “guessing” as to what materials to bring since they didn’t understand the work order. The “lead” installer put on a piece of rain gutter that sloped the wrong direction, away from the down spout. I caught the issue and asked for it to be installed sloping toward the downspout. I brought out my 4′ level and he told me he could read a level and didn’t know how to use a level. The gutters on the back of the house were being installed by the other installer and he was driving screws in all over the gutters. I asked the lead installer to review the work and he made numerous corrections. I even helped the installer learn to put the hinge on the bottom of the downspouts.

    The leaf filter pictures in the brochure shows a flat installation of the product. My installation is anywhere from flat to 5 degree slope. The installation is very sloppy and wrong.

    After installation I waited for a significant rain and the water ran down the facia all around the house. I notified Leaf Filter they sent a warranty guy. He put some of the tripolymer sealant on one spot and prepared to leave. I asked him to review the installation in the back where it was also running down the facia and he said he could do anything about it. So I asked him to review the screws being installed all haphazardly. Warranty guy stated since there wasn’t a facia plate on the porch rafter tails there was nothing he could do for the leaks so he left.

    Now I have snow covering the Leaf Filters and the water is dripping over the front of the gutters making ice icicles and down the facia board all around the house. Water is pooling on the ground against the foundation and water is damaging the facia board around the house.

    I had less trouble with water leaking around and over the rain gutter before the Leaf filter installation. I recommend finding a person to clean the leaves from your rain gutters and forget about having Leaf Filters installed. My rating for this production, service, and installation is ZERO stars. A completely horrific experience.

  42. When the salesman promises all of those things to you, he does not put it on the work order(how the installer gets paid). Therefore, the installer will not do extra things for free while Leafilter keeps all of the money. The installers are sub-contractors who get paid by the foot. The salesman can’t promise work to the customer that LeafFilter will not pay for. Needless to say, there are a lot of unhappy installers and customers out there.

  43. This product is does not work. Snow/Ice form a barrier over the screen and melt from roof flows over the top and onto driveway/sidewalk where it refreezes and causes major ice hazard. 20 yrs in home w/o this product but got sick of cleaning our leaves in spring/fall so I went w/ LeafFilter. Big mistake. 20 yrs of not having ice hazards created by roof melt but now in 2nd winter and have to constantly chip ice off driveway/sidewalk below gutters. $3K+ down the drain. Will be biting the bullet and tearing this product out this spring. Do not buy LF.

  44. I’ve had this system for 5 years. I wish these reviews had been available. I am spending money every year having these screens and my roof cleaned off.

  45. I wish I had found site comment site before getting their product. My contract said a new downspout would be installed, but it was not. Once the sales person is gone, good luck trying to contact anyone!

  46. This review is for services provided in SF, Bay Area, San Jose, CA. I had the products installed on June16, 2020 and after the first major rain in November, the rain water flowed over the gutter and came down like a waterfall in several places. Unfortunately, the worst spot is outside of our bedroom and water hits hard on the window and its frame, makes a lot of noise. The noise wakes us up every time it rains. We called customer support and they informed us that the earliest appointment was three weeks away. The technician came out and thought that installing extra down spouts to divert the water flow, it should prevent the over flow. He used pvc pipes instead of actual pipes for rain gutter, and promised he would come back and paint them nicely, but he never did. Not only that he left screws and debris from installing pvc pipes all over our property. Furthermore, the issue repeated itself when it rained again. I called customer support and again, the next available appointment was three weeks away. I called the service manager, Robert if he can send someone sooner, but he said there was no availability. We explained that the noise is so loud and we cannot sleep, but he said there is nothing he can do. The technician, Spencer did not even show up, and I had to escalate the issue with the customer support. This time service manager and technician came out, and ran some tests, and determined that the grits from the roof is clogging the mesh and causing the over flow. I was telling them that it does not function as their advertisements and guarantees said “you would never have to clean your gutter again.” They cleaned the face of gutter protectors and said it is not their product’s fault. Robert explained their product prevents leaves and other debris from entering the gutter, and not clean the inside of the gutter again. It is technically true since grits and debris clog the mesh and nothing goes in the gutter including the rain water. Water overflows like not having gutters at all. Our gutters are now heavily stained. Robert also said they install their products to a thousands of home per week, and there is 1% of homes that their product won’t work. We explained several times that the noise keeps waking us up every time it rains and asked for removal and refund, but he just brushed off our claim and we need to call the support if it clogs again.
    So every time we called customer support, the appointment is at least three weeks out and the company does not seem to care that we are deprived from sleep. The filter has a life money back guarantee if the filters ever fail or not fully satisfied. We have more issues after the installation than before and Leaf Filter gave us run around and refuses to back what they advertise. I have had only regrets since the purchase of LeaF Filter. I also noticed that the class action law suit is filed against them in December 2020, and the claims are exactly what we are experiencing. We wish we read all the complaints posted on BBB/other websites before we made the decision. Beware – The class action also states that the company makes an effort to scrub the internet of consumer complaints. Although our review is based on our honest experience with them, we afraid that they do the same for our review.


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